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XDC Price Prediction – Up 22% This Week, but Is FightOut the Best Choice for Profit?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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XDC, the native token for the XDC Network, is trading up by 22% this week. However, what do investors stand to gain from this asset, and is there any other coin that promises better yield in the coming weeks?

XDC Price Action

At press time, XDC is trading for $0.0267, indicating an uptrend of 6.09% in the past 24 hours, which is impressive considering that the entire market is up by only 0.34% in the same period.

With most major coins losing value, XDC has been a great asset to purchase. While its price is up by 6.09% in the past day, the asset is trading up by 22% in the past week, and its technicals still look good.

Currently, XDC is trading above all of its major moving average (MA) indicators. These range from the 10-day MA of $0.02672 to the 1200-day MA of $0.02650. The crypto asset has a positive moving average convergence divergence (MACD), giving off a buy signal. However, the coin’s relative strength index (RSI) of 64.35 shows it is approaching the overbought region.


For now, XDC looks like a solid asset for anyone looking to earn profits in the market.

Largest Euro-Backed Stablecoin Deployed on XDC Network

XDC is the native token for the XDC Network – a hybrid blockchain platform open to all developers. The blockchain is particularly famous for financial applications since its dual private and public iterations provide the ideal underlying platform for different functions.

Last week, the network got a massive boost after STASIS, the issuer of the EURS stablecoin, deployed the asset on the blockchain. EURS is the largest Euro-backed stablecoin, and its introduction to the XDC Network is sure to help improve the network’s adoption level, especially for European crypto investors who would like to avoid the volatility of traditional coins and send money across borders.

STASIS highlighted the blockchain’s impressive transaction throughput, which allows it to handle up to 2.000 transactions a second. Also, with the XDC Network being compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), there is a potential for the Euro-backed EURS to grow its reach via the blockchain.

Buy FGHT for Gains

While XDC looks like a solid digital asset for anyone to buy, there are several other high-quality coins to consider. One such name is FGHT – a new crypto token that has already raised over $2.8 million from investors.

FGHT is the native token for FightOut, a move-to-earn (M2E) platform that rewards users for engaging in different fitness activities. The platform is backed by Transak, LBank Labs, BlockMedia Labs, and

M2E platforms like STEPN have helped popularize the concept of rewarding measurable activity and fitness objectives with in-app currencies, but FightOut goes far beyond the already-existing M2E in several areas.

FightOut is especially great because of its encompassing nature. Instead of just focusing on
tracking steps, the platform has sensors that allow it to track every form of physical activity. This means that users can get proper rewards instead of feeling short-changed.

FightOut’s users are treated to a metaverse platform where they can engage in activities and purchase fitness tools. The platform even allows them to contact licensed fitness trainers for different sessions.

FGHT is now available for presale and will last only one stage, with the token costing $0.0166 (60.06 = 1 USDT).

In addition, the asset’s developers have introduced a bonus structure that gives early investors between 25% and 50% bonuses on FGHT purchases depending on the amount they put into the token and their vesting period. The reward structure is expected to end once the FGHT presale hits $5 million in capital raised, buy now and get up to a 50% bonus.

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