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Best Upcoming NFT drops – Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Agent 1, World of Mythesda

Best Upcoming NFT drops
Best Upcoming NFT drops

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It is not unusual for cryptocurrency investors to come across projects that give massive returns. This had exactly been what a majority of them experienced during the 2021 bull run. But since the crash, things have not been as great for the investors, or the projects themselves. While cryptocurrencies surely plunged in value, another major blockchain category that was affected largely was the NFT industry.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have been a critical topic among investors and major financial institutions. While the potential of these assets cannot be predicted accurately yet, it is evident that the industry has been thriving once again, despite the current crypto winter.

Surely, a huge number of projects haven’t been able to sustain their operations and had to close shop. However, some projects have been using this opportunity to launch their newest collections and build powerful infrastructure for the future. Undoubtedly, such projects are being embraced by the community as well.

A recently launched project called Tamadoge, which is NFT integrated has been gaining much traction since its listing on the popular exchange OKX. Listed below are Tamadoge, and some similar upcoming NFT drops to watch out for-


As the latest entrant in the prominent Doge ecosystem, Tamadoge is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in the space at the moment.

Today, while popularity and hype definitely help popularize a project, it needs to feature a sustainable infrastructure to be considered legit. That is exactly what Tamadoge has tried to achieve, by leveraging the popularity of its memecoin status and including real utility at the same time.

Buy Tamadoge

Launched earlier in 2022, Tamadoge is a P2E game platform which is set to introduce a wide variety of games for users. It is fully integrated with the metaverse and boasts of an innovative set of product offerings. With the virtual world called Tamaverse, Tamadoge users can buy their own Tamadoge NFTs to feed, nurture and eventually play with them after a point.

The team recently announced that an exclusive NFT collection may be on the way since developers have been working to bring it to the audience currently. Along with these announcements, a recent development also paved the way for Tamadoge’s popularity to be furthered even more.

This development was the native token TAMA’s upcoming listing on OKX’s CEX and DEX platforms.

These reasons among many others have increased the demand for Tamadoge considerably and can be expected to grow more in the upcoming days.

Register on OKX to buy Tamadoge


Created by Jeric T, a Singapore-based celebrity producer, Agent 1 is an NFT project backed by companies like and Froyo Games. It is a GameFi NFT that renders its visuals based on the actions & wallet contents of the holder. The NFT lets you play, earn and build, as it apparently “polymorphs and grows” with each transaction.

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It is a collection of 10,001 NFTs and can be used to merge by the holders to create Super Agent1s. In simple words, two NFTs can be merged to create a better, rarer version of the NFT. Every holder will be given access to the project’s metaverse game through early access.

Built on the Ethereum Chain, the project has already distributed awards worth thousands of dollars among the community, which has helped it grow in popularity. As a free-to-mint project, Agent1 is a project that could potentially go up in value in the future.

Buy ETH for Agent 1

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Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an innovative approach to NFT-based games. It is by definition, a “blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game” and has managed to attract a huge audience within a short span of time. The project features a fantasy sports theme and is expected to introduce several related games in the future.

Battle Infinity

Founded by Suresh Joshi, an individual with an extensive record in management and marketing, Battle Infinity boasts of an Indian time similar to that of the popular project Polygon.

The platform essentially allows users to create sports teams based on real-life matches. These players are then given points based on their performance. The user with the highest amount of points wins and is rewarded from the created pool. Battle Infinity makes the experience worthwhile as the NFTs of players can be fully owned by users.

The top product offerings of the project include a platform-specific decentralized exchange to buy IBAT, the native token, an NFT marketplace, a game store, staking and a battle arena. The IBAT Battle Arena is the platform’s metaverse space and is where users can customize their avatars by buying NFT accessories from the NFT marketplace.

The native token IBAT for all these reasons has been in high demand and recently saw a decent pump from its previous price range. At the time of writing, the token is trading at around $0.0033 and is available on the LBANK exchange. IBAT too is expecting several more listings in the future.

Visit Battle Infinity

World of Mythesda

While the above-mentioned projects may boast of utility, making them highly appealing, this project solely makes a list for its artwork. World of Mythesda is a 1000-piece NFT project that features attractive artwork of mythical creatures. However, the NFTs are created by AI, unlike usual projects where artists are behind the showcased collection.

World of Mythesda

World of Mysthesda is currently in its whitelist stage and is yet to give out any solid information regarding its actions after the project launches, or even the exact days for minting. However, it has been gaining many interested parties due to its charitable approach. The project claims that 50% of royalties earned by World of Mythesda will go to the Sea Shepherd conservation society, which aims to protect wildlife.

The access to the whitelist is currently through active participation on discord or contests on Twitter. However, developers have stated that they have been considering future collaborations, RPG games, and more in the future.

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Tamadoge - Play to Earn Meme Coin

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  • Earn TAMA in Battles With Doge Pets
  • Maximum Supply of 2 Bn, Token Burn
  • Now Listed on OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Ultra Rare NFTs on OpenSea
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