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Bitcoin-Driven Crypto ICO with Stake-to-Mine Utility – Best Altcoin to Invest in Now?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bitcoin-Related Crypto ICO with Stake-to-Mine Utility – Best Altcoin to Invest in Now?
Bitcoin-Related Crypto ICO with Stake-to-Mine Utility – Best Altcoin to Invest in Now?

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While Bitcoin failed to hold $38,000 level, crypto experts remain bullish, particularly with the strong performance of Bitcoin Minetrix, a stake-to-mine Bitcoin alternative.

Investors are flocking to Bitcoin-related cryptocurrencies, driven by the growing expectation that the SEC will approve a spot Bitcoin ETF. This surge in demand is fueled by the desire to participate in the anticipated Bitcoin rally.

One Bitcoin-related crypto that is experiencing bullish sentiment is Bitcoin Minetrix. By making mining easier and more rewarding for ordinary investors, Bitcoin Minetrix is helping Bitcoin attract more users and expand its reach.

Bitcoin Mining project surpasses $4 million milestone

Expanding on the positive trends in the Bitcoin market, there’s a rising interest in a newly introduced presale platform known as Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), which is taking advantage of the current market sentiment.

Bitcoin Minetrix, a stake-to-mine platform aiming to revolutionize cloud mining, has already gathered over $4 million in just a little over a month due to its distinctive value proposition. The countdown to Stage 8 of the presale is underway, with $BTCMTX’s token price set to increase in less than an hour.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Bitcoin Minetrix users stake the native $BTCMTX token to receive cloud credits for Bitcoin mining. This approach offers several advantages over the prevalent cloud mining model, with ease of use, low entry costs, and the absence of scammers topping the list.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s platform aims to make Bitcoin mining more accessible for average investors and cryptocurrency holders, contributing to the remarkable success of its presale.

Participants in the presale used various currencies, including Ethereum, USDT, credit cards, BNB, or Matic, though those opting for BNB or Matic should note that staking may not be available in these cases.

To learn how to buy $BTCMTX, please check out our guide here.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s innovative stake-to-mine mechanism

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a distinctive stake-to-mine mechanism as one of its prominent features. Users can stake their tokens (BTCMTX) and, in return, receive credits for Bitcoin mining, addressing concerns related to third-party cloud mining scams. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Acquire $BTCMTX tokens: Users can obtain $BTCMTX tokens through various methods, such as participating in the ICO, purchasing them on exchanges, or earning them through staking rewards.
  2. Stake $BTCMTX tokens: Users stake their $BTCMTX tokens on the Bitcoin Minetrix platform, with the amount of tokens staked determining their mining power and potential rewards.
  3. Earn mining rewards: As the Bitcoin Minetrix platform mines Bitcoin, users earn a share of the rewards based on their staked tokens, distributed in $BTCMTX tokens.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine mechanism transforms Bitcoin mining, making it more accessible, efficient, and inclusive.

Unlike traditional mining, which requires costly equipment and technical expertise, stake-to-mine enables anyone to participate by holding $BTCMTX tokens, lowering entry barriers for individuals with varying financial means.

Additionally, this approach generates passive income, allowing users to earn rewards by simply holding their tokens. Moreover, stake-to-mine contributes to reduced energy consumption compared to traditional mining, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability.

Lastly, it fosters a more community-driven mining approach, where users collectively contribute their tokens to mine Bitcoin, cultivating a sense of shared ownership and participation.

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Bitcoin Minetrix offers lucrative staking rewards and exciting airdrop

Bitcoin Minetrix has reserved 12.5% of its total $BTCMTX supply for staking rewards until its cloud mining platform becomes fully operational. At present, those who stake can earn rewards over 140% APY, provided in additional tokens to enhance their upcoming mining capabilities.

To stake $BTCMTX tokens, users follow a simple process. Rewards are distributed at a rate of 158.5 $BTCMTX per block over two years. The distribution depends on a user’s share of the staking pool and the annual reward percentage.

Bitcoin Minetrix is fostering community engagement through a $30,000 airdrop. Participants can enter the giveaway by completing various steps, including visiting the website and following Bitcoin Minetrix on social media. This initiative aims to reward ten participants with $3,000 each.

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Bitcoin has remained relatively stable, with a slight 3% drop over the past 24 hours. However, alternative cryptocurrencies, particularly those in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, have witnessed significant gains.

One altcoin garnering bullish sentiment is Bitcoin Minetrix, an innovative project that seamlessly merges staking and Bitcoin mining.

With a successful fundraising campaign, a growing community, and positive coverage from credible sources, Bitcoin Minetrix is well-positioned to make a substantial impact on the decentralized mining landscape.

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New Crypto Mining Platform - Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix
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  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now - BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards - Over 50% APY
Bitcoin Minetrix

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