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Axie Infinity or Calvaria- Which Crypto Game Is Better?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy Axie Infinity
Buy Axie Infinity

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In the cryptocurrency industry, gaming tokens are getting increasingly popular and frequently used. Axie Infinity (AXS) and Calvaria (RIA) are two well-known ones gaining traction right now. These Gaming tokens make it easier to participate in and navigate crypto games. You may also use them to purchase in-game commodities or to gain additional money-making talents.

Axie Infinity – Why one should invest? 

The non-fungible token online video game Axie Infinity (AXS) was developed by the Sky Mavis studio in Vietnam. It is famous for its in-game money system based on cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity allows players to acquire, train and battle digital monsters called Axies. Each Axie has distinguishing features that can raise or lessen its value.

Axie Infinity was inspired by Nintendo’s popular television series Pokémon. Users may collect charming monsters and indulge in cartoonish combat with them in the game. The benefit of Axie NFTs is that they can be the holders’ to preserve and resell. Furthermore, its play-to-earn concept compensates users using crypto tokens which can be exchanged for cash.


Players fight in battles among teams of lovable monsters known as Axies in the video game Axie Infinity. The game is played on the Ethereum platform with the support of Ronin, an Ether sidechain that helps cut expenses and transaction delays. The majority of the action takes place in turn-based battles, either against actual opponents online or even against Axie squads controlled by computers.

The main two tokens inside the ecosystem are AXS and SLP. AXS is the native coin that powers Axie Infinity. AXS token holders may receive prizes for holding them, engaging in the game, and voting in important governance decisions.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP), on the other hand, was created to thank specific Axie Infinity community members. SLP can be utilized to pay breeding costs and purchase items in-game. It is also possible to trade it on exchanges.

Calvaria (RIA) – Why it’s the first choice amongst investors in Pre-sale itself?

Buy Calvaria

A card game called Calvaria: Duels of Eternity throws players against one another in competitions while they use cards that represent various characters, each with their own special skills. The player’s objective is to beat opponents by employing intricate techniques and strategies in order to earn rewards and numerous upgrades.

The gameplay, according to the whitepapers, differs from traditional NFT collectable deck games such as Splinterlands and Gods Unchained by just a concurrent plot. Its narrative is intricately linked to the P2E card battler paradigm, which includes DAO, staking, an in-game store for NFTs, many mini-games, and scholarship choices.

On its website, the project has already produced a multi-step plan depicting the further evolution of the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity habitat through the end of 2023. Among many other things, the creators intend to expand the universe and integrate VR experiences into the game.

Thus, the gameplay prioritises and heavily demands substantial token economies and genuine ownership of in-game resources. Specifically, with few exceptions, all acquired resources will pertain directly to the clients with the ability to resale, as indicated in the whitepapers.

Tokenomics and current activities

The tokenomics strategy appears to be very profitable for gamers: the game has introduced its own token, $RIA, and has given a presale starting at $0.01 per token. This implies that the trader can now obtain 100 $RIA coins for the price of one USDT.


The $RIA token serves as the game’s primary money and is the foundation of the game’s economy. In addition, there is a $eRIA (Awarded RIA) token inside the ecosystem that allows players to earn money while playing the game, utilise it throughout the game to power up their decks and purchase in-game assets like upgrades or special cards in the format of NFT tokens.

The creators started a $100k freebie for the participants after the recent success of the Presale phase launch (with 30,000,000 RIA tokens available), which is still ongoing as of the article’s publication. It is worth noting, however, that in order to be eligible for the $100,000 $RIA Token reward, the user must have at least $100 in $RIA Token.

The game’s highest peak fixed coin allotment has become 1,000,000,000 RIA, which will be distributed across the following Calvaria areas: 30% will be given for the Presale, 25% for said Staking fund, 20% for the Winnings, 8% for Operations, and so on.

Axie players dropped; have moved to Calvaria

The number of players in Axie Infinity dropped just to below 701,000 last week, a low that hadn’t been reached since January 2021. This suggests that P2E game players must be looking elsewhere for the gaming benefits, and Calvaria looks to be the centre of attention.

Calvaria may appear to be just another NFT combat card game on the surface. But it boasts a fascinating variety of groups and character designs, as well as the opportunity to combat other players with NFTs and an NFT market. However, it is the accessibility factor that sets it apart.

The team has worked tirelessly to design the game as simple to play as possible. To that aim, there are both paid and free versions available. Furthermore, participants do not need to possess a cryptocurrency wallet, i.e. to hold bitcoin or purchase any assets, in order to begin playing. These characteristics make it particularly accessible to folks with no prior crypto knowledge. The game is however accessible via desktop and smartphone devices.


No matter how far the P2E sector has progressed, it is obvious that a shift is necessary.  Thus, when player counts in a number of well-known games decline, producers will need to reconsider their strategy. Calvaria is an excellent illustration as to how P2E games could expand and reach a wider audience by decreasing the barrier to entry. 

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