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5 Most Viewed Cryptos on CoinMarketCap – TAMA Leads the Chart

Most viewed Cryptos on Coinmarketcap
Most viewed Cryptos on Coinmarketcap

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The bearish mood of the investors has significantly impacted the crypto market. There have been apprehensions about the downtrend and ‘Crypto Bubble Burst’ moment to happen soon. However, a few cryptocurrencies, especially meme-based coins have been on a different side.

In this already volatile market, investors looking for a direction, here are the Top 10 Searched Cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap recently.

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    Top Searched Cryptos on Coinmarketcap

    1. Tamadoge (TAMA)
    2. Ariva (ARV)
    3. (QUACK)
    4. Bitcoin (BTC)
    5. Ethereum (ETH)

    1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

    Tamadoge is a deflationary meme coin. It is a Play-to-Earn value coin based on Web 3.0 technology.

    It is one of the most searched mostly because it had a successful launch earlier this year. Recently, it completed its presale and raised $19 million in a matter of less than five weeks. The token was released for $0.01 with an end target to reach $10 million, which was later extended.

    Tamadoge Coinmarketcap

    Its price reached $0.03 by the end of the presale. Analysts pointed out the strong tokenomics of Tamadoge, providing a total supply of $2 billion coins, and the massive use cases for the high growth. As per the project, 5% of the coins will be burnt, whereas 30% of the tokens are set aside for marketing purposes and only 65% is available for the P2E profits.

    The investors can buy Tamadoge on OKX exchange, and those who aren’t able to buy on CEX version can do on the DEX version of OKX.  The future plans of Tamadoge look prospective, it will expand into the augmented reality sector, and launch an app later this year. The ultra rare NFTs of Tamadoge are going to be launched soon too. All these reasons give Tamadoge the potential to grow further and be the most searched for the remaining part of the year.

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    2. Ariva (ARV)

    Ariva (ARV) is a BEP20 crypto token issued on BNB Chain, a blockchain built by Binance Exchange, and launched in 2021. It is a cryptocurrency-related to the tourism industry. It aims to allow passengers/travelers to make all the transactions from booking flight tickets to local shopping using Ariva’s Crypto Wallet.

    Ariva.World is its decentralized travel and tourism portal, it also has a payment gateway (Ariva.Finance) and a virtual world launched recently. The incentive for merchants would be cutting the costs of transaction processing fees charged by banks and credit card companies through Ariva. It allows businesses and merchants to accept coins in several cryptocurrencies – Ariva, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

    It has quite a foot in the NFT World, it has a travel metaverse called Virtual Wonderland, where interested investors can trade digital plots in NFTs.

    Ariva Crypto

    The maximum supply of 100 billion tokens, out of which 78.94% is for the public, 18.4% for the main wallet, and the remaining for developing and marketing funds.

    Ariva can be traded on various platforms such as PancakeSwap, Bitrex,, and Liquid.

    The only red flag that could be disturbing is the ”secretive team” of Ariva, they hide their identity to make it truly a decentralized platform.

    However, Ariva has the potential to grow further. The tourism industry is about to boom, given the improvement in terms of COVID cases. It is all on the strategy it goes forward with.

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    3. (QUACK)

    After the overused dog-based meme coins, cryptocurrency has a new animal – (Duck’s) QUACK token.

    QUACK token is a deflationary coin with a total supply of 100 quadrillion QUACK coins out of which 50% is already burnt. It currently has only 45 quadrillion QUACK coins in circulation. It is operated on Binance Smart Chain, and used a proof-of-stake algorithm which consumes much less energy than proof-of-work (used by Ethereum).

    The Rich Quack Platform aims to be a launchpad for other decentralized platforms. The raffle and lotto projects will soon be available to the public, where native holders of QUACK tokens will enter raffles and win many coins. And lotto will allow gambling of these QUACK tokens hourly, weekly, and monthly.

    Richquack Crypto

    To earn rewards and increase the liquidity, charges a transaction fee of 12%, out of which 4% each is for liquidity pool and holders whereas, 2% each is for burn wallet and marketing team.

    The coin is increasing in popularity given the increasing followers on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

    There had been questions about the credibility of the coin. However, investors believe its listing on, one of the trusted crypto websites gives integrity in the market.

    Buy QUACK Now

    4. Bitcoin (BTC)

    Bitcoin – which brought crypto world in the limelight, was launched in 2008 and has multiplied from under $1 to an all-time high of $70,000 last year.

    There have been ups and downs due to various reasons such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine War, tensions between US and China, growing inflationary rates and many more.

    should I buy Bitcoin

    Despite the unpredictability, investors trust the capacity of the currency to reach newer heights; hence, it has quite the popularity among the younger enthusiasts. The prime feature, that makes Bitcoin attractive is the deflationary tokenomics with a limited supply of $21 million tokens, out of which 90% are already minted.

    The market cap of Bitcoin currently is $367 billion and is currently trading at $19,224. The performance of the last decade has proven that it is one of the best long-term investments to make right now.

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    5. Ethereum (ETH)

    Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality and serves the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). It is one of the largest alt-coin in the space with a market space of $161 billion. Various facilities such as decentralized finance tools, listed DApps, NFTs and other protocols.


    The highest market cap of $571 million was achieved last year in November when it traded at $4900 per token. The update from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake protocol has made this coin attractive to the investors, this may also increase the Transactions Per Second (TSA) by 1,00,000.

    It is currently facing issues of high network gas fees and scalability, however there is expectation that the new upgrade will solve these issues. Barring this, Ethereum has trust of the investors and is currently trading at $1,161 and is likely to grow in the coming months.

    Buy ETH

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