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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 21 – XDC, NEXO, LHNU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today

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Cryptocurrency markets have displayed a spectacular performance last week, with Bitcoin climbing above $28,000 and the overall crypto market cap approaching 1.2 Trillion. Monday, however, has chosen to reduce the pace and most tokens have been following a sideways trajectory.

Amidst this, there are a few tokens that have managed to register double-digit returns and today we’ll take a close look at such outliers. In addition to this, we will also go through a bunch of projects that are currently in their presale stage, strapping up to make an exciting debut.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today March 20

1. XDC Network (XDC)

The native token of XDC Network, XDC was the top coin for the day in terms of percentage growth. The token managed to gain more than a whopping 20%, starting the day at $0.036 and trading at $0.043 at the time of writing.

XDC price

XDC Network is currently trading at $0.043, which is 65% above its 30-day low of $0.026 and the token is at its all-time high for the year. This is a strong short-term technical score, as XDC’s current price is above its 30-day moving average price of $0.029.

Recent trading history suggests that investors are bullish on XDC at the moment. Although XDC’s market cap is relatively average at $596 million, it is still in the top 100 cryptocurrencies according to data from

XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain platform that provides a versatile decentralized blockchain solution, that aims to modernize the financial sector and global trade. The platform provides digitization, tokenization and quick trade, and makes use of a democratic consensus mechanism to offer high transparency.

XDC Network’s XDC01 protocol powers the network’s smart contracts and AML/KYC segment. XDC powers the network and can be staked for validator network participation and smart contract deployment. XinFin’s hybrid protocol combines Ethereum and IBM’s Quorum platform to provide a low-cost solution for global trade markets, using efficient smart contracts and real-time settlement capabilities.

XinFin uses ISO20022 financial messaging standards to ensure compatibility with legacy financial systems. Its versatility has been used for various use cases like remittance, peer-to-peer trading, blockchain-powered insurance, and land registry management. The XDC token has been performing quite well for the better part of the year, and you can consider adding the token to your portfolio.

2. Nexo (NEXO)

NEXO’s price went parabolic on Monday, as most cryptocurrencies made a comeback. The token rose to a high of $0.76, a price level last seen 30 days back. The token is up by more than 30% from its lowest level this year, and investors are curious about Nexo’s future from here.

Nexo Price

Nexo provides multiple crypto-related services such as a crypto exchange, crypto lending, a crypto wallet and a crypto debit card. The platform is a renowned name in the industry and offers its services to over 5 million users.

The company managed to survive last year, when many other companies offering similar services went out of business, such as Celsius and BlockFi. Nexo also had to face a few challenges in the last month, where it paid $45 million to American regulators who ordered the company to stop offering its services.

Some of the company’s executes were also sued for financing terrorism and money laundering, where accusations were raised on the company for facilitating transactions worth over $94 million to criminals.

The company has managed to survive much of the catastrophes it encountered, including maintaining its stability during the FTX collapse. Considering the current price performance of the token, we believe that NEXO will continue to consolidate for a few days and then break out to a new high soon after.

3. Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Meme coins have become increasingly popular among investors due to their unpredictable nature and potential for high returns, and Love Hate Inu is the latest addition to the world of meme coins. The meme coin has been continuously trending on social media due to its unique features and popularity.

What is Love Hate Inu?

LHINU is a leading voting token that allows people to express their opinions on various topics and receive rewards in return. The platform aims to provide a space for people to vote on issues that matter most, whether political, social, or entertainment.

The voting system is built on blockchain technology, ensuring the whole process is fair, transparent, and secure. Participants can stake their tokens to qualify for polls, and the longer they stake, the more voting power they accumulate.

Love Hate Inu is forecasted to experience impressive growth in the coming years, starting in 2023. One of the reasons for this is that the project combines two fast-growing niches in one project – crypto dog-inspired meme coin and the online survey market. By the end of the LHINU presale, the token price is expected to reach $0.000145.

The project is about to enjoy decent growth later in 2023, achieving milestones in its roadmap, such as community poll creation, monetizing Love Hate Inu’s data via brand deals, and integrating it into significant metaverse experiences.

Love Hate Inu is running a presale of its native token, LHINU, to fund the advancement of its platform. The presale period is limited to 60 days, and it has managed to raise $1.29 million already, underscoring the project’s buzz. Only 10% of the tokens will be held to provide liquidity, fund exchange listings, and offer community rewards. Head over to the official website to participate in the Love Hate Inu presale.

4. Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out plans to change the fitness landscape, where individuals are required to make an investment to achieve their fitness goals, but it is paying for gym memberships, personalized guidance, or purchasing expensive equipment.

Buy FightOut tokens

Fight Out introduces a mobile application where players can find in-depth exercise tutorials to begin their fitness journey. The platform will also allow users to receive personalized guidance, tailored to their specific needs and goals.

The platform makes use of the play-to-earn and move-to-earn mechanism to reward players with REPS tokens, as they progress with their workout routines or complete challenges. REPS is the in-game currency of the platform that can also be converted to FGHT, the native utility token of the platform. This separation ensures that the platform mechanics aren’t affected by the volatility of the crypto market.

Every user of the platform will have a digital identity, represented by a soulbound NFT avatar. This avatar will represent all the progress of a user, and can also be seen on a virtual screen in Fight Out’s physical gyms.

Users can participate in the Fight Out Presale on the official website, and the project has successfully raised over $5.69 million so far. FGHT tokens are available to purchase for 0.03090 USDT at the time of writing and the price will continue to rise until the end of the presale, when the token will be listed for 0.0333 USDT as of April 5th.

5. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry by providing an easy solution to the problem of unreliable payment services that many EV owners face. The platform offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system that allows users to easily access over 1.8 million charging stations worldwide.

What is C+Charge

Through the use of a mobile app with an e-wallet, users can store CCHG tokens and use them to pay for EV charging anywhere they are. The platform eliminates the need for EV charging stations to accept different payment methods and currencies, which should simplify the entire process for users.

C+Charge also offers the potential for EV owners to receive carbon credits in the form of non-fungible tokens whenever they make payments using CCHG. This democratizes access to the carbon credit market, which has only been available to high-net-worth individuals and big players.

The CCHG token is deflationary, with parts of it being taken out of circulation whenever it is used for payments. This model is expected to support gains in the asset’s price prospects. The CCHG token has already raised over $3.15 million, and the presale provides a great opportunity to buy in at a low price. Investors looking for eco-friendly cryptocurrencies should consider investing in the project.

6. Metropoly (METRO)

The real estate market is one of the best avenues of investment, however, it’s tough for common folks to break into a market that requires significant starting capital. Metropoly is here to change that, by making it accessible for everyone to invest in the real estate market.

Metropoly enables investors to invest in properties, listed as NFTs, and yield all the benefits they would in physical markets. Property owners can buy and sell properties according to their convenience, as well as rent their properties for a rental income.

Plus, users don’t necessarily need to purchase entire properties, as the platform provides users with the option to own a fraction of properties starting with as little as $100. There is also an exciting giveaway currently live on the platform where participants can win a Burj Khalifa penthouse worth $1 million. This house is one example of the type of properties that will be available on the platform.

The project has raised over $944,000 at the time of writing. The presale is currently in stage 9 & users can purchase METRO tokens for 0.0625 USDT. Users can also participate in the presale by purchasing METRO tokens with ETH & BNB. Hurry, before the presale progresses to the next stage to gain maximum returns.

7. RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is an upcoming metaverse experience that is themed around robots and borrows inspiration from science fiction. The game follows a storyline set on a planet called Taro that is inhabited by human-like robots.

The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to earn rewards in the form of its native token, TARO. The game features a “play-to-earn” model, which allows players to earn tokens by participating in games and completing quests. The tokens can then be used to purchase in-game items, trade on exchanges, or even be traded for other cryptocurrencies.

RobotEra has gained significant attention in the gaming community, and the platform is set to launch later this year. The game allows players to build environments, in-game items, and much more. It also features NFT characters, companions, and land, which can be traded within and outside the game’s ecosystem. Plus, players can make governance decisions through the Robot Era DAO to maintain the management of the project.

Investors can participate in the RobotEra presale via the official website. The presale has raised over $1,029,000 so far and TARO tokens are available to purchase for 0.020 USDT. Now is a great time to participate in the presale as the token price will increase to 0.025 USDT just as the presale progresses in the next round.


In this article, we went over the top gainers for the day and also checked out a few other exciting projects that are awaiting launch. You can consider adding these projects to your portfolio. But while they may have been in the spotlight for the day, as an investor, you must perform your own due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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