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Best Crypto to Buy Now in October – Presales

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Last year, cryptocurrency presales exploded in popularity, as they offered eager investors a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of promising new ventures before they were launched. Presales are high-risk but can pay out huge if the project becomes successful and is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Following an overview of the variables to consider when looking for crypto presales with high value potential, stick around to the end of this article as we will explore 8 crypto presales you cannot afford to miss out in 2022.


We included Tamadoge (TAMA) in our list of the best cryptocurrencies to purchase because it is one of the newest coins available.

After launching in the crypto world at the end of July 2022, TAMA has already made waves. The token’s presale was completely sold out in just eight weeks, and its ICO on OKX was a huge success.

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What, therefore, distinguishes this token as 2022’s top pre-sale crypto currency? Although it takes its cue from the viral ‘Dogecoin’ token, Tamadoge is more than just a Memecoin because it has real-world applications.

The Tamadoge team is creating a P2E game as well as integrating into the Metaverse. Tamadoge pets, the platform’s native NFT collection, will be available in the game.

Tamadoge NFTs may be created by investors, who can then use them to engage in breeding, training, and battling in the Tamaverse. By taking part in the game, players may earn points, with the highest scorers receiving prizes. It is one reason why Tamadoge became the most trending NFT on Opensea today.

Tamadoge’s TAMA token is the primary means of exchange and payment within this system. In-game items, fresh NFTs, and other transactions may all be purchased using this currency.

Tamadoge has long-term ambitions to develop the platform further, enabling augmented reality applications. Because of this, gamers will be able to communicate with one another in the Metaverse.

We have also chosen TAMA our best penny crypto of 2022, and while the presale period has ended, TAMA tokens may be purchased on many exchanges with more on the way.

With a current market price of roughly $0.09, the token is trading at a 300% premium over its original list price and a 900% premium over its initial coin offering price of $0.01.

Next listing dates for TAMA are October 5 on LBank and MEXC, and a listing request has been sent to Binance. As the NFT pets are also set to release shortly, market experts anticipate further growth in the near future.

Anyone considering funding the initiative should subscribe to the Tamadoge Twitter and Telegram channels.

OKX, which offers both a centralized and decentralized exchange, has added the venture to its list of available investments.

Tamadoge NFTs


Less than $600,000 remains to be raised for the MetaBlaze presale to hit its hard cap of $4 million.

MetaBlaze NFT Game


This is merely 10% of the total 420 billion MBLZ tokens that will ever be created, as the token will be used primarily as in-game money in the MetaBlaze universe rather than as an investment vehicle.

But it doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in other ways. Two upcoming MetaBlaze games, as well as the governance token MBLZ for the MetaBlaze DAO, will both rely heavily on MBLZ.

According to the tokenomics, 18% of the token supply will be burnt at launch, with a further 30% burned at a later date.

The coin is used to purchase upgrades to mining rigs that will provide rewards in the MetaMinez mini-game, a strategic, time-limited game. You can increase your chances of winning tokens by risking more of them. The flagship RPG, which is now in early production, will use it for in-game consumables and other purposes.

MetaBlaze is unprecedented in that it will compensate users with other tokens, creating the first revolving rewards pool from which users may earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

NFT MetaGoblins, an integral aspect of the project’s world that serves as a rewards multiplier in MetaMinez, will be released on OpenSea on October 15.

CertiK, an industry leader in blockchain security, conducted an audit of the smart contract and validated the identities of the MetaBlaze team members included in the doxxed whitepaper.

When the presale is over, MBLZ will have its IEO on PancakeSwap at a list price of $0.0002. You can check out the future forecast for this P2E crypto in our MetaBlaze price prediction guide.

The MetaBlaze Whitepaper provides further details, and investors with an interest in the project can sign up for the associated Telegram group to stay abreast of developments.

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The initial stage of IMPT’s token sale has just begun, making it a relatively recent cryptocurrency presale.


The initiative is headed by a doxxed team of experts from a wide range of big corporations in the fields of commerce and telecommunications, and it aims to combat one of the most important issues of today’s times: global warming.

In contrast to many other cryptocurrency startups, IMPT is working to address a real-world problem by raising awareness about, and ultimately encouraging mitigation of, people’s and organizations’ carbon footprints.

The company has joined together with thousands of retailers in an effort to supply carbon credits and alleviate the issue. Investors agree that IMPT is the most promising cryptocurrency available today.

They may be purchased or obtained through other means, and once they are collected, they can be put toward funding a wide range of green causes and initiatives.

The credits can be purchased, traded, or kept, and when they are retired, their owners will get one-of-a-kind NFTs.

To further incentivize people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints, IMPT will provide a worldwide score based on the number of tokens that have been retired.

Tokens will be auctioned in Phase 1 of the presale at a price of $0.018 apiece, with every $100 investing in 5,555 tokens. The presale will expire on November 25 or when all 600,000,000 tokens are sold.

Additional 1.2 billion tokens will be distributed over two further rounds, with the price increasing to $0.023 and then $0.028.

Since climate change is one of the most serious challenges of our day, and since investing in cryptocurrency during a presale is a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on the bear market’s value, IMPT is now one of the greatest cryptocurrencies to purchase.

Join the Telegram channel and read the IMPT whitepaper for more details.

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Another of the best cryptos to buy now within the P2E industry is up-and-coming battle card game Calvaria. The native token $RIA for this project is now on stage one of its presale.


