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Green Crypto Start-Up C+Charge Aims to Make Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Neutral—The Next Big Thing? (CCHG)

What is C+Charge
What is C+Charge

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Did you know the carbon credit industry is expected to reach $2.4 trillion by 2027? Yes. Carbon credits have enabled some big players to earn hefty profits from the industry, like Tesla, which has made ‌5.4 billion so far in sales of carbon credits. 

EV charging technology is finally here, yet EV carbon credits remain a highly centralized market. The small players enjoy little to no rewards from their carbon reduction efforts. But now they will be eligible for carbon credits every time they charge their vehicles. Thanks to C+Charge. 

Further, carbon credits are an excellent idea in theory but are severely limited in practice. C+Charge seeks to transform the practice. Using blockchain technology, the app will track earned credits and add much-needed transparency to the process.

EV owners and drivers will have the same opportunities to participate and benefit from it as EV manufacturers with C+Charge. 

C+Charge (CCHG) – Blockchain-Powered Charging 

C+Charge is developing a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system enabled by blockchain technology for EV charging stations. With the C+Charge utility token, users can pay for EV charging with their electronic wallets. 

There is no doubt that electric mobility is the most environmentally sustainable choice. With C+Charge, you can engage in the EV revolution more easily and profitably. By partnering with major EV manufacturers and operators and the C+Charge network, the project is on its way to encapsulating the era of crypto-powered energy. 

This is the first EV charging solution that provides drivers with carbon credits as a reward for using the C+Charge network to charge their electric vehicles. A real-life use case makes C+Charge tokens unique compared to meme coins or other cryptocurrencies.

How to Invest in C+Charge Presale

The C+Charge CCHG token is currently being pre-sold in its 5th stage to fund its development. The public will receive 40% of the token’s maximum supply of 1 billion. One CCHG token is currently worth 0.018 USDT.

The recent success experienced with the presale shows a high interest in green projects. So, investors must decide soon whether to invest in tokens at a discount. C+Charge revolutionizes sustainable mobility, improves the environment, and reduces emissions on a global scale.

You will need a wallet before you can purchase CCHG. Non-mobile users are recommended to use Metamask since it will provide a much smoother browsing experience. Trust Wallet is available for mobile users. The next step is to connect your wallet via the C+Charge site.

The following three options will appear once your wallet is connected:

  • Buying CCHG with USDT
  • Buying CCHG with BNB
  • Refill your wallet with BNB using a credit card

The third option is best if you do not have enough currency in your wallet.

How About Carbon Credits for Charging Your EV on the Blockchain?

To raise funds for its native new crypto coin, CCHG, this project is running a presale campaign. Currently, the tokens cost 0.018 USDT and are in stage five. The CCHG tokens are still discounted once the project moves onto the next stage but will cost 0.019 USDT instead.

Using clean electric power, this project aims to develop technologies that enhance and facilitate mobility for all people and products. Is Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Neutral the next big thing? Well, the benefits previously reserved for large enterprises are now available to drivers and holders of CCHGs.

You can find more information about C+Charge in the whitepaper. On top of that, it’s another crypto project that announces giveaways on Twitter.

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