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Missed PEPE Coin or $SPONGE? NOMEME Crypto Could 100x

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Missed PEPE Coin or $SPONGE? NOMEME Crypto Could 100x
Missed PEPE Coin or $SPONGE? NOMEME Crypto Could 100x

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The NoMeme token has launched just a few hours after Elon Musk, a techpreneur and its biggest backer, posted a stunning tweet. Let’s learn more about NoMeme Token in case you missed out on PEPE and SPONGE and don’t want to miss out on this new one.

Creation of NoMeme Token

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, posted a photo of a Milady Maker with the captions “There Is No Meme” and “I Love You” on May 10, which resulted in the creation of the NoMeme token (NOMEME). Despite the tweet’s vague nature, the crypto world nevertheless paid attention.

The Milady Maker NFT collection’s floor price on OpenSea quickly increased from 3.8 ETH to 7.5 ETH. Additionally, the trading volume for these NFTs grew dramatically, with 1,388 transactions being recorded on May 10th alone, a 1,209% rise from the day before. Similar to this, the price of the Milady (LADYS) token increased significantly over 5,800% on the previous day.

This ultimately demonstrates Musk’s immense power inside the community of digital assets. A apparently insignificant tweet has the power to bring back missed assets and even help build entirely new ones, as NOMEME shown. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

The complete NoMeme token review can be found in the video above, subscribe to his YouTube channel for additional content on cryptocurrencies. Jacob Crypto Bury additionally runs a Discord channel with 12,000 members.

Can NoMeme Token Profit from the Meme Coin Fever

NoMeme token’s price has dropped from its previous peak and is currently trading at about $0.0001187 at the time of writing. But this is common for brand-new meme currencies, especially given that the price drop happened over the course of one night, indicating that there may have been less trade than typical.

The phenomenal growth of coins like PEPE and WOJAK offers NOMEME a clear road to success. Both of these coins, like NOMEME, were released without any use cases yet continued to give owners exponential returns. Additionally, the positive spillover effect from the growth of these currencies has increased interest in the meme coin market as a whole.

Due to the increased number of potential investors looking for alluring prospects, this can only be advantageous for NOMEME. NOMEME is currently exclusively available through Uniswap. As was the case with other recently-launched meme currencies, Uniswap’s rapid price growth may pave the way for centralized exchange (CEX) listings.

NOMEME appears to be prepared to dominate the meme coin market as tokens such as PEPE and WOJAK lose their clout, giving an intriguing opportunity for both existing and new investors. There is no reason to doubt the viability of NoMeme token in light of the success of PEPE and other meme tokens. Buy NOMEME here.


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