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DeeLance Presale Ongoing – Web3 Recruitment At Its Best

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Participate in DeeLance presale
Participate in DeeLance presale

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DeeLance is a platform that connects freelancers with employers seamlessly using blockchain technology. Freelancers have struggled to surmount challenges in finding profitable employment. With so many scam sites and fraudsters, it became difficult to identify potential earning opportunities.

However, DeeLance, secured by blockchain technology, has provided a lasting solution and lowered the entry barrier for job seekers. This project will have tremendous value since it handles the critical employment sector.

DeeLance Shaking Up The Recruitment Landscape

According to IBISWorld, global human resources (HR) and recruitment services are currently valued at $761 billion in revenue. Despite these figures, recruitment is still challenging for most businesses and institutions. 

Most recognized freelance sites have scammers and dishonest workers who cut corners. DeeLance has created a framework to connect employees and users and eliminate or reduce fraudulent activities.

The platform’s keywords are simplicity, transparency, efficiency, and ownership. Also, users can access all benefits at a lower price when compared to existing job boards and sites. It offers freelancers faster payments secured by an escrow account system that guarantees the security of funds. Also, it protects an employer’s funds equally as the money is held in the escrow till the job is complete.

DeeLance charges just 2% as its client fees, which are currently the lowest in the industry, and its 10% freelancer fee is fair compared to competing sites. One unique advantage is its payout requirements. There are no withdrawal fees or currency conversion delays, as crypto payments are instant.

On DeeLance, there are no limits to task sizes, and users have the right to content ownership and enhanced staff recruitment methods. There is also a scalable dispute system to handle issues between transacting parties.

DLANCE Presale

DLANCE is the native token of the DeeLance Web3 platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of this token can purchase NFTs and own lands and offices in the Metaverse.

The presale officially kicked off on March 30, 2023, and each DLANCE token is worth $0.025. Connect the MetaMask wallet to your browser, and select the ERC-20 network to make the purchase. Next, convert your USDT or ETH in your wallet to DLANCE tokens. 

The DeeLance Trinity

Three components support smooth operations on the DeeLance platform. They are the NFTs, Metaverse, and the Recruitment Platform.


NFTs serve as digital certificates to prove authenticity and operate with blockchain security. These NFTs are unique and valuable in the ecosystem. On DeeLance, several elements can become NFTs, such as digitally available work, subscriptions, music, designs, royalties, and writings. 

Freelance work products are tokenized to become NFTs. Also, it is an effective approach to enable the secure transfer of work ownership directly to employers. This technology has addressed a problematic area in the digital freelancing scene, which includes copyright issues and payment fraud. This NFT-based payment system will increase the confidence of its users.


The Metaverse is now the center of most new developments as the world migrates from Web2 to Web3 solutions. DeeLance utilizes the Metaverse technology by creating virtual office spaces. Here employers and freelancers can interact and even hold virtual meetings using video calls or audio conferences in a meeting room.

There is a Metaverse lobby arena, offices, and meeting rooms. These new integrations will attract more users to join the DeeLance community since they provide a comfortable space for user interactions. 

Recruitment Platform

DeeLance is providing a solution to a global pain point which is unemployment. During the Covid-era, institutions embraced virtual jobs and activities, thus increasing the demand for freelancers. DeeLance creates a network for freelancers to meet quality employers and make a profit. 

Also, employers can benefit from interactions with top-quality professionals whom they can screen and select the right fit for different tasks.

Benefits of DeeLance

DeeLance offers users several benefits, such as a simplified business model, transparency, and faster payments.


DeeLance is secured by the blockchain and stores buyer and seller information. The buyer is the employee, and the seller is the freelancer. The escrow protection and dispute settlement feature ensures that the rights of all parties are equally protected.

Simplified Business Model

Employers now have a better method of advertising and identifying potential employees. Also, those looking for jobs can easily apply in a few minutes. This speed and ease of transactions align with the developers’ vision.

Fast Payments

Cryptocurrencies are faster payment vehicles than traditional channels. DeeLance offers users fast payments at affordable rates to enhance their experience. Also, there is no need to bother about conversion rates as they do not apply to these transactions. 

$100k DLANCE Giveaway Commences

DeeLance has announced a giveaway of $100,000 worth of DLANCE tokens for four lucky investors. Participants must complete eleven tasks, which include joining DeeLance’s multiple social media platforms. However, the participants must have up to $100 worth of DLANCE tokens to qualify for this draw.

DeeLance Tokenomics

The DLANCE crypto token powers the platform enabling activities in the ecosystem. Its total supply is 1 billion tokens divided into seven pools. The pools are classified under locked and unlocked.

      Unlocked On Token Generation Event (TGE) 

  • At least 30% of DLANCE tokens will be available in the presale.
  • 10% of the tokens will go to the liquidity pools
  • 2% will serve as rewards and for airdrops
  • 16% of the tokens are for listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)


  • 10% of the token are for the development team
  • Up to 18% will be for the platform’s development and other additional operational expenses.
  • 14% of DLANCE tokens are for advisors and partners.


What Is DeeLance?

It is a freelancing and recruitment platform built on Web3 technology powered by the blockchain. It is an efficient network for employers and freelancers to network and team up on projects while making a profit.

Why Choose DeeLance?

DeeLance offers users an advanced Gig framework with an NFT subscription model. Also, users benefit from multi-crypto payment options and non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for buyers and sellers. Additionally, there is an on-chain KYC to screen out fraudulent users, smart contract escrow, and job placements.

How Can I Buy DLANCE?

These tokens can be purchased directly from the official website with USDT, ETH, or credit cards. Users can purchase ETH with credit cards and then swap the tokens for DLANCE> However, ensure enough ETH to cover gas fees. 

What Next For DeeLance?

The presales are the present priority. After the presale, the focus will be on developing and launching the platform, Metaverse app, and NFT marketplace. Also, the focus will be on global expansion and onboarding more ambassadors.


 DeeLance is a new platform creating a fast, safe, and secure interface between employers and freelancers. Metaverse technology brings practical solutions like virtual spaces for meetings and saving work as NFTs for copyright.

With its amazing features, it is unsurprising that the presale has raised above $24,000 just 24 hours after its launch. The DLANCE tokens will give users access to the full benefits of the platform. Currently, a $100k giveaway ongoing for users that complete tasks and hold at least $100 worth of DLANCE tokens.

Joining the presales early will reward investors as the price of the tokens will increase at each presale round. DeeLance has provided a practical solution to unemployment problems and worldwide job scarcity using blockchain technology. It is a relevant project that will reward users now and in the future.

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