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Best Crypto to Buy Now June 10 – Deelance, Litecoin, AiDoge

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Analyzing the Potential for Litecoin Bulls to Reclaim Ground and Overcome Recent Losses
Analyzing the Potential for Litecoin Bulls to Reclaim Ground and Overcome Recent Losses

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Since our best crypto to buy now yesterday, intense price movement has taken palace in the market. The bear prediction is finally taking its toll as the coin market has just undergone an intense downturn. The downward price movement shaved off most of the gains some coins had in the last 7 days. Ultimately, the battle against Binance and Coinbase seems to worsen the pressure. Other exchanges scrabble to sanitize their platform in response to the forgoing to avoid getting caught on the web. 

In the same vein, the global coin market cap is down by 5.7%, bringing the value down to $1.04T. However, The 24-hour volume has gone up by 92.7%. DeFi made up 8.2% of the total crypto market by volume over the past 24 hours. While the price of Bitcoin has been in a week-long downward spiral, its dominance keeps growing. It lost 1% of its value in the last 24 hours, but its dominance is up by 47.6%.

In the news, SEC continues its war with Binance. Similarly, regulators in other countries are cracking down on Crypto. Also, Binance agrees to comply with EU MICA policy as the law takes effect among member countries. Generally, these are activities that flare the bearish run across the market.

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

Only a few stablecoins have shown resilience in the intensely bearish market of today. It’s, therefore, critical that investors start looking at some other ways to hedge their gains. Expanding your portfolio to include promising presale coins could be a good idea. In today’s list of best crypto to buy now, we’ve identified the best-performing presale coins that investors can look into for future profit. Some of these coins have done excellently and are gearing up to launch soon. Others, however, are still pushing for presale funding and showing immense progress. Come with us as we highlight some of the best cryptos to watch in the coming days. 

1. Deelance  DLANCE

Deelance crossed a new milestone when its presale funds reached $1.3 million. Following the achievement, a new wave of presale enthusiasts swarm the platform to bag some of the coins before it goes on sale. DLANCE is becoming an investor’s delight because of the position occupies in the freelancing industry. 

Many freelancers have become dissatisfied with the current scheme of things. In particular, the commission levied against users takes a large chunk of freelancers’ rewards. And that’s after employers have had their share of charges for using the platform. Hendy, the rising cost of freelancing is gradually stifling the industry to death. 

Deelance is stepping in with an innovative platform built on the blockchain. It aims to decentralize the freelancing market and put the power in the hands of the users. Invariably, the force of demand and supply would determine freelancers’ earnings. Compared to the high-handed standards set by traditional freelancing platforms. 

If the project pulls through, it’s going to be an immediate disruption of the multibillion-dollar industry and may see Deelance worth billions of dollars in no time. The platform also integrates the NFTs initiative into the platform as a way to secure ownership of projects. 

At present, DLANCE is still in its presale for 0.038. The price will go up soon after 13 days. With the team pushing for visibility and a growing community forming around the coin, the coin will likely attain its projected launch price earlier than anticipated. Now might be the best time to join the trend and add some DANCE to your portfolio, especially as we’re seeing downward trends in the prices of major cryptos and altcoins. Is DLANCE the best crypto to buy now? find out more from the DLANCE presale


ChitCAT, a new meme coin that launched on the 12th of May, has been on the rise consistently for the past 30 days. The coin has progressively given its investors over 310% returns since its launch. What’s unique about the coin is its penetration into the Chinese market. Reports on its Twitter handle highlight the activities of some of its holders. 


In summary, ChitCat is not just a meme coin. It’s a crypto that blends memes with utility. It’s a decentralized messaging app that seeks to bring social media into the blockchain environment. The app uses the IBC protocol to provide a secure communications interface between blockchain users. With the ChitCAT blockchain address holders can interact via notification push. However, there are plans to initiate additional communication media including video calls, calls, and others. The aim is to create an opportunity to overhaul the concept of user privacy and allow people to interact without the fear of having their privacy compromised by mainstream service providers. 

