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Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, Claims XRP Will Become Crypto’s Amazon

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Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO of Ripple and has recently caused quite a large amount of discussion after his recent interview with Julia Chatterley of CNN.

Within this interview, he spoke of the crypto industry as a whole. He further spoke of the state of Ripple, and its XRP token, as well as its plans for 2020. During this interview, Garlinghouse bravely claimed that his company would become the Amazon of the crypto industry in as little as five years.

Garlinghouse: Crypto Is A Young Gold Industry

Garlinghouse explained that both the company and its XRP token has been doing very well lately, but stipulates that he doesn’t pay much attention to short-term price actions. Garlinghouse further explained that he sees his company from a more long-term perspective than immediate gains.

He went as far as to compare the crypto industry to that of the gold industry. While trying to compare their assets to each other is a bit of a stretch, the idea is, that the crypto industry will grow into the many trillions of USD in market value, much like gold. As it stands now, however, the industry isn’t even twenty years old. Even so, the industry’s market value stands in the billions.

No Competition, Only Growth

Garlinghouse holds a lot of hope for the Ripple ecosystem, believing it will continue its growth and strive to solve real problems for its customers. An example of this is given by way of Coil, a micropayment platform. As one would expect, Garlinghouse claims that he doesn’t see the other crypto forms as competition. Instead, he claims that he sees it as an opportunity for the industry to continue its growth.

Even though he stated he doesn’t see the crypto industry as competition, he was quick to remind everyone how his company managed to kv

and add 150 employees to its roster. He was even quicker to state that this was despite a bearish market, and other crypto projects having been forced to do massive layoffs.

Garlinghouse: CBDC is Good For The Industry

Furthermore, he explains that even China’s Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC, will be healthy for the crypto industry and isn’t considered competition. He claims that he holds the belief that central banks and governments should very well find the use of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Garlinghouse used Amazon as an example, a company that experienced a monumental amount of growth in a small amount of time. He explained that he had hope that this would be the same for Ripple, in five years. While he claims that Ripple will primarily serve as cross-border payments, he was quick to claim that his crypto would be the Crypto industry’s Amazon.

Overall, the interview went on as one would expect from any CEO from any company speaking about any industry, but it’s still quite impressive to witness.

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