Despite the fact that there are hundreds of crypto gaming ventures, the vast majority have been unable to break into the traditional gaming business. Traditional gamers without a high level of technological expertise are turned off by the complexity of their blockchain and crypto integrations. Calvaria distinguishes apart from the rest of the gaming industry because to its user-friendliness and compelling gameplay.

This game is perfect for both old-school and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The game’s free-to-play version is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, so anybody can try out the gameplay and see whether they like it. However, in the play-to-earn variant, your gaming expertise might really be turned into cash.

You may start playing right now without downloading any wallets or spending any money. Instead of coercing you into spending real money on crypto tokens and NFT in-game assets, Calvaria presents you with alternatives and informs you of the advantages of P2E. And that’s a huge deal. And if you do decide to purchase in-game Calvaria assets, you can rest certain that you will be the sole legal owner of such goods due to their blockchain construction.

According to the Calvaria whitepaper, the game will focus on the afterlife, a topic rarely touched upon in video games or the media. There’s more leeway for innovation and invention. The primary game, Duels of Eternity, is still in its infancy and unavailable to the public. Nonetheless, two demos are available right now to whet your appetite.

Calvaria’s ecosystem is unique because of its gamified staking platform with numerous pools, scholarship system where you can rent your decks, develop a team of players, become a team manager, and in-game shop where you can purchase or sell in-game assets.

KuCoin,,, and other industry giants have all joined forces with the project because of its innovative goals.

There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 $RIA tokens issued, with 300,000,000 reserved for the presale. The tokens will be available at a lower price during the presale period. To put it another way, the earlier you invest, the cheaper it will be.

Calvaria is one of the top new cryptocurrencies to invest in because to its zero vesting policy. Presale purchasers will have access to all of their tokens upon the product’s release.

Stay up-to-date with Calvaria by following the project on Twitter and Telegram. In addition, don’t miss your chance to win $100,000 by entering Gleam’s Calvaria Giveaway.

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EstateX is a new cryptocurrency with the goal of changing the way real estate is bought and sold. In order to fund its real estate investments, the platform will issue security tokens.


This allows investors to earn passive income every day without having to lift a finger to manage their real estate holdings. There has already been a presale of the project’s native coin, $ESX. This is not, however, a public auction.

Instead, participants in the token presale will be selected from a whitelist of accredited investors. The biggest perk is that $ESX tokens are discounted by 50% during the presale.

As a result, those that get in on the ground floor will have the greatest shot at capitalizing on any future appreciation in the value of $ESX.

Within the EstateX ecosystem, $ESX will also serve as a governance token. As an added bonus, presale token holders will get early access to new token releases (NFTs) and other enticing benefits.

Staking services are planned for inclusion on the platform in the near future. In any case, remember that EstateX won’t seek for an EEA license until after the presale closes.

Thus, investors will be incurring a risk by purchasing this coin – as they would with any other cryptocurrency presale.


As new cryptocurrency initiatives emerge, WeSendit stands out as an alternative. WeSendit has been around for almost a decade, so this isn’t some sort of experimental startup.


WeSendit claims to have more than 3.5 million users in over 150 countries. This Swiss startup, which debuted in 2013, offers a secure file-sharing platform.

WeSendit has now released a web 3.0 version of its platform, marking an important milestone on its path to becoming a decentralized service.

As a result, the corporation will be better able to leverage blockchain technology to ensure the secrecy of all its future transactions, data exchanges, and other business operations.

The site has built up a crowd funding mechanism via which its own coin, WeSendit, may be purchased. There will be two methods for customers to use WeSendit’s new website.

To send money, they can either create a PayPal account and sign in with their details, or use a different payment method. In addition, customers may send money discretely by linking their cryptocurrency wallet and paying using WeSendit tokens, which gives them a 60% discount.

WeSendit token holders will receive extra benefits on top of this. On September 1, 2022, the presale of WeSendit tokens will begin.


The rise of Metaverse platforms in general has helped make the LunaOne crypto presale one of the most talked-about events of the year. The goal of this Metaverse project is to create a virtual environment that caters to a wide range of users by combining entertainment, commerce, and instruction. Token holders will have a voice in the future of the project thanks to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will control the globe.


In addition to being compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, LunaOne will also include a number of other fascinating features, such as an in-world streaming platform that pays viewers for their time. With LunaOne, you can host online events and store data in a distributed manner all on the same platform. With the ability to create a unique character, this Web 3.0 currency has the potential to be a frontrunner in the Metaverse.

The native cryptocurrency of the platform, XLN, will be utilized for in-world transactions and as a form of incentive. The Binance Smart Chain provides hosting for this coin, which keeps transaction costs to a minimum throughout the network. There are now over 7,600 people following the official LunaOne project Twitter, so the next crypto presale is sure to be a highlight for the industry.

Final Word

Investors may get in on the ground floor of a promising new crypto project by participating in the presale. They will be able to save money on tokens and receive extra incentives through staking and community prizes.

However, with hundreds of new crypto projects launching every month, it can be difficult to determine which presale offers the highest return on investment.

Anyone still on the hunt for promising cryptocurrency projects may want to consider IMPT, which is designed to aid in the global effort to combat climate change.

After a surge following its IEO, Tamadoge is another promising idea to investigate; with further listings expected soon, it stands to earn much more value.

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