While the coin might be new and enjoying a price rally due to its initial momentum, its value proposition has positioned it for a resilient price potential in the future. With more iterations of its model and wider adoption of blockchain technology, the coin may see improving price performance. Coins like CHIT CHAT may be viable crypto to hedge the bearish run that ravaged the crypto market in the past 30 days. 

While ChitCAT may not hold the potential for the multiple thousands returns of BTC investors may be able to de-risk their asset by looking into this while it’s still climbing the value ladder. However, it’s critical to observe that meme coins are relatively unstable. Therefore, investors should approach CHITCAT with immense caution. 

3. Launchpad XYZ – LPX 

Launchpad XYZ came to the limelight as a platform that’s poised to become the one-stop interface for a range of web3 functions. It’s aimed at onboarding over 10 million users from its trading, metaverse, DeFi, Trading, and P2E gaming platforms. What started as an overly ambitious project is gradually gathering steam as its presale glides on. The platform has raised over $950k in its presale efforts and the number continues to grow exponentially. 

Unlike the meme coin wave we’re witnessing, LPX has tied the value of its coin to the services within the Launchpad ecosystem. Therefore, the rate of growth and adoption of the platform directly influences the value of the coin. At the moment, One of the advantages is its databases of curated cryptocurrency and NFTs opportunities. This feature provides crypto information and education to Launchpad users, which will help them take in considerable profit from the crypto market. 

The potential of LPX will take off when the company finally makes its trading tools mainstream. Having set a goal to make Web 3 more accessible, it’s only a matter of time before LPX becomes one of the most recognized currencies on the Internet. Part of its core features is the integration of trading platforms for Beginners. 

For beginner traders, this may be the best crypto to buy now. The integrated trading interface levels the playing ground and helps inexperienced traders take advantage of budding opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. Other selling points include the NFT integration and the play-to-earn gaming arena where users play high-quality metaverse games and get rewarded for doing so. With the price still at $0.0445, now may be the best time to buy the LPX as prices are going to enter $0.01 very soon. Visit Launchpad XYZ presale

4. ApeCoin In APE

Is ApeCoin dead? This is one question many APE holders continue to ask as the bears continue to have the upper hand against the coin. Surprisingly, APE has been on a protracted downward spiral that seems to have no end in sight. However, we’ve decided to include APE on our list of the best crypto to buy now for certain reasons. First, we might be In the wake of another meme coin bull run as we’re seeing new meme coins gaining traction in the market against the backdrop of gloom that spreads across the crypto market.


A closer look at the coin would show that the price has hovered around the $3 mark for months. However, it spiked up to the $7 mark in November of 2022 only to fall back to $2.9 the following month. In the 30 days, Ape has lost over 18% of its value, and the loss has triggered a momentary bearish pattern that persisted through most of the month. The pressure of the bears quickly eroded the gains of the month. Consequently, it has continued trading below its exponential moving average. Nonetheless, with the price moving away from its 200-day exponential moving average, it might be a signal that a short-term pullback will occur any time from now. 

Even though APE is down below its $3 support there’s a likelihood that the coin begins to see some recovery in the coming days. A short at this time might be a risk. However, traders should keep an eye open for the MACD curve as it intersects with the EMA. Possibly, there might be a bullish run and with that, APE might become one of the best cryptos to buy now. However, it’s critical to note that the chances of APE recovering are exclusively in the hands of the market as the activity surrounding the APE community has dwindled dramatically. 

5. AiDoge AI

AiDoge goes on exchanges in another 9 days. The AI hybrid project set out to revolutionize how meme lovers create and interact with memes. The project, which recently accomplished $14 million in its presale, is gearing up for what might be an eventful crypto launch in the meme coin category. While most meme coins depend on the market demand to drive their value and price, AiDoge is gradually integrating utility into its coin. The value it builds into its network would deter the regular churn that’s prevalent in the meme coin category. It’s built into the network to allow users to stake AI for passive revenue. Voting is also a new addition to the platform to create utility for AI within the network. 

At the moment AI sells at $0.00336. Invariably, the coin is quite underpriced, compared to other coins of similar utility. When it hits the market we may experience a jump in value. Possibly, the value may turn over in multiple folds. 

