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yPredict Raises Over $2 Million In Presale – Next 10x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The popular presale yPredict ($YPRED) continues to get a lot of attention from investors, and the organization has now reached the $2.35 million milestone. The platform’s goal is to revolutionize how cryptocurrency traders access and analyze data.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), yPredict equips these investors with accurate forecasts and insightful information on hundreds of currencies and tokens. Additionally, yPredict will provide trustworthy data on market emotions, cryptocurrency price changes, chart patterns, and more.

The revolutionary yPredict AI token has skyrocketed past the $2 million presale milestone

The $YPRED token is seeing skyrocketing demand, having raised $2.35 million in its pre-sale so far and being in stage 6 of 8. $YPRED tokens power the project through a tiered subscription model. They are currently on sale for $0.09 but will increase in price by 33.3% when the project reaches its final presale stage.

The platform, created by a collaboration of professional traders, quants, AI experts, and software developers, provides AI-powered trading insights, prediction models, and trading tools. yPredict has also recently introduced a new product, extending the platform’s capabilities beyond crypto analytics and trading tools.

AI-powered trading provides users with a competitive advantage

In recent years, algorithms and machines have become more and more important in crypto and stock market dealing. Users of yPredict will be able to access the best predictive models made by experts in artificial intelligence. The platform will also use AI to give users a wide range of data, insights, and measurements.

The platform will help its users make better trading choices and make the most money possible. yPredict will be able to instantly find more than 100 chart patterns, get a sense of how people feel about the market by reading social media, and test hundreds of technical indicators.

It will also look at data on trades and ticks for assets and come up with metrics to give insights based on the data. Also, financial scientists can sell their forecasting models and signals to other users. yPredict acts as a market where retail traders can buy goods from developers.

There are already more than 20,000 people on the waiting list. The website will be free and open to everyone, but there will also be two paid tiers where members can stake $YPRED to get access to more features. Polygon is a fast and efficient layer-2 network, and yPredict is built on it.

It also has a strong staking system and both play-to-earn and learn-to-earn features to keep its community interested. Users can bet on the prices of tokens and also finish learning lessons to earn $YPRED.

yPredict introduces a new AI content editor

The platform has announced the release of a self-hosted content solution offering aimed at medium- to large-sized content teams. It will compete with SurferSEO and hopes to expedite article development and boost productivity. Administrators will be able to simply add or remove new users, and editors will be able to assign tasks using the content editor.

It also employs AI in the content editor, which provides suggestions to improve the quality and organization of the work based on factors such as word length, list size, and graphics, as well as analysis of top-ranking keywords to assist users in optimizing for search engine exposure.

The yPredict content editor also contains a built-in rating system to evaluate work quality as well as a ChatGPT detection mechanism to assure integrity. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here.

$YPRED and its utility token

$YPRED is a token that powers the advanced trading tools and markets in the yPredict ecosystem. Built on the Polygon Matic chain, it has useful utilities and stakes. $YPRED tokens can be used in different ways in the yPredict environment, such as:

  • Holders of $YPRED tokens can use their tokens to review different coins and gain access to data-driven insights and analytics for making informed trading decisions.
  • $YPRED tokens can be used to subscribe to predictive models given by financial data scientists via the yPredict Marketplace, getting access to their important trading signals and predictions.
  • Holders of $YPRED tokens have the ability to vote on the yPredict Marketplace and contribute to decision-making processes.
  • Tokens can be staked in high APY% staking pools. Unlike traditional staking pools with fixed liquidity, yPredict’s staking pools are funded by 10% of each new user’s $YPRED deposit.

yPredict appears to be a viable investment prospect based on its features and use cases. See our YPRED price prediction here.

yPredict marketplace

The yPredict Marketplace is a platform that connects AI and ML developers with financial industry traders. Traders and investors can subscribe to these models on a monthly basis and obtain real-time results via the yPredict platform. This enables developers to gain passive income by supplying their models without having to engage in the trading activity themselves.

Guide on how to buy YPRED token here.

The yPredict Marketplace levies a 20% marketplace fee on the subscription price. The developers receive 70% of the fee (before taxes). yPredict Marketplace strives to build a mutually advantageous ecosystem for both sides by linking experienced developers and traders.

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