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Best Crypto to Buy Now 2022 – Top 10 Coins to Explode 50x

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy Tamadoge
Buy Tamadoge

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Every investor hopes to identify the best crypto to buy that will take off in 2022. Bitcoin owners have experienced a difficult few months, and it doesn’t seem suitable for them in the future. Not many people are optimistic about this coin, and current expectations are not entirely favourable.

Turn to a much safer model as we discuss the top 10 crypto coins with a high returns rate for 2022 if you want to invest wisely in the future.

The Next Top 10 Cryptos to Explode and Grow 50x in 2022

1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

With the best performance on the market in recent days, TAMA continues to keep the top spot among cryptocurrency coins. An ongoing presale is blowing people’s thoughts since Tamadoge has already raised $9,594,772.33 since it began on July 26. It has to do with how quickly investors keep purchasing TAMA coins.

The best meme coin Play-to-Earn platform is Tamadoge, and purchasing the token during our pre-sale is simple. You can pay with a card directly or use USDT or ETH already in your wallet. You can use the claim page to retrieve your purchased Tamadoge when the public presale is over.

Should I Buy tamadoge

To purchase, click the connect wallet button. It is advised to Trust Wallet. You can also buy Tamadoge from Metamask’s official website by downloading Metamask and buying ETH/USTD, as TAMA can only be brought through Ethereum or Tether. Or, if not, you can buy ETH directly from your credit or debit card on Tamadoge’s official presale page by going in the ‘Buy Now option.

We suggest reading the full whitepaper and roadmap at

Buy Tamadoge on Presale Now

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

A new metaverse based gaming project called Battle Infinity wants to profit from the influx of users and capital into this specialised market. It intends to create and host several games that users can play for rewards in the form of Bitcoins.

The utility cryptocurrency for Battle Infinity is called IBAT, and it is protected on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP-20 token. It was created to serve various purposes, including paying for gaming assets and rewarding players.

Should I BUY the IBAT Token

Due to its enormous popularity, IBAT, Battle Infinity’s native token, has recently been trending on Dextools. The community was tremendously eager for the project to debut after the IBAT presale raised 16,500 BNB and was completely sold out in just 25 days.

Despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market, the Battle Infinity price has been doing well. According to a survey by Dapp Radar, some of the most resilient games amid the market downturn have been blockchain-based games.

IBAT Statistics

Battle Infinity is trading for USD 0.0052 with a USD 528,017 twenty-four-hour trading volume. We continuously update our IBAT to USD price.

In the past 24 hours, Battle Infinity has increased by 2.79 per cent. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3087. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion IBAT coins.

Buy IBAT Token Now

3. PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap, a Defi application, is an AMM (automated market maker) that aids users in trading tokens and leasing out liquidity in exchange for commissions. Pancakeswap has a sizable user base and a substantial daily trade volume.

Pancakeswap, built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), became well-known for having a much lower transaction fee than Ethereum-based platforms. Due to its original asset, CAKE, being speedier and more liquid than other tokens, it has significant growth potential.

Pancakeswap Buy Crypto

It offers high staking yields and passive solid income possibilities, which have recently improved due to a recent shift in tokenomics. Pancakeswap will undoubtedly be one of the first platforms new users rely on when exploring DeFi and the ecosystem. It might be an excellent investment for substantial gains in this speculative market.

CAKE Statistics

With a USD 67 million trading volume over the day, the current live PancakeSwap price is USD 3.94. In the past 24 hours, PancakeSwap has decreased by 0.19%. With a market cap of 542 million USD, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is 71. It has a maximum quantity of 750 million CAKE coins and a circulation of 137 million CAKE coins.

Buy CAKE Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

4. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

The best platform for non-fungible token competitions is Lucky Block LBLOCK V2. Since it was started at the beginning of the year, the Lucky Block project has been working to achieve its objectives. Its marketing plan calls for listing on a number of the leading controlled and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and (CEXs).

Lucky Block

Early this year, the Lucky Block project began trying to accomplish its goals. Listing on powerful centralised and decentralised trading platforms brought it to public attention (CEXs and DTCs, respectively). The exchange will introduce Lucky Block after being listed on PancakeSwap, LBank, and MEXC Global.

