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Yuga Labs Opens The Doors Of Otherside Metaverse With 4300 Voyagers

otherside metaverse nft
otherside metaverse nft

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The most awaited Otherside metaverse, created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators, is now open for the first trip. As many as 4,300 players, referred to as Voyagers, were invited last week to get a first-hand experience of the metaverse through a tech demo and a tour of this gaming platform.

All 4300 voyagers, who participated in the virtual trip to the Biogenic Swamp (located in the centre of the Otherside), were the holders of Otherdeeds, which worked as titles to virtual pieces of land on this gaming platform.

The creators of Otherside had previously stated that only Otherdeed owners and some selected third-party developers had been given the green light to participate in the game during its initial stages.

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What is the ‘Otherside’ Metaverse?

The makers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club have developed Otherside, a metaverse gaming network. The eagerly awaited launch of the Otherside Metaverse saw 4,300 users, with the project’s Otherdeed NFTs sales crossing the mark of $1 billion.

Owners of Otherdeeds NFTs, which serve as titles to virtual plots of land within the Otherside virtual world, were provided entry to the first round of the site last week. Before following a huge Bored Ape through a vibrant doorway into the Otherside Metaverse, the 4,300 Voyagers initially entered a barren virtual room as Voyager avatars.

The Voyagers were told to head to a stadium in the middle of the Biogenic Swamp so they could check out the character motions like dancing, jogging, leaping, and using emojis.

Unlike other systems that are available to all web users, the Otherside metaverse is distinct in that it is presently only usable by Otherdeeds owners. Holders of Otherdeed will be able to play the Voyager adventure game in Phase 1 as they explore the mystery of an OBelisk that suddenly emerged in the Otherside realm.

Holders of Otherdeed will have the opportunity to participate in Phase 1 of the platform’s development and help determine the co-developers and key competencies of this gaming platform. A set of tech demonstrations will serve as the first leg of the Voyager’s Adventure, permitting participants to go to the Otherside and take part in a developing plot.

Voyagers will also have multiple opportunities during playtesting sessions to assist the developers in pushing the boundaries of platform technology. Several Otherside-related rewards will be available to all Voyagers who successfully finish each level of this adventure in line with the guidelines.

The developers of Otherside in the lite paper have committed to Otherside’s dedication to interoperability, which enables digital assets to move around on various gaming systems or virtual communities.

Increase in the Price of ApeCoin

ApeCoin, ERC-20 governance and utility token managed and developed by the ApeCoin DAO community, is a key component of the Otherside system. All owners of ApeCoin are eligible to join the DAO, and the token is traded on significant trading platforms.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which inaugurated the Otherside metaverse for business and hosted 4,300 “Voyagers” for an incredible experience in the metaverse, has helped the Apecoin value open the week on a strong side.

At the time of writing, ApeCoin is priced at $5.72 USD, with an increase of 9.56% in its value in the last 24 hours. Over the previous week, APE’s price has increased by more than 30%. The pump in the price of ApeCoin shows that utility tokens of NFT-based metaverse games will dominate in the coming times.

This is also evident by the hype surrounding the presale of IBAT, the native token of the NFT-based crypto game Battle Infinity. The game is launched by core Indian developers team, much like the successful Polygon project.

IBAT Presale Battle Infinity

As per reports, the IBAT crypto seed round funding has already reached $350,000 in its first week. The 90 days pre-sale is still on and investors can participate in it right now.

Considering the craze of NFT-based metaverse games like Battle Infinity and Otherside, it is expected that this token will set new records whenever it is launched for trading.

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