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100x Potential Crypto Gem Low Market Cap OSEAN DAO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

OSEAN DAO 100x Potential Crypto Gem
OSEAN DAO 100x Potential Crypto Gem

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The initiative that aims to offer a low entry point into the yachting industry, OSEAN DAO, has been successfully launched on Pancakeswap. They believe their company concept combines the best aspects of both the stability and security of actual assets with the expansion potential of cryptocurrencies in a novel and creative way.


An organization named OSEAN DAO was created to make investments in the yacht market and yacht charter business. The initiative seeks to tokenize professional yachts, provide investors with a low barrier to entry into the market, and earn income through their commercial exploitation.

OSEAN DAO will be a Marshall Islands-registered LLC company with the legal authority to acquire other SPEs (single purpose entity) that will own tangible assets. LLC wrapping will act as a link between cryptocurrency and real-world businesses.

Their team is made up of seasoned experts with years of expertise in the yacht charter business, as well as in the industries of cryptocurrencies, finance, and marketing. They have meticulously created a thorough business strategy that considers all aspects of their business, from buying and operating boats to marketing and selling their crypto.

They understand that the yacht charter market has historically been a niche for the wealthy, but they are convinced that they can democratize it and open up chances for everyone by using their knowledge and the strength of cryptocurrencies.

Its objective is to build a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all parties involved as well as to drive the digital currency’s economy and make money for its investors.

What is OSEAN Token?

Their currency will be OSEAN token, and its smart contract will be deployed on the BSC chain. To support their investment goals, they want OSEAN token to serve as the foundation of their economy.

The primary goal of the OSEAN coin is to build up an extensive capital reserve that will be used by its investors to buy yachts through their DAO. You can benefit from a number of benefits by holding a token, including as monthly rewards based on your OSEAN holdings, participation in community airdrops, and more.

OSEAN DAO Price Graph

The OSEAN token is the cornerstone of their economic structure and gives private investors access to their planned NFTs and DAO. Currently, OSEAN may be purchased from their website and traded on Pancakeswap.

As of today, June 25th OSEAN price is $ 0.00005991 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.69k and market cap of $ 58.72k. The maximum supply of OSEAN will be 1,000,000,000 tokens. See our guide to the best low market cap crypto to buy here.


  • 35% for Presale and DEX (Presale tokens will be locked for 3 months)
  • 30% will be periodically bought by “ToBeBurnt Wallet” and burn
  • 10% for the developer team (will be locked for 13 months – tokens will be released periodically)
  • 20% towards Airdrops (will also be locked and vested periodically for Airdrops)
  • 5% towards marketing campaigns


For every buy and sell transaction there will be an 6% fee. It breaks down as follows:

  • 3% will go to the DAO treasury for yacht acquisitions
  • 1% will go to dev wallet
  • 1% to marketing wallet
  • 1% to burn wallet


One of the most important components of the token’s economic model is the burn mechanism that OSEAN DAO built. Every purchase and sell transaction will cost 6%, as was already mentioned, with 1% of the charge going to the burn wallet. The tokens gathered in the burn wallet will be changed into BNB and kept in the “To be Burnt Wallet.”

By lowering the amount of OSEAN in circulation, the burn mechanism aims to stabilize the token price. The surviving tokens become more rare as more of them are burned, which can raise their worth. The burn mechanism will be essential in assuring the project’s long-term viability in addition to stabilizing the token.

There might be a need to progressively convert some of the OSEAN tokens to fiat money when the DAO buys additional tangible assets, like yachts. In order to avoid any unexpected shocks to the token economy that could be caused by significant sell-offs, the burn mechanism will be put into place.

Watch the video above for the complete overview of the OSEAN DAO crypto, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord channel with 14,000 members, where users can get trading tips and learn about the upcoming crypto presales.


20% of the entire supply will be distributed to investors over the course of the next 20 months in installments, based on their holdings. Every month, a snapshot will be taken on a randomly chosen day, and based on the percentage of each wallet’s holdings, they will airdrop OSEAN tokens to each one.

The aforementioned will give investors a constant motivation to stay onto their tokens and actively take part in the project’s expansion. Regular airdrops will aid in creating a committed community of token owners who are interested in the OSEAN DAO project’s long-term success.

They are certain that their investors will experience a rise in the value of their investments as they carry out their strategy and increase their fleet, and that the OSEAN token will rise in value in the cryptocurrency market.

See our guide to the best crypto airdrops for investors here.


In Q4 2023, OSEAN DAO will debut their NFT marketplace. For each NFT will stand for a single yacht and be divided into equal pieces with a value of $1,000 each, which corresponds to the yacht’s full purchase price. This enables investors to take advantage of the commercial exploitation of these expert yachts while entering the yacht industry at a lesser cost.

Their NFT marketplace is only accessible to owners of OSEAN tokens, fostering a strong connection between the project and its backers. NFT holders will be given membership in the OSEAN Club in addition to voting rights in the DAO and dividend payments.

As members, they will receive special advantages including cost-free yacht excursions, sailing courses, entry into events, and more. They take great pride in their dedication to accountability and transparency.

The Single Purpose Entity (SPE) companies’ balance sheets will be made public to the DAO at the conclusion of each fiscal year, giving all investors access to information about the financial performance of their assets.

The remaining funds will be transferred back to the DAO through a trustee and changed into OSEAN tokens once depreciation and liquidity amounts have been withheld. They are thrilled to be at the front of the expanding connection between conventional assets and the cryptocurrency sector.

Their LLC packaging acts as a link between the two economies, giving investors a special chance to invest in the yacht market while also receiving the advantages of blockchain technology.

Why Invest in  OSEAN Token

The performance of the OSEAN token is linked to the project. Whether you purchase the NFT or not, the token will serve as the foundation of their economy, and all monetary transactions within their economic circle will be conducted in OSEAN.

Their goal is to develop a currency backed by real assets on the one hand, and “new money” from corporate earnings on the other, resulting in a deflationary token and a growing market value.

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