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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – February 16

Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out
Move to Earn Crypto Fight Out

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The crypto market bounced back on Wednesday, from a point that was attributed to being the beginning of a bear run by many market analysts, and the overall market cap rose by more than 8% in just under 24 hours.

Most cryptocurrencies in the market are challenging their near-term highs and it might be confusing to choose your ideal candidate for investment. Well, we’ve narrowed the list down and here are a few biggest gainers of the day that definitely need your attention.

1. Astar (ASTR)

Astar Network aims to provide a scalable, decentralized application platform that rests on the foundations of web3. It aspires to create an open and inclusive network, where users can create and work with decentralized applications. Unlike traditional centralized forms of monopoly where a certain group has all the authority.

ASTR Crypto

Astar uses two layers to facilitate scalability and interoperability; a based layer and a scaling solution. The base layer uses a substrate blockchain framework that provides customisation and scalability while the second layer uses OVM, a technology that helps further boost the scalability.

Developers can easily create and execute smart contracts on the network since it supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, and the zero-knowledge rollups used by Astar help improve the efficiency by making transactions on the network faster and more cost-effective.

What is even more interesting is that Astar users can make use of the dApp staking mechanism on the platform, where they can stake their coins to support a specific project instead of securing the entire network. This feature facilitates the creation of better applications as well as gives users the liberty to earn better rewards than conventionally available alternatives.

ASTR is the native token of the Astar Network, and it serves a few important functions. First, the token can be staked to earn an annual interest while allowing users to be validators. Second, the token can be used to pay fees on the network. And lastly, it can be used as a governance token to contribute to important decisions on the network.

ASTR Live Price

The ASTR token recently surged from $0.089 to a high of $0.10, displaying a pump of over 12%. At the time of writing, the overall market cap of the token stands at around $385 million, and the 24-hour trading volume is up 86%. The token, however, has slightly fallen to the $0.09 range currently.

2. Mina Protocol (MINA)

Mina protocol is the lightest blockchain in the world, outcompeting the industry leaders by an incomparable margin. Bitcoin, for example, had a blockchain size of 360 GB on October 10, 2021, while Mina’s blockchain was just 22kb. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the Mina blockchain stays the same in size, irrespective of the number of transactions on the network.

MIina Crypto

The Mina protocol makes use of zero-knowledge proof which contributes to reducing the size of the blockchain. This highly complex cryptographic tool helps users maintain a full node even when the use is intensive.

Token holders help the blockchain stay functional by staking their tokens on the network. Mina is based on the proof-of-stake mechanism and does not have slashing (a way to punish misbehaviour on the blockchain) so users can stake their coins without the fear of losing them.

MINA, the official token of the blockchain, recently underwent an upsurge where the token increased by over 15% in just under 24 hours. Currently, the token is trading in the $1.12 range and has a total market cap of about $940 million.

3. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

P2E games are catching a lot of momentum and Meta Masters Guild (MMG) isn’t left behind. MMG, unlike most other players in the industry, focuses on mobile gaming. It plans to lead the mobile web3 gaming revolution beginning with the three games it has in the pipeline for now.

Meta Kart Racers is the first game in the MMG ecosystem that is currently under development. Players can play solo or against other players as they participate in the Meta Kart Championships and bring play-to-earn to the mainstream.

Meta Masters World will be the second offering from the guild that’ll feature a full-blown metaverse. Players can run through, explore and complete challenges in the metaverse and rise up as they collect assets. Raid NFT, on the other hand, is the third offering from MMG that is currently in the design stage. It will feature a fighting game where players fight against AI or other players and battle wicked overloads.

Meta Masters Game

Every game will feature a reward mechanism and all rewards will be paid in GEMS, an off-chain currency for the project. While MEMAG will be the utility token, used to facilitate all transactions on the network.

These tokens can be purchased through a presale that is about to close in just one day, where investors can purchase these tokens for 0.023 USDT. It is quite literally now or never for investors to get their hands on the tokens before their official release.

4. Fight Out (FHGT)

As the concept of Move-to-Earn becomes more popular, Fight Out presents itself as one of the top players to implement this all-new approach to fitness in the best possible fashion. Introduced as a web3 mobile app, the Fight Out app does much more than just track steps.