LBLOCK Statistics

The current Lucky Block (V1) price is USD 0.000403 with a USD 71,464.23 twenty-four-hour trading volume. Our LBLOCK to USD pricing is constantly updated. Lucky Block (V1) has increased by 2.15% in the past day.

With a market cap of not available, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3939. There is a maximum supply of 1 trillion LBLOCK coins.

If you wish to invest in LBLOCK, Open a MetaMask or Trust Wallet and fund it with BNB >Connect to PancakeSwap>Specify LBLOCK Contract Address> Confirm Investment> Transfer LBLOCK to Crypto Wallet.

Buy Lucky Block Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

5. Terra (LUNA)

A public blockchain technology called Terra (LUNA) was developed from Terra Classic. The algorithmic stablecoin TerraClassicUSD resides on Terra Classic (UST).

LUNC token collateralised UST, as it is now known, fell in a bank run in May 2022. Terra Classic and Terra were created due to the devaluation of LUNA to almost nothing.

Should I invest in Luna coin

The new LUNA token will be traded on several centralised exchanges, including Bitrue, Huobi, Bitfinex, KuCoin, FTX,, Bybit, and LBank. Many more are anticipated to come soon.

LUNA Statistics

With a USD 117 million trading volume over the past 24 hours, the current live price of Terra is USD 1.70.

Our LUNA to the USD exchange rate is constantly updated. In the past 24 hours, Terra has increased by 1.23%. With a market cap of $216 million, CoinMarketCap now ranks #229. There are 127 million LUNA coins in circulation.

Buy LUNA Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

6. Chiliz (CHZ)

The leading cryptocurrency for entertainment and sports is called Chilli, created by a FinTech business venture based in Malta. It operates the blockchain-based Socios sports entertainment platform, which enables users to participate in the management of the sports teams they want.

CHZ Crypto’s numerous fan tokens are an illustration of that. Fan tokens give athletic clubs and organisations a means to interact with their supporters and open up new revenue streams.

CHZ Statistics

With a twenty-four-hour trading volume of USD 536 million, the current live Chiliz price is USD 0.209. We continuously update our CHZ to the USD exchange rate.

In the past 24 hours, Chiliz has increased by 0.25 per cent. With a market cap of 1.2 billion USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks 41. It has a maximum quantity of 8.88 billion CHZ coins and a circulating circulation of 6 billion CHZ coins.

Buy CHZ Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

7. Zilliqaqua (ZIL)

Zilliqa is a public, permissionless blockchain that can process thousands of transactions per second and is intended to provide high throughput. It uses sharding as a second-layer scaling approach to address the problem of blockchain scalability and speed. The platform hosts many decentralised applications and will include yield farming and staking starting in October 2020.

Scalability is one problem that most blockchain networks experience. They are all perfect at quickly carrying out a modest number of transactions. When that amount exceeds a predetermined level, the network’s performance declines.

should I buy Ziliqa

By adopting sharding technology, Zilliqa is attempting to address that problem. In essence, it enables blockchain to process transactions and intelligent contracts concurrently rather than simultaneously, greatly accelerating throughput and removing bottlenecks. Developers of Zilliqa have developed their programming language called Scilla to accomplish this. Thanks to it, they could run numerous concurrent processes on a single blockchain.

ZIL Statistics

With a 24-hour trading volume of 105 million USD, the current live Zilliqa price is USD 0.036. In the past 24 hours, Zilliqa has increased by 1.94%. With a live market cap of $478 million USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks #77. A maximum of 13 billion ZIL coins are in circulation.

Buy ZIL Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

8. Avalanche (AVAX)

Decentralised applications and private blockchain networks are built on top of Avalanche. AVAX, an Ethereum rival, aims to unseat Ethereum as the most widely used blockchain for smart contracts. It aims to accomplish this by having a higher transaction output of up to 6k transactions per second without sacrificing scalability.

The bullish surge is waning at the halfway point of the day, and as a result, sellers are moving in. However, it doesn’t seem like the bearish movements are powerful enough. Retracement of the downtrend zone along the RSI line is 48 per cent. There is a chance that the market will continue to retrace an upper position because those bearish moves are not very severe.

AVAX Statistics

Avalanche‘s current live price is USD 19.79, and its twenty-four-hour trading volume is USD 502 million. We continuously update our AVAX to the USD exchange raOn. On the previous day, Avalanche lost 1.93% of its value. With a market cap of 5.8 billion USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks 16th. It has a maximum supply of 720 million AVAX tokens and a circulating supply of 294 million AVAX coins.

