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Best Crypto to Buy Now June 9 – Ecoterra, Solana, Injective

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Since our updates on the best crypto to buy now yesterday, the crypto market has continued to remain unstable. It is coming due to the influences from government agencies and the bearish market. SEC continues to list various cryptocurrencies as securities in its suit against Binance. 

The global crypto market cap is down by 0.19% to $1.11T in the last 24 hours. Crypto market value also dropped by 19.78% to assume a $25.06B. DeFi has fallen to 6.8% of the total crypto market with a value of $1.71B, about 1% lesser than its value yesterday.

In the news, Solana got thrown out of Robinhood after SEC named it an asset. SOL holders on Robinhood have a short time to move their coins, or the platform threatens to sell off at market value and put the earnings in their buying power. We’ll shed more light on this later. In other news, bitcoin is yet to find its way to the gainers’ list. Early in the week, we saw BTC showing signs of recovery until it returned to its downward trend. 

Best Crypto to Buy Now 

As market trends continue unfavorably on recent events, investors are scrambling for measures that would hedge their risks. One of many options inventors are looking into includes investing in presale cons. Luckily, we’re seeing huge performance among presale coins in recent times. The most popular is among the meme coins with some rising by 3000% when they hit the market. More recent ones include the likes of Ecoterra, which raised over $ 2.2 million in six presale stages Others include Wall Streets Meme and Launched XYZ. Come with us as we journey through today’s list of the best crypto to buy now. We would highlight some resilient cryptocurrencies and make suggestions on best-performing presales you can quickly scoop up before they eventually hit the market.

1. yPredict YPRED

yPredict, the popular AI-backed crypto innovation, continues to gain ground in its presale launch efforts. Surprisingly, it crossed the $2 million mile a few weeks back. Without relenting, it’s on its way to another million-dollar achievement. Currently, the coins sell at $0.07, which accounts for the reason investors are swarming to own some. Considering that it’s a potential disruptor in the crypto trading sector. 

To put it in context, yPredict is an AI-backed analytics tool that offers crypto analytics and other complex data-related analysis. It is believed that the tool would help users optimize their decision-making process through valuable insights and predictive capabilities. 

It does this by providing information about the approximate long and short-term prices of Crypto coins and assets. Being an AI tool, it makes predictions as to whether a coin will become a top gainer, top performer, or the best crypto coin to buy now. 

One feature that sets the project apart from other AI innovations in its category is that it’s built on the layer 2 Polygon network. What this means is that it enjoys faster speed and cheaper fees. Also, it’s packed with more features and functions. For example, it offers chart trading capabilities that are not present in comparative projects. 

Surprisingly, thousands of people already joined the presale list with the price still set at $0.09. In about xyz days, the price will rise to xzy. For investors who are interested in presale coins, now may be the best time to pick up some YPRED as the coin is witnessing growing popularity. The coin equally offers dual value. First, as an investor, you have access to a sophisticated platform packed with investment insights. Two, you own a crypto asset that might explode in value over the coming months or years. Visit yPredict presale

2. Solana SOL

Solana is up by 2%. The hybrid platform that blends blockchain and cryptocurrency has been on a downward spiral since the opening of the year and has continued unabated until recently. The price recovery we saw in the past 7 days may be an indication that there is hope for the falling coin. Some have predicted that Solana would climb to $50 this year. However, the price rose briefly, and Contrary to popular expectations, it lost 52% of its value in the past 180 days. With intensifying competition from other hybrid platforms, Solana is finding it difficult to recover its lost value and investors are turning to more promising projects. 


However, the price drop is not outrightly negative as the Solana dip may have made it one of the best coins to buy now. Despite the SEC naming Solana as crypto security in its charge against Binance, it continued to gain grounds. However, some pessimists speculate that the coin may be headed for a downward trend in the coming future. Against this speculation, it may be time for savvy investors to scoop up a dip purchase in the coming days as the price of Solana. The public seems to share a different sentiment from what SEC has signaled. 


In the news, Robinhood has decided to delist Solana amid the ongoing Binance-SEC tussle. The platform has issued an ultimatum to its users to either sell or move their coins. It threatened to sell the SOL at the market price if users do not comply with the decision. Therefore, there might be an impending bigger dip for the SOL in the coming days. IT price movement might come from an influx of SOL from the selling pressure, which may force down the price. Invariably, SOL is one of the best coins to watch right now. Buy SOL on eToro.

3. Wall Street Memes WSM

Wall Street Memes WSM raises $5 million despite the bearish market. Generally, the overall performance of meme coins has not been encouraging in the past weeks. The best-performing meme coins experienced massive downward price movement in the recent bearish run. What’s thrilling, however, is that some meme presales saw an upsurge in purchases during the downturn. Some analysts believe that investors are moving towards de-risking their portfolios amid uncertainties. 

