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Buy Early and Join the Green Revolution with This New Carbon Credit Crypto – Be Part Of The Future Here

CCharge Carbon Credit Crypto
CCharge Carbon Credit Crypto

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In 2021, the Global Carbon Credit market was valued at $760.3 billion and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.14% for the period between 2023-2028. It is expected that demand for carbon credits would drastically increase in the near future due to a growing number of net-zero carbon emission commitments by large corporations. 

Investors in the Web3 space are gearing up to have a share of this market with great innovations that are expected to disrupt the green industry. One such project is  C+Charge, a carbon credit crypto project that is designed to bring carbon credits to the masses.

According to the team behind this green Web3 initiative, the carbon credit industry, which is designed to encourage big businesses to emit less carbon, is only really accessible to large corporations. To change this, C+Charge is using blockchain technology to develop an environmentally friendly payment-charging model that will offer drivers of electric vehicles (EV) an enhanced charging experience earning carbon credits in the process.

C+Charge (CCHG) – An Innovative Carbon Credit Crypto

C+Charge is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system powered by blockchain technology that democratizes the carbon credit industry. It is the first on or off-chain platform that allows EV owners (and token holders) the opportunity to earn carbon credit crypto.

To achieve this, C+Charge has put in place a number of solutions that will help users navigate the issues that the EV industry has faced over the years. At the heart of this project is C+Charge’s mobile App which is built to manage all the end-to-end activities associated with the charging process. The app will also have features such as carbon credit trackers, a finder for the nearest charging station, information on real-time charger wait times and the associated charging costs, and technical diagnosis of charging stations. 

C+Charge aims to make EV charging payments around the world uniform. As such, charging costs are paid using CCHG – the native token of the C+Charge network. C+Charge aims to partner with all EV organizations around the world to make this payment system more viable. This would add uniformity to the payment system and allow anyone to charge their vehicles anywhere in the world.

Another thing that makes C+Charge unique is that it rewards EV drivers with carbon credit crypto. Every time CCHG is paid to charge electric vehicles, a portion of that is converted into GNT. GNT is a Goodness Natured Token that is powered by FlowCarbon. It is a tokenized form of carbon credit that is rewarded back to the EV owners through “reflections”.

This means C+Charge is the first EV charging solution that rewards drivers with carbon credits for driving such vehicles. 

How To Be Part Of EV Charging Future With CCGH

The native of the C+Charge ecosystem CCHG is currently in 5th stage of its presale that will end on March 8, 2021. The public will receive 40% of the token’s maximum supply of 1 billion once the 8 phases of the presale are complete. One CCHG token is currently worth 0.018 USDT. Over $2 million has already been raised by the team in the public presale.

Last month, the C+Charge team announced that it has implemented a burn mechanism that will see all CCHG tokens remaining in each presale stage being sent into an unusable wallet. As a result of the new token burn mechanism, the Carbon Credit crypto is already deflationary. 

Noteworthy, the pace at which the presale is going makes many believe that it will conclude ahead of time. That is why investors who are still interested must not wait until it’s too late.  Visit C+Charge here to find more on how to participate in the Carbon Credit Crypto presale today.

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