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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today  – January 12

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Leading cryptocurrencies saw an increase in prices on January 12 as the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies rose by 0.03% from the previous day to $847.01 billion.

On the previous day, the market’s overall value had risen by $42.37 billion. Following a similar pattern, the price charts of certain cryptocurrencies, such as Aptos, demonstrated favourable price movements. The major cryptocurrencies whose values have climbed today are shown below:

Avalanche (AVAX)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Ava Labs have teamed up to “accelerate business, institutional, as well as government adoption of blockchain,” according to Ava Labs, the organization that created the public blockchain Avalanche (AVAX). On January 11, 2023, the team announced that AWS will enable the Avalanche system and the decentralized application (dapp) ecosystem. “Critically, Avalanche node operators may run on AWS Govcloud for Fedramp adherence use cases – a critical feature and a pre-requisite for companies and governments,” the company said on Wednesday.

Emin Gün Sirer, the company’s founder and CEO, offered his thoughts on the development on Wednesday afternoon, Eastern Time. “This is significant,” said Gün Sirer on Twitter. “This announcement of an AWS alliance is not one from your grandfather. I’ll explain in straightforward terms. Previously, several chains have engaged AWS to host a small number of their nodes under the guise of “AWS collaborates with some chains.” In actuality, “Some Chain” was a customer of AWS and was paying AWS. There was no substantial alliance.


Following the news, Avax, the native token of Avalanche, increased by 16.2% in value relative to the dollar. AVAX has increased 29.1% during the past seven days, ranking 19th in terms of market capitalization. In the past 24 hours, AVAX has been traded for values ranging from $12.31 – $14.83 for every unit.

AVAX’s cryptocurrency market capitalization is $4.51 billion. Despite the quick increase on Wednesday afternoon in response to the AWS announcement, AVAX is still down 89% from its all-time high of $144.96 on November 21, 2021. Avalanche (AVAX), which was formerly a top-ten cryptocurrency competitor, has suffered greatly during the cryptocurrency wintertime, and it has been difficult for it to maintain a position lower than the 20th-place mark. However, it has been a top gainer recently, thanks to all these recent developments and project upgrades.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

Near Foundation launches a $40M fund to cushion USN stablecoin investors

Despite a challenging 2022, Near Protocol (NEAR) was able to cooperate with Google Cloud, establish a $40 million fund to help USN investors, and increase its DeFi footprint by adding Tether (USDT) pairings to its blockchain network.

While Near Protocol (NEAR) is only trading at $1.31 right now, technical analysis reveals that it is forming a falling wedge pattern, and bulls appear to be watching for a breakthrough. If it can break through its closest basis of the authority of $1.50 and explode to $3.00, Near Protocol (NEAR) presents an intriguing short-term option for data-driven professional traders. Additionally, the long-term potential of the Near Protocol (NEAR) may prove to be a substantial value driver.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade, a recently released crypto analytics tool, empowers its users to make wise investment choices thanks to its unique features. Due to Solid Proof and CoinSniper’s audits of the platform’s intelligent contract programming and their KYC verification, both investors and users have a high level of confidence in it. The D2T coin, whose presale began in the final quarter of 2022, is the platform’s native token.


The platform gives users access to a unique collection of resources for knowledge, market analysis, and trading advice through the use of its native cryptocurrency, D2T. Users may keep a close eye on the whales’ activity and benefit from its on-chain analytics.

The program also offers a set of social metrics that may be used to keep abreast of current crypto-related topics. It is significant to note that D2T tokens will make their formal CEX debut on the 11th of January. The coin is expected to keep up its strong pace after being listed on an exchange.

Investors may more readily identify purchasing and selling opportunities with the aid of Dash 2 Trade, which offers the greatest crypto signals, on-chain research, and social sentiment indicators. By identifying trends early and responding to them to acquire an advantage over the competition, the protocol will let users stay one step ahead of the game.