Furthermore, Wall Street Memes raised nearly 60% of the $5 million in less than one week. The feat signals a strong potential for meme coin. No doubt that Wall Street Memes is one of the top presale coins to watch. 

As a matter of fact, Wall Street Memes was created to disrupt the meme coin world. The coin is creating a community of meme coin lovers who wish to challenge the long-standing powers of institutional investors. The idealogy has given rise to a meme coin named the Wall Street Memes, WSM. The dissatisfaction of retail investors with the status quo has made the WSM presale enjoy massive success in a very short time. It went on presale in May and raised over 100k within minutes of kick-off. On average the presale coin has reached over 200k daily since it launched.  

Without a doubt, this is a disruptive meme coin that will likely unseat Pepe coin to become the top meme coin on the market. Considering that in its marketing message, it gives voice to outliers and lauds the biases of meme coins lovers. Furthermore, WSM has the greenlight of the popular subreddit community, Wall Street Bets. This a community disruptor who believes anything that put the power of wealth in the hands of the people should be supported. With such massive backing, it’s likely we witness another thousand percent gain in price at launch. 

Currently, WSM sells at 0.28, which is perhaps very much discounted, given the popularity it has gained so far. Presale investors might want to hop aboard the presale to benefit from its already established fan base. Visit Wall Street Memes presale 

4. Render Token RNDR 

Render Network has been in public eyes lately over the part it’s playing in revolutionizing CGI through its GPU network.  First, for the role it played at the Apple event and then for its sudden price drop. Regarding the sudden price drop, we saw the price movie from $2.71 to $2.21. While this may come as a surprise, what’s even more surprising is the fact that the price drop took place after Apple announced its VR headset. 

Rumors making rounds in the past suggest that the Renders GPU network would be a part of Apple’s VR headset ecosystem. However, rather than this product launch boosting the price, the price rather took a downturn. Nonetheless, the development may not be enough to push Render Token off the list of the best crypto to buy now. One reason is that the network is properly positioned to take advantage of the multibillion-dollar imagery industry. What’s more, is that it leverages AI technology in delivering its services. 

Render Token 2

Rumors making rounds in the past suggest that the Renders GPU network would be a part of Apple’s VR headset ecosystem. However, rather than this product launch boosting the price, the price rather took a downturn. Nonetheless, the development may not be enough to push Render Token off the list of the best crypto to buy now. One reason is that the network is properly positioned to take advantage of the multibillion-dollar imagery industry. What’s more, is that it leverages AI technology in delivering its services. 

Over the last 24 hours, the price of the token has gained an average of 3% increase and chances are that this price would continue over the coming days. With the rising battle for GPU space between top companies, the demand for platforms like Render Network may begin to skyrocket. In the meantime, RNDR holders may have to hedge their risk with other small-cap coins or presales as the price may not see significant improvement. 

However, in the coming weeks, chances are that the coin would grow in leaps. Fields like architecture, fabrication,  gaming, metaverse development, etc would be on the lookout for the network to begin operating at scale. Likewise, we may see demands for Render Network from fields like medicine and surgery.

5. Pepe PEPE 

PEPE which is recognized as one of the most popular meme coins saw a sharp decline in its value in the early days of June. Surprisingly, it has continued on a downward trend for most of the month only showing spikes and burs in its price in several days 

However, the coin may be seeing recovery over the coming days as much price money points towards a bullish run. In the days it’s pushed against its resistance in what may become a break above it in the coming months. 


While some analysts are assuming it’s too late to buy PEPE, there are clear signs that PEPE prices are still at their most discounted prices as an upsurge in the Meme coin price would set the price on an upwards trend. The only caveat with PEPE is the fact that it is a meme coin with no specific utility. Therefore the pressure from the bulls and bears continues to inflict consistent price moments on the coin. Notwithstanding with th

6. Ecoterra ECOTERRA

The popular Recycle2Earn project, Ecoterra has raised $4.9 million in 8 presale stages. The price is soaring fast toward the listing price of $0.01. Ecoterra is the widely publicized crypto project focused on rewarding the public for embracing environmentally friendly habits. Currently, one of the prevalent problems facing our world is how to manage solid waste. Countries spend billions of dollars managing textile and electronics waste. 

Ordinarily, the bulk of the funds could go towards other initiatives and projects if there are established recycling processes in various countries. Ecoterra believes that people would naturally embrace eco-friendly habits if recycling systems are created, and incentives are provided to back them up. In that regard, Ecoterra came up with a wide range of initiatives that ensure that users across its network rethink their approach to solid waste disposals and tend towards recycling. 

