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Best NFT Art and Games Marketplaces September 2022

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Best NFT Art And Games Marketplaces September 2022
Best NFT Art And Games Marketplaces September 2022

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Marketplaces are useful for investors to buy art or gaming NFTs. Which marketplaces are the best for potential investors? This article reveals the best NFT art and games marketplaces this month:

1. OpenSea

OpenSea tops our list as one of the best NFT art and games marketplaces. Many investors believe OpenSea is the best NFT marketplace globally.

Opensea Platform - best NFT art and games marketplaceOpenSea, built on the Ethereum blockchain, provides various types of NFTs, such as domain names, art, gaming, and even movies. The platform supports over 150 cryptocurrencies, providing a significant amount of payment diversity. Users can easily withdraw funds from their crypto balance and make payments without having to convert them to ETH.

OpenSea also enables anyone to create their own NFTs. Creators don’t need any coding knowledge. They just need to upload their NFT, and the platform will do the rest.

In terms of fees, OpenSea charges only 2.5%, which is paid by the seller rather than the buyer. OpenSea buyers only need to pay network fees, which are usually insignificant.

2. Rarible

Rarible is another leading marketplace for top NFT projects. The platform, like OpenSea, provides access to various NFT categories, ranging from art to photography and even a few games. Rarible has even expanded into metaverse items, with users able to purchase in-world items such as clothing and land.

Rarible Platform - best NFT art and games marketplaces

One of the benefits of the Rarible platform is its multi-chain support. While the platform was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain, it has since expanded its support to include chains such as Tezos and Flow. This means that NFTs built on these chains can be sold on Rarible, potentially opening up the marketplace to more tokens in the future.

Another advantage of Rarible is that users can buy NFTs with debit or credit cards. Rarible is truly a global platform, with support for over 190 countries. Investors can also buy NFTs with various wallets, including the MetaMask and Coinbase Wallets.

Rarible’s fees are set at 2.5%. The marketplace charges fees to both buyers and sellers.

3. Axie Infinity Marketplace

Axie Infinity is one of the world’s most popular blockchain gaming platforms. The platform is based on NFT digital pets known as Axies, which can be groomed and used to compete against other pets for rewards. It is one of the major platforms responsible for the rise of blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) games.

Axie Infinity MarketplaceOne of the reasons Axie Infinity is so popular is that it has created a resilient economy. Users can buy and sell Axies on the Axie Infinity marketplace. Transaction volumes can be kept within the Axie ecosystem, and players can obtain their digital pets from a single source.

The Axie Infinity marketplace, built on the Ethereum blockchain, accepts all payments in ETH. Unlike other marketplaces, the Axie Infinity marketplace only facilitates Axie trades. Investors looking for an NFT of the Monalisa will have to look elsewhere.

The Axie Infinity marketplace charges 4.25% in fees. Sellers pay the fee, and all marketplace fees go to the Axie community treasury.

4. GameStop NFT Marketplace

The GameStop NFT marketplace is the NFT platform launched by GameStop, America’s leading consumer electronics, video game, and gaming merchandise retailer. Since the meme stock frenzy in 2021, GameStop has been warming up to the crypto space, and the company finally launched its NFT marketplace in early 2022.

GameStop NFT MarketplaceThe GameStop NFT marketplace is built on Loopring, a layer-two blockchain protocol that provides access to the resources of the Ethereum blockchain. Users can use the platform to buy, sell, and create various NFTs, ranging from digital art and collectibles to sports memorabilia and photography. However, users who want to mint NFTs must apply as creators on the platform.

The GameStop NFT marketplace currently has over 300 listed collections with nearly 100,000 NFTs. Currently, the platform supports Wallet Connect, Metamask, and GameStop Wallets. It solely accepts ETH for payments.

The fee on the GameStop NFT marketplace is 2.5%, with sellers paying the fee rather than buyers.

5. DraftKings

DraftKings completes the list of the best NFT art and games marketplaces. The company is one of the largest in the United States, and it launched its NFT marketplace in 2021 to offer limited-edition NFTs from some of the world’s most popular sports franchises and athletes.

DraftKings NFT MarketplaceIn the first year of operation, the DraftKings NFT marketplace listed NFTs from athletes such as Tony Hawk, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky. DraftKings currently supports over 300 collectibles and payment for these assets can be made via wire transfer, PayPal, and credit cards. However, it only accepts fiat payments in USD. DraftKings does not accept cryptocurrency payments.

Users will need to sign up to access the platform, however, certain jurisdictions can’t have access as it only supports countries like US, Canada and other select locations.

Fees are set at 5%, and initial NFT creators also receive 10% royalties on secondary sales.

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