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NOMEME Explodes By 700% Following Elon Musk Tweet About Milady NFT

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto space has recently witnessed the rising birth of many tokens, especially from the meme sector. 

The current trend in the crypto market focuses on the growing sensations and excitement that radiates from meme coins as they offer impressive value propositions with many opportunities to increase earnings. 

Many investors have positioned themselves to gain massively from meme tokens such as Spongebob, Pepe, AiDoge, etc. 

The emergence of the NoMeme Token (#NOMEME) follows the recent tweet from Elon Musk on the Milady NFT image. 

The meme coin came into existence on May 10. $NOMEME gave a strong vibe that saw the price surge by 700% within a few hours of its launch.

The developers of NoMeme Token leaped into the new crypto project with more concentration on innovative trending technologies. 

The work cuts across practical use cases trending widely online and within the crypto space. The creators of the meme coin included humor and irony in its functionality. 

Elon Musk Tweet Sparked The Launch of NOMEME

Elon Musk is a prominent personality in the world of crypto. The multi-billionaire is known for his influence in cryptocurrencies, especially for meme coins. These include Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and others.

The popularity of DOGE grew in 2021 through Must Twitter posts and comments. Many investors and crypto enthusiasts take a clue in crypto trades from Musk’s disposition with some assets.

Through his tweet, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter blanketed Milady Maker’s image with a title. Milady Maker is a trending NFT collection comprising 10,000 different types of PFP NFTs, which owners could use as profile pictures.

Musk’s tweet could either have some cryptic meaning or not. However, the mysterious tweet birthed a new meme coin with higher gain potential for investors to utilize.

Also,  Musk’s tweet created fertile ground that pushed the value of Milady NFT to the sky. The MIL floor price has hit $10,575 or over 5ETH. The price of the Milady Maker NFT increased by 54% on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

No one could explain if Musk supports the newly launched tokens, as the team behind the NoMeme Token remains unknown. However, the $NOMEME price made a remarkable surge with 

While trading on the decentralized exchange Uniswap at $0.0007525, the new meme coin $NOMEME scaled higher to hit a trading volume of $12 million.

At the time of writing, data from CoinMarketCap shows that the meme coin has crossed a 24-hour trading volume of $35 million. 

This indicated an increase of 998.98% in the volume, exceeding the performance of PEPE and SPONGE tokens.

Following its launch, the price of NOMEME shot up to $0.0010 as the coin traded on This placed the meme coin as the No.1 trending token on the exchange. 

NOMEME Gearing Up for Massive Rallies, Ready For 100x Price Gains

Now is the era of meme coin virality, and investors, already tired of small gains, are watching out for new coins with explosive price potential. If you’re among this category of investors, NOMEME might be the next big thing to consider.

Given the rate at which new meme coins prices pump, traders no longer want to miss any chance to grab the upcoming project. 

NOMEME gained recognition immediately after it launched due to Elon Musk’s May 10 tweet. NOMEME came to the limelight after Musk tweeted a funny meme: “There is No MEME; I Love You.”

This tweet went viral, gaining over 14k retweets and 139K likes. NOMEME emerged as a top gainer on Dexscreener with a 735% price increase within a few hours. 

Although 24 hours have passed since the tweet, NOMEME is riding on Musk’s publicity. 

The meme coin has a gain of 37.86% over the past 24 hours and trades at $0.000347. That’s not all. According to CoinMarketCap data, NOMEME’s popularity has increased by 1319x since its launch. 

Moreover, NOMEME gained over 800K followers on Twitter in just one day and could gain more through its $100 giveaway

The growing community could be the bases of the meme coin’s rapid growth in the coming days. No wonder analysts are already speculating a 100x return potential for the meme coin. 

NOMEME Surged 37% on the last day; How High Can It Go?

According to DEXTools data, NOMEME has a total market cap of $3.19 million and liquidity of $1.82 million. 

Its 7-day trading volume has increased by 214.82%, while the 24-hour trading volume is $33.40 million.

This data suggest the token has tremendously bullish sentiment, a strong start for a new meme coin considering the footprints of PEPE and SpongeBob tokens.

NOMEME could climb much higher should the current hype around social media sustain and spread further in the coming days.

If all things remain equal, NOMEME could beat the 100x target in the nearest future. Moreover, given the heights that its predecessors have reached launching on several exchanges, NOMEME stands a chance to spike. 

If the speculation of Elon Musk’s support proves accurate and continues like the case of Dogecoin DOGE, early investors stand a higher chance of making impressive returns on investment. 

$NOMEME Is Building Its Community

$NOMEME has shown a far-reaching online appearance for a newly launched token. The Twitter account already has over 8,600 followers less than two days after its launch. 

The growing interest is huge for a new token within a short period. Some analysts believe that NOMEME is taking over the meme world as its community expands.

NoMeme coin has conducted a Twitter Space with 745 people that tuned in live. 

Also, the Dextscore for $NOMEME has grown to 47 out of 99. 

Buying $NOMEME

The developers of the NoMeme Token simplified the process of buying the coin directly from the NOMEME official website.

 The team integrated Uniswap to enable the seamless swapping of the meme coin with a wide range of tokens by investors. 

So, investors could now visit the website and connect their crypto wallets to purchase the token. 

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