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Change in Policy by US Cryto Exchange Coinbase

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Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange in the US has launched EOS. Investors and merchants now have the opportunity of buying and selling EOS.

Buying and holding EOS coin allows developers to use network assets to create and run dApps.   As of today, users will be able to use Coinbase exchange as a platform for all EOS based transaction. Buying EOS, selling, converting, sending and receiving and storing Eos at will be possible using both Coinbase Android and iOS applications.

Whilst EOS is not available globally, except for the United Kingdom and the state of New York, it can be accessed in most parts of the world.  In time, EOS will be made available in more areas around the world.

Major cryptocurrencies are supported by Coinbase including the leading currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.

Value of EOS

With an estimated value of $7,3 million, EOS ranks in the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the world and buying EOS opens a whole new spectrum of trading and investment.

EOS blockchain has the capacity to support extensively fragmented applications, and users on the internet can use the platform to send and receive EOS at no cost.

What does EOS offer?

Not only does the decentralized application system of EOS offer a trading platform, but it also offers users games, discussion opportunities, and block pioneers.  EOS is in competition with both Ethereum and Tron and encourages developers who are developing their own block-chain based projects.

In an article published on The Next Web, it stated that 70% of participation on EOS is derived from the crypto betting activity.  This is done by using gaming and high risk DApps made available on EOS.

It is of concern and this has been published in the media, that such a high percentage of DApps used by EOS are linked to gambling or are accompanied by a warning to online users.

To reach these figures, numbers were based on transactions and not value for a period of 24 hours which is the standard procedure for measuring participation.

Coinbase increases its value to users

Following the ongoing drive by Ripple supporters on Twitter, Coinbase has improved what it offers to consumers and in February listed XRP.  XRP according to market valuation is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency. Coinbase also offers an all-inclusive trading opportunity of XRP to the online crypto trading community.

The listing of XRP by Coinbase has been paired with Bitcoin, the US dollar and the Euro.

As Coinbase continues to expand and with that the buying of EOS, this has seen the platform now being available in 50 countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Namibia, and Mongolia.

Coinbase has continued to improve its digital cryptocurrency exchanges and for some time now, use of Coinbase to buy and sell Bitcoin since its inception in 2012, and to make direct deposits into their bank account has been made possible.  The same trading options have been available to customers since July 2016 to buy and sell Ethereum on Coinbase.

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