Besides using ECOTERRA as a reward to participants in the network, Ecoterra also intends to use it as payment for tickets to access events it will hold in the future. With such extensive utility for the coin within its network, the coin may see a massive rise in its value when it finally goes on sale. This project may fuel the growing interest in sustainable environments. 

Nonetheless, the only question that needs to be answered is how Ecoterra intends to achieve its aim on a global scale. However, with the support of a raving community, it may dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our world and bring about a reduction in the solid waste introduced into our environment. At the moment, ECOTERRA still goes for $0.0925 in 19 days, that price will jump to $0.01 which is the listing price of the coin. Presale investors should consider getting in on this before it goes on the market. Visit Ecoterra presale

7. XDC Network XDC 

XDC has enjoyed a sharp increase in price at the start of the month. However, the crypto suffer a sharp decline a few days ago. The network competes with growing alternatives which has continued to dilute its dominance in the business and finance solution. However, as of this morning, the coin continued the upward trend it started about three days ago and has not shown any sign of decline. 

XDC Network

XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain that seeks to integrate blockchain technology into traditional business and finance. It uses the XDC as the native token of the networks.  outset, the coin enjoyed a massive embrace from key Crypto investors, which sent its value up by almost 1000%. But XDC took a downturn like every other coin in its category with the rise of negative sentiments. One of the reasons for the sentiment stems from the issues of bankruptcy that herald the financial market and crypto whales profiting from the fall. 

Furthermore, XDC is increasing its influence in the coin market by expanding its participation in the global market. Its recent partnership with the Japanese firm SBi as a way of gaining entrance into the Japanese market is telling gon its price. More moves like this will secure the place of the coin in the upward trend. Investors should keep an eye on the coin as it is on its way to becoming one of the best crypto buy now. 

8. Injective INJ 

INjective reached 3% gains today after a protracted downward trend that shaved 12$ off its value in the last 7 days. The project is a layer 2 Blockchain innovation that allows coin holders to execute smart contracts within or across decentralized applications. It is regarded as the pioneering platform for the transfer of crypto assets and data across chains. The utility of Injective is still in its early stages. As DeFi becomes mainstream, products like injective are likely to gain ground. Interestingly, INJ is the native token, or the platform and the coin has enjoyed growth in value as the platform continues to see more use cases. 

immutable (1)

After its recent partnership with Polygone, the price went up a few percent. The partnership is set to enable DeFi composability on the polygon network. With this, there is going to be a surge in liquidity, and collaboration, and both chains would earn increased value from the collaboration. In the coming months, we may be seeing growing use cases between the MATIC and the INJ cross-chain initiative. However, the expectation is gravely threatened by the activity of the sec against the polygon. Notwithstanding, it has not stopped the growth in the price of INJ, which has reached up to 3% in the last 24 hours and might continue to grow as indicators suggest. 

However, the only downside to the purchase of Injective at the moment is the potential deflation in price that might ensue from the prospect of the 100th $INJ burn coming any moment next week. The development may cause intense movement in the price of INJ in the coming week. Investors looking into tINJ may want to keep an eye open for the event. Overall, the strides of Injective in the DeFi and cross-chain innovation are positioning the coin for a potential gain in the future. It may be the best time to get in on the coin or keep an eye on it as it is one of the best ones to buy now. 

9. Immutable IMX 

With a current price of $0.74, it would be difficult to believe that the IMX has once attained an all-time high price of $9.5. Immutable is built as a layer to solution to increase the scalability of Ethereum. The project was used extensively in NFT projects and Metaverse projects. The early adoption of the project sent its price through the roof, bringing its value to $9.5. Unfortunately, the coin market crash of 2021/2022 shaved off a huge chunk of its gain. Likewise, the entry of more layer 2 and metaverse solutions into the market continues to force down the price of IMX.

Nonetheless, over the past 30 days, IMX has continued to mount pressure on its resistance as it pushes for more gains. In the last 24 hours, Immutable is the only layer 2 blockchain project that entered the gainer list as most layer two projects also lost ground in response to the SEC’s crackdown. However Immutable is cashing in on the majority of the growth as its percentage growth in 24 hours far outperforms other key players in the category. 

Immutable price gains may not be consistent over the coming days. However. With the increasing launch of metaverse-compliant gaming hardware, it is possible to see a better performance of the cryptocurrency in the coming days. While some crypto analysts may believe that layer 2 coins will continue to experience a decline. 

Off-chain metrics seem to state otherwise. The major observation is that organizations are investing heavily in AI and AR innovations. Immutable is properly positioned to earn from the rise in Virtual Reality as it is a key scrolling platform for Ethereum in the space. Therefore, it may be one of the best crypto to buy. Nonetheless, investors looking into Immutable should be conscious of the fact that the price may continue to fluctuate over the coming days or weeks. Buy Immutable on eToro

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