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Bitrue Supports Gala Games NFT Integration Through New Trading Pair

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Bitrue stands as one of the busiest crypto exchanges the world has to offer, boasting hundreds of millions of USD worth of trading volumes. As one would imagine, the exchange is eager to expand on this, and has been on the lookout for any and all assets it deems good enough to capitalize on with its users.

Enter Gala Games, a gaming platform based on blockchain technology. Gala Games has opted to introduce Flare for the use of its in-game NFT purchases, and Bitrue has opted to launch a GALA/XRP trading pair in order to help support this integration.

Three Giants Teaming Up

Gala boasts two record-setting NFT item sales, both linked to Mirandus, their upcoming, and clearly anticipated, MMO RPG. As a result of the potential of Gala, Bitrue has opted to see integration with it as a natural fit.

Both GALA’s integration into  Bitrue and Flare’s integration into Gala Games stands as a three-way agreement by these organizations. Flare, Gala, and Bitrue had made an announcement about this integration, claiming that it had the interest of the gamers in these platforms in mind.

Allowing For Greater Growth Amongst Themselves

As such, Flare’s integration with Gala’s ecosystem allows for the platform’s users to gain an interoperable solution. This stands beyond what is typically offered by way of the ERC-1155 token standard.

As one would imagine, Gala Games allows players to gain full ownership of in-game assets. This, in turn, allows them to monetize their hard work and skill in order to gain money while doing what they love. These gamers will now be provided with liquidity thanks to Bitrue, allowing the ecosystem to grow as a whole.

Flare network, in turn, stands as something that developers have envisioned to bring a completely new layer to the Ripple blockchain’s capabilities, as it allows for smart contracts based on XRP.

A New Age For XRP

As one would imagine, FLR stands as the Flare Network’s native currency, serving as “gas” for various transactions taking place within the network at large. With Flare set to be built on XRP, XRP holders will be capable of having FLR airdropped to them. The distribution will occur based on a grassroots strategy, giving merit to those with the highest likelihood of immediately using the platform in question.

Bitrue stands as one of the biggest crypto exchanges that are denominated in XRP, and the partnership between it, Flare, and gala will see XRP be given a healthy boost moving forward.

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