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5 Best NFT Cryptocurrency to Buy on Cheap Prices – July 2022 Week 4

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5 Best NFT Cryptocurrency to Buy.
5 Best NFT Cryptocurrency to Buy.

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The cryptocurrency market has been falling again after positive gains last week. At $1.01 trillion, its total cap is down by 8% since Friday, and by 5.5% in a week. Few coins have escaped the selloff, although some have preserved their respective values better than most. In this article, we focus on a particularly promising subset of the market: NFTs coins. This means cryptocurrencies of platforms which use non-fungible tokens in some capacity. Accordingly, here’s our list of the 5 best NFT cryptocurrency to buy on cheap prices.

5 Best NFT Cryptocurrency to Buy on Cheap Prices

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

A new play-to-earn games platform running on Binance Smart Chain, Battle Infinity (IBAT) is steadily gaining momentum. Its presale started a couple of weeks ago, making the altcoin available at a price of $0.0015. With 76 days left to run it has raised just over $1,000,000, while BSC Scan reveals it now has 1,439 holders.

The reason why Battle Infinity is gaining traction quickly is that it’s promising to build a sports-themed metaverse enabling users to participate in an interesting assortment of games. This includes the IBAT Premier League, which gives players the chance to build their own fantasy sports team, made up of NFTs representing real-life athletes. They win points — and IBAT tokens — based on how well their selected teams perform.

Battle Infinity also plans to develop additional games in the not-too future, as well as competitive staking, its own DEX and an NFT marketplace. This is a highly ambitious plan, which is why its sale is going so well, and why it’s among our 5 best NFT cryptocurrency to buy.

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2. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is down by 6% in the past 24 hours, at $0.00097969. On the other hand, it’s flat in seven days and up by 19% in a fortnight.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) price chart - 5 Best NFT Cryptocurrency to Buy on Cheap Prices.

LBLOCK remains up by 120% since its launch in late January, although it’s down by 90% from its ATH of $0.00974554. Fortunately, its fundamentals have been gradually improving during the ongoing bear market, so it’s increasingly primed to rally once conditions become more favourable.

For one, the crypto games platform has expanded its ecosystem to include a number of NFT-related competitions. Basically, by purchasing a Lucky Block NFT, users will be able to enter a variety of draws. This includes draws for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, $1 million in bitcoin, a luxury holiday, a FIFA World Cup package, and even a house.

Lucky Block’s NFT platform will also enable holders of Lucky Block NFTs to earn rewards in LBLOCK. On top of this, all holders of LBLOCK can now claim their share of 10% of each daily prize draw, simply by heading over to the Lucky Block web app and voting for a charity.

Such developments speak to how quickly Lucky Block is developing. And with its regular main draws being held since late May, it’s in a strong position to continue accumulating holders.

3. ApeCoin (APE)

At $5.83, APE is down by 8% in 24 hours and by 2% in a week. It is, on the other hand, up by 34% in a fortnight and by 28% in a month.

ApeCoin (APE) price chart - 5 best nft cryptocurrency to buy.

APE’s indicators suggest that now may be a good time to pick up the altcoin at a discount. Its relative strength index (in purple) has fallen close to 30, indicating overselling.

The native governance token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, APE has numerous things going for it. Aside from the existing popularity of BAYC, its network is on the brink of welcoming some important upgrades.

Most notably, ApeCoin is in the process of implementing a staking system. While the details for this system having been 100% finalised, staking will nonetheless boost demand for APE, simply because it will earn people rewards.

More generally, ApeCoin is also close to launching its much-awaited Otherside metaverse platform. This platform will enable BAYC to expand beyond simple (but hugely popular) NFTs, and introduce more elements and features. It was demoed a week ago, sending the price of APE flying. And when it receives a full launch, it will send the coin even higher. This is why APE is one of our 5 best NFT cryptocurrency to buy.

4. Decentraland (MANA)

MANA has sunk by 5% in the past 24 hours, to $0.874530. It’s also down by 5% in a week, but up by 8% in the last 14 days.

Decentraland (MANA) price chart.

MANA’s indicators remain subdued. Its RSI is hanging just below 50, although it remains up from one-year lows set in mid-May. Likewise, its 30-day moving average (in red) is well below its 200-day average (blue), suggesting that a rally is due sooner or later.

Decentraland is well-positioned to rally big at some point in the future. It’s sales continue to rank among the largest in the NFT/metaverse space, with a seven-day volume of $360,000. This is good for a bear market.

It’s also important to remember that Decentraland has witnessed some important progress this year, even with a difficult market. For example, it hosted the first-ever metaverse fashion week in March, with just over 100,000 unique visitors attending to see exhibits from the likes of Selfridges, Dolce&Gabbana, Hogan, Chufy and other recognised brands. This signals the kind of adoption and interest it has in store in more positive macroeconomic conditions.

It also continues to announce notable partnerships and tie-ins. This includes a licensed game based on the new Netflix film The Gray Man (starring Ryan Gosling), as well as metaverse experience for the CBS show Ghosts.

5. Axie Infinity (AXS)

At $15.09, AXS has fallen by 8% in 24 hours. It has also slipped by 7% and, despite being up by 11% in a fortnight, is down by 15% in a month.

Axie Infinity (AXS) price chart.

AXS’ indicators also sit in an in-between zone at the moment. They could be due another rise, but with the global picture remaining uncertain, they could also sink a little before recovering.

Either way, Axie Infinity’s fundamentals should enable AXS to recover soon enough. It may have witnessed a decline in daily active users since its peak in 2021, but figures remain in the 280,000 range, which is still significantly higher than many NFT-based games and platforms.

However, with an update to its tokenomic model in April, Axie Infinity seems to be on the road to rebuilding itself. For example, it has seen a rise in NFT sales in the past few weeks, suggesting that investors and players are regaining interest in it. And with the Ronin bridge reopened in June after the March hack, the only way is up. This is why AXS is among our 5 best NFT cryptocurrency to buy.

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