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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today February 21 – CFX, NEO, FGHT, CCHG, TARO

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today February 21
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today February 21

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The current market is volatile, which makes it challenging to fish through the sea of crypto information available online to find that one token which may suit your requirements. Thus, we have scanned through and prepared a list of todays top crypto gainers. Read on to find out more about them.

Conflux Network (CFX)

Conflux, or CFX, is emerging to be a top-performing cryptocurrency this year. Conflux is Chinas only public blockchain which is set to bridge the gap between blockchain technology of the East and West. It is also known as the Shanghai Tree-Graph Blockchain Research Institute and was initiated by Dr. Long Fan.

According to its official website, Conflux is an intellectual property that creatively develops the structure of the Tree Graph. It is set to improve on the drawbacks of the transactional system of the existing blockchain technology. Conflux can achieve a high transaction per secondwithout any security or ownership issues.

Conflux Network Biggest Gainer of February 21

The network merges a Tree-Graph structure and Proof of Work to facilitate trade and commerce without any controlling authority or interference. Confluxs guiding principles are openness, inclusivity, permissionless, transparency, and decentralization.

Today, the price of one CFX token is around $0.0312. It has witnessed a hike of up to 16% in the last 24 hours. Its current market capitalization stands at around $652.5 million, while circulating supply is at around 2.10 billion CFX.


NEO was founded in the year 2014 and was formerly known as ‘Antshares’. The network was co-founded by Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei. Neo is a distributed network that runs on blockchain technology and aims to create a future smart economy that will be fully automated. The networks objective is to make assets- both digital and physical, easily accessible to humans and machines with fewer permissions.

NEO Biggest Crypto Gainer February 21

Neo blockchain uses a decentralized identity tool called NeoID. It allows verification of credentials without asking for any confidential private information. According to experts, this tool could be widely used for data and identity verification in decentralized applications.

The latest version of NEO is called the N3. The N3 version has the following advantages. It breaks down the linguistic barrier by allowing users to use it in any language they prefer. N3 seeks to provide its users with a decentralized storage solution. The native oracle feature of the N3 will allow NEO to expand into other scalable decentralized services. NEO N3 allows connections across various blockchain networks, thus providing advanced interoperability. The network has two tokens named NEO and GAS.

Today, one Neo token is priced at around $14.8. In the last 24 hours, its price has risen by 28%. Its current market capitalization is over 1 billion. At the same time, its circulating supply is around 70 million NEO.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out, or FGHT, is the fastest-growing metaverse of 2023, according to its official website. Fight Out is a web3 token based on a Move-to-Earnmodel. The Move-to-Earnmodel is all the rage now. Because of this, Fight Out is quickly growing in popularity among crypto lovers.

Buy FightOut tokens

Fight Out brings together the world of fitness and physical well-being, and cryptocurrency under one platform. Experts believe that Fight Out will change the way people think about fitness and working out. It will provide great incentives to its users to maintain a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.

The platform will allow its users to earn cryptocurrency for carrying out daily fitness activities, participating in workout challenges, and getting involved in other sports activities aimed toward physical well-being. Fight Out uses a DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol which facilitates users to earn digital assets and interest on those assets by other yielding methods.

The Fight Out network’s native utility token is FGHT, and the token type is ECR-20. The network is built on Ethereum Chain. Fight Outs initial coin offering (ICO) is ongoing at the moment. During the 1st stage, one FGHT token is priced at $0.00166. The first stage is expected to collect around 5 million USD. After the end of the 1st stage of ICO, the price of one FGHT token will increase to $0.333. For this presale, around 900 million FGHT tokens are available.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge, or CCHG, is best known as the green cryptocurrency of the year 2023. CCHG is developing blockchain-powered charging, which will reduce carbon footprints on the planet. CCHG is set to revolutionize the electronic vehicle industry by offering solutions to the issues that the EV industry faces today.

According to its Whitepaper, C+Charge is built on blockchain technology and will offer a P2P payment system for EV charging stations. C+Charge is pioneering to be the first online and offline platform to reward users of electronic vehicles when they recharge their vehicles.

Buy C+Charge Green Crypto

The C+Charge platform will help its users in four ways. First, the platform will help locate EV charging stations nearby users’ locations. Second, in the CCHG platform, every user will have their own allocated digital wallet. Users can use CCHGs native utility token to pay for each recharge. Third, whenever any user pays for an EV recharge, the platform will reward them with carbon credits. Forth, users will be able to use these earned carbon credits.

The presale for C+Charge is currently ongoing. There are set to be 8 presale stages. Its first presale stage started on the 8th of February, 2023. The final presale stage is set to end on the 29th of March, 2023. The price of one CCHG token was $0.013 at the start of the presale. Currently, it is on its 3rd presale with one token priced at $0.016. During the 4th stage, one token will be priced at $0.017 until the 1st of March 2023.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra or TARO is the next big thing in the Play-to-Earnmetaverse.

RobotEra is gaining a lot of traction in the gaming metaverse. It is set to combine the three worlds of gaming, cryptocurrency, and real estate under one platform with limitless possibilities.

RobotEra Biggest Crypto Gainer February 21

RobotEra will provide its users with a planet-rebuilding experience. Users will act like robots who can acquire assets and resources in the gaming metaverse and participate in rebuilding the world. Users will have the power to create their own lands, create other robot friends through NFTs, and build communities together. RobotEra will provide unlimited creative freedom to its users to create a virtual world run by robots.

RobotEra will then connect this metaverse with other worlds, such as theme parks, museums, concerts, etc. Users can create and explore each of these worlds. They can also trade in this metaverse using NFTs. Users can submit original artwork for the museums. They can invite other NFT communities to attend concerts and theme parks. RobotEra will provide users with rewards for exploring and recreating this virtual world.

To be a part of this exciting metaverse, you can join TAROs ongoing presale. There are set to be 3 stages to this presale. The price of one token during the first stage is $0.020. During the second and third stages, the price of one TARO token will be $0.025 and $0.032, respectively.

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