Fight Out will reward its users for completing challenges on the platform, where users ensure that they achieve their fitness targets and stay constantly motivated as they stack up their rewards.

FightOut altcoin

The Fight Out app will, first and foremost, have in-depth guidance on overall fitness necessities, such as exercising, nutrition and supplements. There will also be instructional videos on the platform explaining how to go about your fitness endeavours in the best way. The platform has onboarded professional athletes who will host challenges on the platform, as well as help offer personalized advice to users.

Fight Out doesn’t just plan to stick to a device though. The project has plans to integrate the physical and virtual world, by opening physical gyms across the world. Users who have a subscription to the app can visit and work out in these gyms, as well as participate in the ongoing challenges.

The platform also blends the concept of a metaverse in its app. Every user on the app will have a digital avatar, represented by an NFT. This avatar will reflect all the physical attributes of an individual, in addition to the progress they’ve made. They will also be used to display users on challenge leaderboards.

FIghtout presale

Rewards on the platform will be paid in REPS, the off-chain token of the platform. While all the on-chain utility, governance and transactions will be facilitated by FGHT, the official token of the platform.

Users can become a part of the project by participating in the presale, where FGHT tokens are available for 0.02245 USDT. This price will continue to increase until March 31st, and the tokens will be listed on CEXs on April 5th.

5. C+Charge (CCHG)

Join hands in the EV charging revolution, by participating in the presale of CCHG tokens live on the C+Charge website. Currently, in stage three, the presale has raised over $1.17 million where CCHG tokens can be purchased for 0.016 USDT. The current round of the presale will be live for 6 more days, before the price increases to 0.017.

Following the completion of the presale, CCHG tokens will list on centralized exchanges on 31st March 2023. Now is the best time to invest in the project if you wish to maximize your profit.

C+Charge App

C+Charge is a blockchain-based platform that’ll be available on mobile devices. It aims to solve a very crucial problem in the EV industry; a lack of uniformity when it comes to EV charging. The project plans to achieve this by providing a singular method of payment across all charging stations, making EV charging super convenient for car owners.

That’s just not it though. Users will also be able to locate the nearest station to charge their vehicle, which can be super helpful when planning long trips. Plus, the platform will offer a diagnosis of the car to ensure that the car is in optimal condition, ensuring a safer commute.

CCHG tokens will be used by users to pay at charging stations, and in return, they will be rewarded with carbon credits, which can be sold or converted to CCHG tokens. C+Charge is one of the first companies trying to integrate carbon credits in the electric vehicle industry and has been reviving tremendous appreciation and support for the same.

6. RobotEra (TARO)

Taro once supported a flourishing civilisation, until a war between the inhabitants and an army of robots turned it into an absolute wasteland. While the species was approaching extension, a scientist with his successful experiment initiated a whole new chapter to the planet’s future, as his experiment “robot singularity” made all robots on the planet have feelings and emotions akin to humans.

The planet must now reemerge to its previous glory, and let the catastrophic event become an episode in its history. Robots, who’ve taken charge of the planet are tasked to restore the planet; all to birth a game called RobotEra.

RobotEra Best Crypto Gainer

RobotEra is a play-to-earn crypto game that follows an exciting story, where players become robots and explore the RobotEra universe as they own and build assets, and help create a sustainable economy. Every robot in the game will be an NFT, which can be bought, sold and traded inside the game. These NFTs can serve as robot companions and can also be customized.

Every asset in the game too is an NFT, which has a unique value. Players can experiment in the metaverse to make money by providing services, such as charging other users for a sports game or a concert. Considering, a player manages or owns a stadium. Here, the possibilities aren’t limited.

Rewards on the platform will be paid in the form of the TARO token, the native utility token of the platform. These tokens can also be used as in-game currency and can be staked to earn interest. Currently, TARO tokens can be purchased through the official presale live on the RobotEra website. The presale is currently phase 1 and TARO tokens are available for 0.020 USDT, and the price will increase to 0.025 USDT once the project enters round 2 of the presale.


Today, we went over some top gainers for the day as well as a bunch of other tokens currently in their presale that show a lot of potential. While these tokens made it to the spotlight for the day, always do your own research before investing in a crypto project.

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