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Best NFT Drops Now – Art Gobblers, Silks, Tamadoge

Art gobbler NFTs
Art gobbler NFTs

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Even though the bear season is on the swing, new NFT projects can still be thriving. The best example of this is the release on Monday of the talk of the town NFT drop, “Art Gobblers,” an NFT collection made by “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland and crypto investment firm Paradigm. Other huge hits of NFT Drops include Silks and Tamadoge.

Let us delve into to read more about the top NFT drop and price statistics:

Top NFT Drops to Track Now

1. Art Gobblers NFTs

Art Gobblers is the focus of this buzzy non-fungible token (NFT) minting day. Art Gobblers launched as a free mint earlier yesterday. These NFTs are currently trading for about 20,000 USD and have generated a trading volume of approximately $10 million.

Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, and the cryptocurrency investment firm Paradigm unveiled the NFT collection yesterday at 20:20 UTC amid much acclaim. The unrevealed NFTs are trading for tens of thousands of dollars on secondary markets, even though the initiative was initially introduced as a free mint—meaning aficionados simply had to pay gas fees to obtain their NFTs.

Because Art Gobblers is intended to function as a factory NFT collection, Gobbler NFTs will create a token named GOO. New Gobbler NFTs, also known as Blank Page NFTs, can be made using the GOO token. Artists can utilise the Blank Page NFTs as a digital canvas that Gobblers can then consume; as a result, ownership of the artwork is given to the NFT itself. Gobblers have the potential to develop into decentralised, tradeable art galleries.

Art gobblers NFTs

About 1700 Gobbler artwork NFTs were made available by Art Gobblers yesterday, and anyone who was added to an approved allow list could mint them for free. A further 300 NFTs were set aside for project developers and contributors, and an additional eight thousand Gobbler NFTs will be released over the course of the ensuing ten years.

Soon after, the NFTs started to trade for high prices on secondary markets; at the time of writing, the cheapest NFT was offered at 14.5 ETH, or about $22,850. On Monday night, one NFT sold for over $138,000 in ETH.

All Gobbler NFT owners are also welcome to join the Art Gobblers Discord.

Art Gobblers statistics

At the time of writing, the cheapest Art Gobbler NFTs were trading for 15.50 ETH on OpenSea. According to the data, the OpenSea total volume of Art Gobbler is 9,032 ETH, with 1.8K items as of writing. The floor price is at 15.5, and the best offer is of 14.1 ETH currently.

2. Silks NFTs

In this virtual world of Silks, users can enjoy all the thrills and benefits of owning a racehorse. It is the first play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse in the world that is a direct reflection of thoroughbred horse racing in the real world.

The game’s goal is to possess NFTs of the top thoroughbred racehorses in real life. Because the NFTs are produced from actual thoroughbred horses, the initiative is “derivatives-based”. The ecosystem that powers Silks collects data from the 1:1 horse NFT replicas, including bloodlines, training progress, and racing results. It is a P2E game since you receive rewards in the Silks metaverse if you own the NFT of a racehorse that triumphs in actual races. You receive even more rewards if your racehorse has progeny in the real world.


Following the release of the Silks Genesis Avatars, the project gained much attention, and it soon ranked in the top 10 best-selling Ethereum Sports NFTs on OpenSea. Nansen. The most prestigious NFT index in the sector, Ai’s Gaming 50 Index, also included it.

Players must buy a Silks Avatar NFT to participate in the Silks Metaverse. These digital personas serve as the identification of each racehorse owner. Top investment firms and NFT communities, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders, were fast to purchase the 10,000 Avatars when they were first released. We suggest watching the video of popular crypto analyst, Jacob Bury, who has analysed the project in the video below.

YouTube video

You still have time to get one of these Silks Avatars, but you will need to act quickly because the deal is already 65% sold out. The Silks Avatars have contributed to Silks ranking as the top fantasy sports Web3 game in the market.

According to Silks, the typical sale price of a Thoroughbred horse is roughly $60,000, and owners may spend an additional $40,000 on upkeep. We may anticipate a sharp increase in the value of NFTs as the Silks metaverse develops because the Silks Horses are NFT derivatives of these actual horses.

Like many of the greatest NFTs to invest in, Silks has developed a unique P2E ecosystem that utilises NFT technology to connect the physical and virtual worlds.

Silks Analysis:

At the time of writing, the Silks are trading at 0.139ETH on OpenSea. According to the data, the total volume of Silks is 932 ETH, with 6.8K items as writing. The floor price is 0.139, and the best offer is at 0.115 ETH.

3. Tamadoge NFTs

Tamadoge is a P2E platform where users may purchase, sell, and trade Tamadoge pets using Tamadoge (TAMA/USD) tokens.

Tamadoge is slowly becoming one of the most well-known meme coins ever and pushing the boundaries of the P2E industry. Tamadoge is the gateway token to the Tamaverse, where you can build, breed, and battle with your very own Tamadoge pet (TAMA).

A recent tweet by TAMA claimed that the 20,000 Common Tamadoge NFTs that will be included in the new NFT launch would let users communicate on the upcoming metaverse platform Tamaverse. One of the meme coin’s compelling features in the crowded crypto space is the idea of the metaverse.

In the OpenSea market, Tamadoge’s Ultra Rare NFTs collection has been trending at the top. Its pet collections have been available for bid at a starting price of 1 ETH for more than a week. The Tamadoge ranked 42 in the OpenSea, was purchased for 6.10 ETH, and is the collection’s best-selling item now.

The collection of pets had been up for auction for a week with a starting price of 1 ETH. However, as interest soared and the price increased, the price became a smokescreen. By the time the auction ended, there had already been more than 257 ETH spent on the 100 dogs. Tamadoge #1 maintained the top bid for most of the week.

Tamadoge NFTs

The first levels of the first Tamadoge arcade games are also being previewed by Tamadoge this week. The Tamadoge team is developing the arcade that will house all of their games. Everything related to the Tamaverse games, browsing, leaderboards, and flipping through Tamadoge NFTs will be located here.

Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs Analysis:

At the time of writing, the Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs are trading at 3.8 ETH floor price on OpenSea. According to the data, the total volume of Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs is 298 ETH. The best offered price is 1.3 ETH.

Conclusion – Art Gobblers, Tamadoge The Best For Investing Now

Here we have looked in-depth at 3 of the market’s most promising forthcoming NFT projects and identified which collections merit investment. But during our analysis, Art Gobblers and Tamadoge stood out as a project with enormous development potential.

According to data from OpenSea, Art Gobblers’ ETH trade volume increased significantly over the last day to reach 8595, or approximately $14 million. Because the NFT collection only started minting on October 31 and has already more than tripled the amount of Bored Ape and CryptoPunk, the stats are impressive.

We say there is never a better moment to visit the Art Gobblers website and learn more about the project.

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