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5 Best Altcoins to Invest in for Potential Christmas Gains

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

5 Best Altcoins to Invest in for Potential Christmas Gains
5 Best Altcoins to Invest in for Potential Christmas Gains

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The recent surge in Bitcoin has revitalized the crypto market, with investors viewing this as a strong investment opportunity, considering other coins as well.

Bitcoin’s recent price jump to $45,000, a level not witnessed since early last year, is attributed to optimism that spot Bitcoin ETFs will soon be approved, which could significantly increase institutional adoption.

This article highlights some of the most promising altcoins to consider for December 2023, including a fresh presale project with high upside potential.

Bitcoin (BTC)

BlackRock and Bitwise recently breathed new life into the highly anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF by updating their S-1 filings on December 4, 2023. This move suggests ongoing, productive discussions with regulators, fueling investor optimism.

BlackRock’s updated application now includes a new provision outlining the fund administrator’s steps to monitor unusual price movements. It also incorporates an audited assessment from PwC and an anti-money laundering compliance clause.

Since the submission of the updated filing, Bitcoin price has experienced a 4.7% gain, rising from $39,978 to $41,876. This increase underscores the excitement surrounding the potential approval of the spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

Analysts predict a Bitcoin price of $100K in 2024, supported by the potential approval of ETF applications early next year and the scarcity resulting from the Bitcoin halving event.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is displaying signs of recovery following the fallout from FTX, marked by a notable increase in DeFi activity and active addresses. Despite this positive trend, Solana is still down 72% from its peak, indicating a lengthy journey ahead for complete recovery.

The price of Solana has experienced a significant bounce in the last few days, reclaiming the crucial support level of $61. SOL crypto is presently traded at $73.05, with the 10-day MA at $62.47 and the 100-day MA at $40.90.

SOL Crypto 7 Days Price Graph

Support levels are identified at $63.34 and $58.80, while resistance levels are noted at $70.60 and $78.50. Solana exhibits technical strength in the recent bounce, but the rise in leverage and the potential for long liquidations suggest a possible pullback before the next upward move.

Monitoring $63.34 as a key support level is crucial for traders; otherwise, there could be further downside for $SOL. While recent developments and increased network activity indicate potential growth for Solana, long-term recovery depends on sustained ecosystem development and market sentiment.

Investors should brace themselves for fluctuations, maintaining a cautious yet optimistic outlook for Solana’s price appreciation.

Ethereum (ETH)

A dormant Ethereum whale has recently awakened, making a significant move of 39,260 $ETH worth approximately $87.5 million.

This substantial transfer, according to on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain, marks the whale’s full divestment of its holdings, which were initially acquired for roughly $11.34 million, resulting in a staggering net profit of $76 million – an impressive nearly 700% return.

This move reflects the growing confidence in Ethereum and its increasing prominence within the cryptocurrency market. Currently, Ethereum trades below the key resistance level of $2,400. However, bulls are attempting to push the price above the 21-day SMA (Simple Moving Average), which acts as a crucial support level.

This creates a tight trading range between $2,350 and $2,400. A decisive break above the $2,400 resistance would likely trigger a renewed uptrend. Given the current market dynamics and ongoing developments, the outlook for Ethereum is cautiously optimistic.

The shift to a more efficient consensus mechanism and growing institutional interest suggest a potential upward trajectory in its value. However, challenges may arise from market volatility and regulatory developments, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach with expectations of moderate growth and occasional corrections.

View the video above for an in-depth analysis of the five best altcoins for current investment opportunities, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for additional crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord community with 17,000 members, providing users with trading tips and information on upcoming crypto presales.

Sei (SEI)

By incorporating Ethereum Virtual Machine support in its V2 upgrade, Sei aims to enhance its blockchain capabilities. This strategic move positions Sei to attract a growing developer base and foster ecosystem expansion. This initiative underscores their commitment to innovation.

At the time of writing Sei price is $0.27 with a 24-hour trading volume of $208.18 million and market cap of $602.65 million. The $SEI price increased 0.29% in the last 24 hours. Drawing insights from Sei’s historical price trends and the BTC halving cycles, the projected minimum $SEI price for 2024 is anticipated to be around $0.23.

Simultaneously, there is an expectation that the Sei price could reach as high as $0.43 in the coming year. The upcoming V2 upgrade holds the potential to draw a more extensive developer community to Sei.

However, Sei faces significant challenges as it must navigate the complex integration with Ethereum, requiring meticulous attention and expertise. Additionally, ensuring strong network performance is crucial for success, making a seamless execution and positive market reception of the upgrade imperative.

Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF)

Bitcoin ETF Token is an ERC20 token presale, carefully designed project linked to regulatory events, especially the potential SEC approval of Bitcoin ETFs, expected as early as December 2023. Although the token isn’t officially tied to Bitcoin ETFs, its roadmap aligns with key market events.

This deflationary cryptocurrency plans five token-burning events, triggered by milestones tied to the first Bitcoin Spot ETF release, burning a quarter of the token supply over time. Bitcoin ETF Token imposes a 5% trading tax, gradually reducing by 1% after each milestone.

In the ongoing crypto presale, 40% of Bitcoin ETF Token’s token supply is allocated, divided into ten rounds, each offering 84 million tokens. The current presale stage has raised over $3 million, pricing $BTCETF tokens at $0.0064 each, set to rise to $0.0068 in the final round.

Early presale participants can stake $BTCETF and earn substantial annual yields, with the current staking APY at 87%. Investors can opt for the ‘Buy and Stake’ feature on the presale website to directly stake their holdings. Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy Bitcoin ETF Token here.

Keep up with Bitcoin ETF Token on X and the Bitcoin ETF Token Telegram channel for the latest updates on the spot Bitcoin ETF approval and developments related to the $BTCETF project. To take part in the $BTCETF token presale visit


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