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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 20 – QTUM, NEO, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 22
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 22

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The digital asset market has grown at a phenomenal pace in just over a decade. Today, the total market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency stands at over $1.2 trillion. Every day a new currency launches offering unique features and scalability. In such a condition, it is impossible to keep up with each new coin and keep track of where to invest. We aim to make this process easier by doing the heavy work for you. So that you can have all the information at your fingertips.

Have a look at our todays biggest crypto gainers.


Some of the words that come to our mind when we think of Qtum are fast, green, stable, and decentralized. It is a cryptocurrency software that is designed to combine the best of the Bitcoin and Ethereum models. It is different from other blockchains because of the following parameters.

Qtum offers more decentralized governance as compared to other blockchains. The platform can change the governance specification in a decentralized way. It can adjust/modify the cost of gas and block size via the use of its smart contracts. The platform has combined layer-1 and layer-2 to achieve millions to billions’ of transactions per second. The platform’s ‘Proof-of-Stakemechanism is scalable and energy efficient and is very censorship resistant. It can be used to send and receive many industry-standard fungible and non-fungible tokens with a low gas fees.

QTUM Price

Qtum was launched by the Qtum Foundation based in Singapore in the year 2016. A year after its launch, the Qtum foundation held its first initial coin offering. During the ICO the Foundation collected around $15 million by selling off 51% of the total market supply. The remaining coins were handed over to its investors and the team to allocate for the development of the business. The software finally went live to the public in October 2017.

QTUM coins are used to pay fees and to acquire voting rights in its governance system. The newly minted QTUM is distributed on the merits of ownership of an asset.

The price of one QTUM is today around $3.45. Its market capitalization is $359 million, while the circulating supply is 104 million QTUM.


NEO is a blockchain powered distribution network. It aims to create a futuristic smart economy which can self-sustain. The objective of this distribution network is to make both digital and physical assets easily accessible to humans and machines. It aims to reduce the permissions required to have access to these assets through NeoID. This is a decentralized identity tool used by the network to allow for credential verification without the need of sharing any confidential data. In the future, NeoID could be used for the verification of data and identity in other decentralized applications.

Neo Price Biggest gainer

NEO has introduced a newer version called N3. According to its official website, N3 is the most powerful and rich version of the Neo blockchain. It boasts of an improved development experience, a highly modular architecture, and an enhanced governance and economic model. N3 will allow its users to use it in any language they prefer. N3 will also allow the Neo blockchain to scale into other decentralized services. In addition to this, N3 will also allow connect the Neo blockchain to various other networks and offer advanced interoperability.

The NEO blockchain has a dual token model comprising- NEO and GAS. The NEO token holders act as the owners of the network and get to vote in its governance. While GAS is the utility token of the network and can be used to pay fees, deployments of smart contracts and purchases made in dApp. Thus, the network separates its governance from utility.

Today, one NEO is priced at around $12.88. In the last 24 hours, its price has risen by almost 10%. Its current market capitalization is over $1.28 billion.

LHINU Or Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a secure and transparent platform that would be used for voting on important issues. The platform uses a Stake-to-Votemechanism which will be secured by smart contracts. This mechanism will help prevent spam attacks and manipulation so that the voting can be done anonymously and the process can be verified later.

What is Love Hate Inu?

LHINU tokens are meme coins. The coin will offer utility via its Vote-to-Earnmechanism, in this voting system which will be powered by blockchain technology. Users can stake LHINU tokens to participate in the polls and earn tokens for voting. The community will get to vote on what kind of polls they want to create in the future.

During its current presale the platform aims to sell off 90% of the supply. 10% will be kept aside for liquidity, community rewards, and listing fees.

If you want to join the Love Hate Inu movement where you can vote on an important matter and earn a reward from it, look no further. The second stage of the presale is going on where the price of one LHINU is $ 0.000095. The second stage will conclude on the 24th of March. In the third stage of the presale, the price of one LHINU will go up to $ 0.000105. The presale will end on the 30th of April 2023.


Fight Out is one of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency platforms. It is based on the Play-to-Earnand Move-to-Earnmodels which are getting a lot of popularity in 2023. The network offers a gaming ecosystem like never before where users and players will earn rewards to play and move.

Buy FightOut

The platform will be a game changer in the traditional fitness industry. It will change the way people think about fitness. Users in this ecosystem can earn incentives to live a healthy life, stick to a fitness regime, and compete in sports-related tournaments or challenges.

The platform also has digital avatars and each user will have their avatar. These avatars will mimic the characteristics and traits of their users, and as the user progresses on their fitness journey so will the avatar.

The platforms native utility token is FGHT. Its presale is currently going on from which the platform has so far collected around $5.6 million. Today, 1 $FGHT = 0.03090 USDT. After 3 days, its price will increase to 1 $FGHT = 0.0333 USDT.


C+Charge (CCHG) is a blockchain-powered network that offers a Peer-to-Peerpayment solution. This P2P transaction system is for EV charging stations. C+Charge is set to be the first network to pave the way for crypto-powdered charging stations. The platform will allocate a digital wallet to each user via which they can pay for EV charging with a CCHG token.

C+Charge Vehicles

As the world moves towards an environment-friendly and sustainable way of life, there will be more demand for electronic vehicles. As per industry statistics, the EV industry does not have the necessary tools and infrastructures to support such growth. Presently, the EV industry lacks any uniformity and standard in its payment systems. This is what C+Charge is set to improve on by providing a uniform payment solution.

C+Charge will guide its users to locate EV charging stations in their locality or preferred area. The network has collaborated with a high number of EV manufacturers to promote crypto-powered energy consumption. The platform will also provide carbon credits to users which were previously only limited to manufacturers. It will provide a real-life utility option for its native token CCHG.

It is currently in the 7th stage of its presale with one token at $0.02000. After the end of its presale, CCHG will go live on CFX on the 31st of Marc 2023.


Metropoly (METRO) is the first blockchain-powered network to provide a global NFT marketplace which will be backed by the real-world estate. The platforms vision is to create a marketplace exclusively for real estate where people from across the globe can meet and invest. This NFT marketplace will make real estate properties accessible to everyone no matter what their financial status and credit score dictate.

According to its official website, there will be no bank, no paperwork, and no hidden fees in the transactions done on this platform. It aims to make the investment in real estate an easy and hassle-free experience for all. The platform will have an advantage over the traditional real estate market based on time, cost, and ownership.

Investment price on real-world properties on this NFT marketplace will start from as little as $100. Investors can invest in a fraction of a property and enjoy the passive income their share will generate. Buying and owning properties via this marketplace will be done with just a few clicks. Plus, they do not have to worry about the maintenance of these properties as everything will be covered by Metropoly.

Metropolys presale is going on and it has so far collected $903k. The presale is in its 9th stage with the price of 1 METRO = $0.0625.


RobotEra or TARO is gaining popularity as a rapidly growing gaming metaverse of 2023. The platform is making a planet-rebuilding metaverse with a Play-to-Earnmodel. Users or players in this metaverse will play the game of planet creation to earn rewards and move ahead.


Players in this metaverse will have the right to acquire resources, create NFT robot companions, own and manage their land, and help recreate the world. The platform will give rewards to the players for playing the game and exploring this metaverse.

The platforms native utility token is TARO. It is used to govern the entire gaming metaverse. TARO will be used for the development phase of the game and also as the gaming currency.

If you are interested in this metaverse, then you will be delighted to know that the RobotEra presale is currently going on. It has so far raised over $1 million from the presale. It is right now in the first stage of the presale where one TARO is $0.020. During the second stage, one TARO will be priced at $0.025.

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