There will also be a tool for developing strategies that enable users to test ideas in real time without putting their money at risk. After the analysis is finished, adjustments can be made as well program evaluated again to increase earnings and lower risk. In addition, a risk analyzer that will direct retail traders to execute more reliable and efficient transactions will be available, along with automated trading based on measures that connect with their trader API.

Most of these features have driven the demand for the D2T token, which is evident due to the successful presale it ended recently.

Calvaria (RIA)

Buy Calvaria

Calvaria, the most well-known play-to-earn combat card game, includes decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as game finance (GameFi). There is a lot of interest in this project among traders and gamers due to the idea of creating unique battle card decks as well as participating in digital combat to earn RIA tokens. The RIA presale was launched in the final quarter of 2022, and the crypto community accepted it well.

The project has successfully raised well over $2.7 million in phase five of its active presale by releasing about 138 million RIA cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, one USDT is worth $30.77 on the RIA. As the presale is coming to an end, investors should start buying RIA tokens at a reduced price. The RIA cryptocurrency will be listed on trustworthy exchanges, including LBank, BitMart, as well as Changelly Pro, after January 31. As of this writing, approximately 12% of the assets are still up for grabs in this presale.

FightOut (FGHT)

The first round of the presale for FightOut’s native token, the newest move-to-earn cryptocurrency platform for fitness lovers, is now underway. Users may begin their fitness adventure on FightOut by signing up on this network with a FGHT token. It has successfully raised well over $2.8 million out of its presale as of the time of writing. One FGHT token is maintained for 0.0166 USDT. By March 31st, 2023, the presale is expected to be over.

FightOut Long-Term Token

During this presale, users might even obtain a bonus of 50%. These FGHT coins will also have their CEX directories after the presale period. On April 5, when these CEX directories are expected to take place, 1 FGHT cryptocurrency would cost 0.0333 USDT. Investors might think about purchasing FightOut at a reduced price because the price of these assets will increase after the listing.

While they are still in phase 1 of their presale, now is the ideal opportunity for investors to get $FGHT tokens. Investors rushed to buy FGHT cryptocurrencies, with some contributing more than $2 million less than a week after they became available. They are presently accessible for $0.0166 per unit, and FightOut has limited the quantity to 10 billion tokens.

Pre-sale bonus tokens are available during the first stage. Investors that spend $500 are eligible for a 10% token bonus as well as an extra 10% if they choose a 6-month vesting term. When the $5 million hard cap for the first phase of the sale is reached, the bonus tokens expire.

RobotEra (TARO)

The RobotEra ecosystem’s foundation is the TARO ERC-20 utility token. Gamers and developers would use this currency to transfer resources and create a user-based rewards program. There would be 1.8 billion TARO tokens distributed in total. The TARO token presale, which is regarded as the year’s best cryptocurrency presale, is now underway.


The presale allocation of TARO tokens is approximately 270 million. The first phase of the TARO presale is 0.020 USDT for the token. In the following stage, this price would increase, and it would be marketed for a price of $0.025. Similar to this, TARO tokens would cost $0.032 at the third phase of the presale. In the first round, more than 34 million TARO coins have already been sold, and about $697,000 has been raised.

On the RobotEra market, TARO may be used to purchase and exchange all NFTs found in-game. RobotEra, one of the most eagerly anticipated  NFT projects in the metaverse, will provide users with the opportunity to profit by mining, trading, promoting, as well as staking TARO tokens.

The RobotEra prospectus also states that members of its DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) can stake their native currency and vote on the project’s fate.

5% (90 million) of the 1.8 billion tokens in circulation will be distributed during the initial presale period. TARO costs $0.020 USDT at the moment. By the second step, the token cost will increase to $0.025 USDT, and by the third as well as the final stage, it will rise to $0.032.


Today was a terrific day for cryptocurrency traders on the market. AVAX and NEAR are two examples of cryptocurrencies that have made their investors happy. However, considering how unstable the cryptocurrency market is, it is crucial to make any transaction after conducting thorough due diligence. In the long term, this would guarantee a lucrative investment portfolio.

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