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Render Token Price Pumped 50% in April, Analysts Predict DeeLance is the RNDR of Web3 Freelancers

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The crypto community has been surprised by the rising dominance of Render tokens on the price charts. The sector, which is mainly dominated by the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, has been taken over by crypto that links artists and studios with graphics processing units (GPUs). The value of Render has increased by more than 50% in the month of April, thereby providing huge returns to its investors.

Render Token (RNDR) is a GPU rendering network that is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain for the purpose of connecting artists and studios. The tokens provide assistance to their users by giving them GPU compute power from GPU providers. Another crypto project that is creating headlines in the market is DeeLance, which is revolutionizing the freelancing space with the help of Web3 technology.

Read ahead as we discuss the recent jump in the price of Render tokens, the potential of DeeLance, and a lot more.

Price Jump in Render (RNDR)

If one goes by the price history of Render, one will find that Render has seen a jump of over 300% since the beginning of this year. This token is currently among the best-performing tokens of this year. The token saw an increase in its price by 50% only in April, thereby making it a profitable investment option for many investors. At the time of writing, the price of the Render token is $1.70 USD. Though its value has been down by 19% in the last 24 hours, however, it has witnessed a major pump in the last few weeks. Crypto has a circulating supply of 363,911,539 RNDR coins and a maximum supply of 536,870,912 RNDR coins. Render was launched in 2017 with the aim of rendering GPUs and connecting artists with studios.

The token also serves as a governance unit and payment option for the entire system. It can easily be bought and sold on crypto exchanges. Rendering power can also be bought on the network by the artists with the help of RNDR Credits. Interestingly, rendering is getting more important to jobs and processes in this evolving professional world. It is an important component of the work done by architects and surgeons for examining 3D models. With the rise in popularity of virtual reality, programmers and software engineers make use of real-time rendering to make dynamic worlds for their customers.

The rendering process gets more engaging, accessible, and simplistic for all users with the help of this token. The GPU cloud rendering gets democratized with the help of the Render network. During the rendering process, GPU gets connected to the network by the owners for receiving and finishing their rendering jobs. The entire transaction of processing and distributing happens on a peer-to-peer network. The vision of this network is to expand to incorporate crowdsourced 3D projects for supports digital rights management. This evolution may lead to the growth of a developing market for digital goods, concepts, and software that any crypto enthusiast can access.

DeeLance is the RNDR of Web3 Freelancers

DeeLance is a special form of recruitment platform where elements of Web3 technology are utilized by the users to connect and interact with their potential employers. The metaverse of DeeLance consists of a lobby arena, an office, and a meeting room. The lobby arena is primarily used for facilitating interactions between employers and freelancers in a virtual space. The office space and meeting room are used for organizing meetings and holding discussions between the concerned parties.

DeeLance is considered the Web3 version of leading freelancing spaces like Fiverr and Upwork. It makes use of the features of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) technology to ensure the security of freelancers’ work. In simple terms, freelancers get the opportunity to keep their work in the form of NFTs to minimize the risk of digital theft or fraud. This feature reduces the threat of intellectual property rights infringement to a great extent.

Further, freelancers get instant payouts in the form of cryptocurrencies, thereby minimizing the problem of delayed payments in the freelancing industry. Through the help of its advanced features, it ensures that the right freelancers join hands with the right employers. Small networks are made by DeeLance within its metaverse, and these communities are a great platform for networking and collaboration between clients and freelancers. This can also lead to a great deal of network-oriented business opportunities.

DeeLance and Render can be related to each other on many grounds. Render is utilized by professionals to make and visualize realistic and well-detailed renders for their clients. Along similar lines, DeeLance offers a virtual reality environment in the form of a metaverse, which is supported by a $DLANCE token. In this manner, freelancers interact and collaborate with employers on a real-time basis in the metaverse. Further, another similarity of DeeLance with the Render token is that it charges fewer transaction fees in the network.

Just like Render is on the bucket list of many crypto investors, DeeLance is also making humongous money with its attractive presale. As of now, the $DLANCE token is in the first stage of the presale, and stage 1 is about to get over within two days, i.e., 23rd April 2023. The success of this presale can be estimated from the fact that it collected more than $350,000 in a few weeks. During the time of stage 1, the price of 1 $DLANCE has been kept at $0.025, which will subsequently get increased in the forthcoming stages.

The price is predicted to go up to $0.029 USDT in the next stage, which is why it comes out as the best time to invest in DeeLance. Further, if one happens to buy these tokens at their current price, one might end up getting a gain of 112% if it holds up those tokens till their listing as the listed price of a $DLANCE token is $0.053. Considering all these things, you should seize this opportunity to capitalize on the projected price of $DLANCE.


After having a mixed run last year, cryptocurrencies are back in the game, which is why we see new projects making headlines on a daily basis. The innovation brought about by Render and DeeLance is not limited to the crypto sector; rather, it transcends to other professional areas like freelancing. Looking at the presale numbers of DeeLance, there is no doubt that a lot of buzz exists regarding this network in the crypto community. Similarly, Render is also going through a great run in the market, as demonstrated by its record figures. Overall, users should consider investing in these projects to get an early mover advantage in the long run.

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