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AiDoge Meme Coin Surges Past $7.5 Million In Presale Token Sales As Crypto Prices Lag On Monday: PEPE And LADYS In Rear View

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AiDoge presale
AiDoge presale

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AiDoge (AI) is still making headlines, with the latest update being an astonishing break above the $7.5 million mark in presale sales for the meme token.

The news comes amid the cryptocurrency market rallying around the next macroeconomic retail sales report, expected on May 16. On this reading, economists anticipate the Census Bureau to report a 0.7% increase in overall retail sales from the previous months.

AiDoge, The AI-Powered Meme Machine Opening New Possibilities for Creators

As memes become the internet’s casual language, creators design thousands daily and dedicate massive effort toward producing popular memes that could go viral. “AiDoge stands out for offering a much better and smarter way for creators to approach this task.”

The Web3 app allows users to easily design memes, with the basic requirement of having an idea. They then scour the internet for the ideal images and text before offering a finished product to the creator in record time. With this, creators can deliver memes for use during real-time conversations.

Underneath the artfully simple user interface (UI) is a powerful AI that can interact with users while understating even the smallest sophistications. It can transform even the most vague input into a meme sensation that goes viral. With this, creators can enjoy a perfect result every time with minimal effort.

Among the things that are very instrumental in the popularity of this project is the Meme2Earn working dynamics featured in the app. It allows users to leverage what can be dismissed as a hobby to become a profitable gig on the side. It is a huge game-changer for meme creators by giving them an additional income earner.

Besides this, it also motivates creators to spend more time honing their craft while entertaining their audiences with quality memes.

Looking ahead, AiDoge intends to hold frequent competitions where the community will vote on the best memes. Creators will also enjoy valuable feedback from the community meant to help them develop their skills. This will probably feature among the biggest strengths of AiDoge, bolstering the amazing AI and M2E mechanics. 

Notably, rewards for the most successful memes will be payable in AI tokens to the authors.

Rampage Continues

AiDoge continues to run amok after last week’s milestone, where it raked in over $1 million in presales in just under a 24-hour period. This was before sprinting throughout the remainder of the week to hit the $7.5 million mark and almost the presale total amount within that week.

In the latest development, the meme coin and its stakeholders are boasting another watershed moment, having hit the $7.5 million bar in presale token sales. With these astonishing numbers, the AI-generated meme app proves to be among the hottest items on the crypto market at the moment.

To underscore the significance of this milestone, AiDoge is outperforming flagship cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), whose performance appears limited by macroeconomics. The likes of Pepe (PEPE) and Milady (LADYS) started the race with a massive rally but have since lost momentum, with the prices dropping steadily day after day.

On the other hand, AiDoge has maintained a commendable performance since the project’s debut on April 26, with an initial raise of over $100,000 in less than 24 hours.

The steadfastness motivates $AI holders and developers, especially because the crypto market is still navigating a market slump. As the presale continues to attract buyers, now is the best time to buy AiDoge before the next series of price increases.

With $AI token sales recording new achievements daily, it should be unsurprising that the presale will end ahead of schedule. This speculation comes as the allocated supply of tokens dwindles daily as smart investors scramble to use the opportunity and acquire as many $AI tokens as they can.

AiDoge Outperforms Pepe and Other Meme Coins

AiDoge is the current flag bearer for the meme coin ecosystem, even though the narrative is the hottest topic in the crypto sphere. The token battles ecosystem peers such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Floki Inu (FLOKI), and Pepe (PEPE).

Pepe’s attempt to dethrone AiDoge as the meme sensation last month when it recorded 200% growth was short-lived. The token continues to drop in market value to record a market cap of around $719.2 million at the time of writing.

It is worth mentioning that while AiDoge continues to thrive, industry pundits say that even Pepe has nothing on this meme coin, considering the recent doubts about the high-volume trades in Pepe came from trading bots. Allegedly, these bots were designed “to create quickly buy and sell market moves, thereby creating the illusion of high demand. Notably, while this artificial hype could have benefited a handful of whale investors who held vast reserves of PEPE tokens, it was not sustainable. As such, their opportunity to dump the Pepe tokens on an unsuspecting market came, only to leave retail and day traders holding the bag.

While similar narratives have worked in popular meme projects in the past, AiDoge has changed the narrative, bringing forth a token capable of rallying, outperforming, and sustainably making headlines. This explains the token’s continued success even as industry peers run out of gas and, therefore, hype.

Among the distinguishing features of AiDoge is that it offers a new perspective on meme coins- many other aspects other than sheer popularity drive the token’s value. At the top of this list of drivers is “AiDoge’s utility sprouts from an amazing and innovative ecosystem that provides steady upward pressure while creating real demand.”

AiDoge Approaches Next Presale Milestone

The next milestone for the AiDoge ecosystem is $7,700,000, which could be attained within the week as ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ (FOMO) continues to span the market. The FOMO comes as market participants see AiDoge as a chance to recoup the lost opportunities in projects like PEPE and LADYS. These sidelined investors want to take advantage of AiDoge and its explosive growth, which could catapult the token to the next stage.

The FOMO narrative is true, considering the meme coin accrued upwards of $1 million in token sales in just under 24 hours, a rare occurrence in the crypto sphere. The capital infusion will ascertain that developers have sufficient funds to facilitate their goals as the project roadmap stipulates.  

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