Buy AVAX Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

9. Gala (GALA)

One of the most talked-about cryptocurrency projects currently in the crypto market is GALA. There are numerous games, like Walking Dead Empire, Fortitude, GRIT, and many others. Players who own NFT have a say in how the Gala ecosystem is run. 156684 people presently hold the GALA token. The asset currently has a 3555% ROI and has room for significant future expansion. Many analysts anticipate a significant increase in the coming years.

By year’s end, the price of GALA might increase by a factor of two, reaching $0.10. We might anticipate a potential GALA high of 0.27 USD in 2023, nearly three times its current level, if macro variables like inflation and the Ukraine crisis pass.

eToro is the leading cryptocurrency exchange for trading in Gala stock if you want to purchase Gala at the current price.

GALA Statistics

The current Gala price is USD 0.051 with a 159 million USD twenty-four-hour trading volume. We continuously update our GALA to the USD exchange rate. In the past 24 hours, the Gala has decreased by 1.79%. With a market cap of $357 million, CoinMarketCap now ranks #92. There are 6.9 billion GALA coins in circulation.

Buy GALA Now

Your Capital is at Risk.


MOBOX provides an extensive array of NFT development solutions. They comprise a marketplace, a game creator, and an NFT creator. Then, using the game creator to give it context and backstory, producers can develop an NFT that users can buy, sell, rent, or lend. The P2E model underlies the entire system and enables consumers and artists to profit from their work. The platform’s native token, MBOX, is used for all transactions.

By supporting independent producers, platforms like MOBOX are doing a tremendous job of democratising and diversifying the gaming sector. Whether this strategy will be profitable for MBOX investors remains to be seen, but things are going well.

MBOX tokens are available for purchase on Huobi, Binance and other platforms.

MBOX Statistics

With a 12-hour trading volume of 12 million USD, the current live MOBOX price is 0.610 USD. In the past 24 hours, MOBOX has increased by 0.24%. With a live market cap of $48 million, CoinMarketCap now ranks #382. It has a maximum supply of 1 billion MBOX coins and a circulating supply of 79 million.


Your Capital is at Risk.

Where To Buy Crypto 2022

You might not know where to begin if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies like AVAX, Chiliz, or other well-known cryptos. eToro is one of the trusted trading platforms for buying most of the leading cryptos. It’s vital to read reviews above top cryptos expected to raise 50x by the end of 2022.

Buying Crypto with eToro

Step 1- Create an Account

The first thing you must do is create an account with a reliable cryptocurrency broker. We advise using because it is highly regulated, accepts many different types of deposits, and provides copy trading tools.

Step 2: Upload ID

Since eToro is a SEC recognized platform, it will need a copy of your ID that the government granted.

Step 3 Deposit Money in the Wallet

You can make a deposit using a bank wire, debit/credit card, PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill.

Step 4: Purchase Crypto and Start Trading

Purchase cryptocurrencies by searching for them and selecting “Trade.” Some other platforms for buying crypto include, Huobi, Coinbase.

Remember that in the list of the top 10 cryptos, not all coins are at eToro. Like LBLOCK is currently available only at PancakeSwap (V2).

Visit eToro Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

25x Returns: Predicted Winklevoss

All the coins listed in the top coins to invest this year might not show high returns now and might be running on a 24h low but with our market analysts, we have found that in the long term, they have been becoming popular among the crowd and have a potential to grow 50x.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, two of the first Bitcoin investors and the creators of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, predict that as more investors use cryptocurrencies as inflation hedges, the value of Bitcoin will increase by a factor of more than 25.

It was in 2020 when they predicted that Bitcoin would replace gold and act as gold 2.0. If it accomplishes that, its market capitalisation must be $9 trillion. Therefore, we believe that one day the price of a Bitcoin may reach $500,000. Bitcoin is, therefore, a hold at $18,000 or a buying opportunity if you don’t have any because we believe there will be a 25x increase from here.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the combined market value of all cryptocurrencies has risen beyond $1 trillion for the first time in more than a month. The crypto world has changed and moved drastically and beyond our imagination. With the advent of the metaverse investing is the right choice.

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