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AiDoge Presale Skyrockets, Registers $1 Million in Roughly 24 Hours

AiDoge Crypto Launch
AiDoge Crypto Launch

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AiDoge token presale has become one of the hottest crypto presales with an explosive performance, raising $1 million in roughly 24 hours.

As a result, this ground-breaking crypto project, which combines artificial intelligence with a meme-to-earn concept, is now recording over $3.8 million since the $AI tokens presale began. 

Normally, it takes a week for a presale to enter a new stage, but the $AI tokens leaped from stage four to stage six in less than one day. 

With the pumping prices of meme coins like Floki (FLOKI), Pepe (PEPE), and many others, investors seek the next big gem to grasp for higher gains.

Also, the surging increase in the AiDoge tokens’ sales within some days confirms investors’ sentiment that $AI would become a highly volatile project in the crypto space.

As such, early investors can amass many tokens at $0.000028 or wait for the next bargain price. At the end of the presale stages, the tokens will be available on exchanges for $0.0000336, a 20% paper gain guaranteed for investors.

With a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, AiDoge will hit major exchanges with up to $33.6 million as its fully diluted market cap. Nevertheless, crypto analysts expect more value to the token’s fully diluted market cap as AiDoge continues to take the crypto space by storm with its meme coins and AI technology.

The Meme-to-Earn Concept is a Game Changer

The AiDoge (AI) is a middleman between the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and memes. Its revolutionary Web3 platform powers all activities and transactions using cryptocurrency, thus launching users to the ever-changing era of digital assets.

Users can create memes via text prompts on the platform while the AI technology digs around the database to generate unique results. 

Users can also share their memes, enabling other community members to vote. The best meme creators will receive financial rewards via the platform’s native token, $AI, at the end of every month.

This new ‘meme-to-earn’ (M2E) concept will be a game changer in the cryptocurrency and meme sector. Also, the AiDoge platform uses blockchain technology to protect the ownership rights of users over their content, ensuring originality and data security.

How AiDoge’s Meme Generator Works

The AiDoge meme generator works with the innovation of advanced artificial intelligence to create relevant memes according to the text prompts of the users. 

In the platform’s Whitepaper, “users input text prompts for meme creation… the AI accesses the input to create relevant, engaging memes, allowing all users to create memes.” 

AiDoge uses cutting-edge algorithms built on trending news and crypto-related updates to create valuable memes for users. To protect the platform and its token, AiDoge employs smart contract audits to get in-depth reviews of protocols and safeguard staked tokens to minimize risks. 

Also, the platform provides a Public Wall where meme creators can post their content for the community to explore and choose their favorites. Community members can upvote or downvote a meme based on their preference or meme quality.

Users must purchase credits with the $AI tokens to create memes. At the end of every month, the highest-scoring memes are evaluated by the platform’s voting mechanism, and the top memes will receive Ai tokens in return.

AiDoge (AI) Utility Pits It Further Than Other Meme Coins

AiDoge (AI) stands ahead of other meme coins without ideal use cases like Shiba Inu, Pepe, Dogecoin, etc. Here’s why; it’s more like a utility-infused gem, showing higher relevance in the market.

The $AI tokens are the primary currency for all activities and transactions with the AiDoge platform. Furthermore, users can purchase credits for generating memes on the AI platform or even stake them for daily rewards. 

Also, the tokens serve as incentives for community rewards. Thus, members who vote or generate top content will also receive the tokens.

AiDoge’s Tokenomics is Community-Focused

According to AiDoge’s Whitepaper, 1 trillion $AI tokens will be supplied. 50% (500 Billion tokens) will sell out in the Presale, while 25% (250 Billion tokens) will go for the company’s 10-year vesting. 

The remaining tokens will be split equally, where 12.5% (125 Billion tokens) will serve for Listings and Liquidity, and the other 12.5% (125 Billion tokens) will serve as Community Rewards.

This token allocation proves that the AiDoge ecosystem is community-centered. In addition, the community members will have access to daily credits and various platform features when they stake their $AI tokens. This generates long-term engagement and stability for the platform.

$AI tokens Are Fast Selling Out, Don’t Miss Out

The buzz around this revolutionary meme project is growing, and investors are quickly amassing the AiDoge’s tokens at its $0.000028 bargain price.

This is the 6th stage of the tokens’ presale, and in the next few days, they’ll enter stage 7, selling at $0.0000284.

Following the growing number of investors flooding the presale, it’s likely to reach $4 million in the next few days. This will spike the price of the tokens. 

As of today, AiDoge’s presale is boasting over $3.8 million.

Become an Early Investor Today and Make the Most of this Presale!

The AiDoge’s official website is open for interested investors to scoop as many $AI tokens as they want. There are several options for investors to get the tokens, either with $USDT (ERC-20), $ETH, $USDT (BEP-20), or $BNB.

The $AI token presales have 14 more stages before they hit several exchanges. Although it will start at $0.0000336, there are possibilities that the tokens will spike as more investors flood the ecosystem.

To buy these tokens now, connect your crypto wallet to the platform’s official site and select your preferred currency, as mentioned above. 

Next, choose the amount of your preferred currency you wish to swap for the $AI tokens. Once successful, you can claim your tokens before their exchange listing.

Following the recent dramatic burst of many popular meme coins, it’s likely that AiDoge will spike after hitting several exchanges. Early investors will make the most of these presale prices.

AiDoge - New Meme to Earn Crypto


  • CertiK Audited
  • Generate Memes with AI Text Prompts
  • Staking Rewards, Voting, Creator Benefits
  • Upcoming Exchange Listings

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