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Yahoo Hong Kong’s Magazine “BetterMe” To Unleash Pet-Themed NFTs

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BetterMe Magazine, an online publication for Yahoo Hong Kong, has announced plans to launch its first non-fungible token (NFTs) project. The new NFT project dubbed “City Frenchie” will launch on July 21.

In a July 19 press release, Yahoo Hong Kong confirmed plans to launch a new NFT project known as “City Frenchie” in collaboration with its online magazine BetterMe. City Frenchie will officially launch this Thursday, July 21.

Yahoo Hong Kong’s City Frenchie will feature a limited edition of 100 Frenchie-themed pet NFT collections. The NFT project will express core brand pillars, such as environmentalism, mental and physical wellbeing, culture, travel, and uniqueness. Each NFT has a unique personality and hobby.

These NFTs will allow users to express their love for their furry friend in the Metaverse. Matthew Chan, Head of Sales, Yahoo Hong Kong & China, explained:

“With aims to offer seamless, one-of-a-kind experiences to our users, Yahoo Hong Kong has been actively embarking on new opportunities as technology reshapes the world, our lives, and the way we connect with not only others but with information. Growing our footprint in the Metaverse and NFTs are priorities for Yahoo Hong Kong. We hope to bring even more entertaining and fruitful experiences while promoting Hong Kong art via a partnership with a local illustrator in BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie project.”

According to Chan, a share of City Frenchie NFT sales will go towards the Society for Abandoned Animal Limited to support the expenses incurred by forgotten, senile, ill, or disabled animals.

SAA is a foundation dedicated to supporting needy animals. This foundation promises such animals a forever family or is their home until they pass with the mantra of no killing and no abandoning.NFT holders will get an exclusive chance to visit pets at SAA.

Although the project will launch this week, Yahoo Hong Kong will avail City Frenchie NFTs for presale on Artzioneer on August 1, starting at HK$800.The official launch will take place on August 8. These NFTs will be accessible via Mastercard or Visa card.

Yahoo Expands Its Metaverse Vision

Yahoo continues expanding its footprints in the virtual world to offer its users an exclusive Metaverse experience. Last month, Yahoo unleashed its Metaverse and NFT-related activities in the Decentraland Metaverse to entertain Hong Kong residents.

According to Yahoo, the recently launched Metaverse functionalities are making the social life of Hong Kong residents more seamless while adhering to Covid-19 pandemic rules.

In the coming months, Yahoo anticipates leveraging the Metaverse capabilities to allow residents in quarantine to interact with their family and friends at home. Yahoo Metaverse appeared a few days after Meta confirmed plans to launch a similar project in Hong Kong.


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