AiDoge launch date is set for the 19th of this month and it still invites investors to join the platform and own a piece of what may become one of the most valuable meme coins in the coming days. AiDoge is not just gearing up to disrupt the meme coin community, it’s working hard to emerge as the next trending meme coin on the chart. It continues growing its community of raving fans which has expanded to over 36k on Twitter alone. Now may be the best time to hop on board. Visit AiDoge presale.

6. Litecoin LTC 

Litecoin is down by 11% as of this morning. However, the price may not continue on a downward trend as the network expects the coin to halve in another 51 days. Litecoin is one of the few coins that enjoying a consistent upward trend all year long. However, the case took a turn earlier in the week as the market braced for the coin halving. Bitcoin price often drops leading to the succeeding bullish rally. 

LiteCoin (5)

Litecoin came into the limelight for its ability to provide fast and secured payment via blockchain technology. Even though it uses the same underlying protocol as Bitcoin, it follows a different hashing algorithm. It used its advantage of lower transaction fees to penetrate the crypto market. However, the trend is receiving immense threat as growing beard pressure forces the coin to hand back the gains it amassed over the years. 

Even Though price actions in the past may not be enough to decide the future price of a coin, looking into history would give an idea of what’s coming in the future. In LTC halving of 2019 brought about an increase of 300% in the value. Likewise, the halving of 2021 gave an increase of 1300% to LTC holders. Similarly, all cases of halving have seen a preceding bull run. As the bear run continues to mount pressure on coins across the board, now might be the time to hedge your risk with LTC as it braces up for the coming days. 

Looking into the future of Litecoin, bitcoin has provided extensive utility within its framework and model. Besides Bitcoin, it’s the second most widely used pure crypto. It has enjoyed wide acceptance since its inception. Therefore, investors should keep an eye on the coin as a rebound will likely push its price to a new all-time high. 

7. Avalanche AVAX

Will Avalanche become the best crypto to buy now? The future of coins often looks bleak, especially when they are on a protracted downward trend as exemplified by AVAX. In the last 24 hours, AVAX has lost almost 20% of its value bringing its price to $11. Even Though it has taken so much hit from the bear movement, it remains at an overall gain of 114% in its lifetime making it one of the coins in recent times to retain its gains. However, will the recent downturn drain all the value of AVAX? Looking at its performance throughout the month one would see that AVAX 

Avalanche provides a platform for the development of dAPP. It also gives room to the development of blockchain networks. Originally, it launched as an alternative to the Ethereum platform. However, it has carved out a niche for itself in the cryptocurrency market and gained immense influence through several use cases and the integration of various protocols to scale the utility of its platform. As an improvement on Ethereum, Avalanche launched, intending to output up to 6500 transactions per second while still preserving its optimal performance and scalability.  

The platform has continued iterating its model by including use cases of its platform and integrating more interfaces to increase its use cases. An example is the recent Arcad3 program, which helps traditional game developers transition into the metaverse and web3. The innovation would likely cause a rise in the demand for the platform. If that happens, it may spike the price of AVAX in the coming days. At the moment, the price is still on a downward trend. However,  it should be the case as the overall sentiment of the crypto market remains bearish. Nonetheless, investors should keep an eye open for AVAX as it is possible to see the price picking up soon. 

8. Unus Sed Leo LEO

Bitfinex exchange created Unus Sed Leo as a way to reimburse platform users. It utilizes a buyback program that ensures the stability and increasing value of the crypto. Lately, LEO started showing positive movement, despite the massive drop across the coin market. However, this is not the first time LEO is performing exceptionally well in the market. It has shown consistent growth over its lifetime. 

Unus sed leo

Looking at its technical indicators, LEO’’s price started consolidating between the $3.4  and $3.6 price points in recent times. Its EMA has shown its outperforming other altcoins in the market, and over the past 24 hours, it has shown several bullish signals, indicating that the coin may be one to watch. Whether it is the best crypto to buy now still depends on how it performs in the coming days. Likewise, the improved utility Bitfinex brings to the coin would influence its value. However, in the past 24 hours, it has done exceptionally well. Investors should keep a close eye on LEO. A look at its 9-day and 200-day ema demonstrates that a bullish run is forming around LEO, and it may result in a protracted upward price movement.

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