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FightOut Is The Coin To Watch This Festive Season – Be One Of The First!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The access token for FightOut’s Web3 fitness platform and gym chain FGHT has been gaining massive popularity recently. Since it combines in-person instructions with metaverse duelling, this is a novel approach in the field, which is being recognized by a huge chunk of the investing citizenry too. The cryptocurrency is now available for presale on its official website, with the festive season apparently helping the project raise huge amounts in a short span.

Fighting Fit is FightOut’s Strategy for Attacking the $96 billion Wellness and Fitness Market

Statista estimates that the health and wellness industry will be valued at $96 billion through 2022, but it is stuck in the past, which is why both the M2E app and the fitness franchise FightOut are coming in to help. The FightOut app as well as the gym franchise are seeking to alter one of the world’s fastest-growing and most lucrative industries with an exciting as well as ambitious offer of potentially $100 million.

FightOut made over $1 million in a seven-day private sale in December last year, and the first stage of its public sale is quickly gaining momentum. Given the connection between exercise, health and well-being, any initiatives that make it easier to maintain or achieve fitness objectives have the potential to shoot up in value in the upcoming months.  This is evident, considering the interest in the Move-to-Earn concept and related projects.

In addition to addressing issues within Web3 since it was implemented by initiatives like STEPN, FightOut is working to change the current Web2 architecture.

FightOut is Unique Because it Combines Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

FightOut is projected to swiftly be a top crypto project because of its unique selling points. M2E platforms like STEPN have contributed significantly to the growing acceptance of the concept of using in-app currency to reward measurable activity and fitness goals. It has currently raised a whopping $2.1 million, despite being a recently launched initiative.


FightOut performs substantially better than M2E in several aspects, though. First of all, FightOut measures more than just steps; all physical activities, including those picked up by sensors in gyms, will be quantifiable in new ways. Additionally, no pricey NFTs are required to use the network. The M2E offered by FightOut is also unrelated to specific physical fitness objectives. You receive rewards from FightOut for living a healthy lifestyle in general, not just for taking a stroll!

One of the most advanced strategies is a soulbound avatar, which is inextricably linked to your in-app character and cannot be changed. It has abilities such as strength, physical endurance, heart performance, skill, and more. Depending on the information from your actual workouts, your avatar may improve as you go.

Your avatar serves as a tool for bringing fitness to a world of nearly limitless opportunities for encouraging more alluring and social physical activity. Your FightOut avatar acts as the key to the virtual world’s entrance.

FightOut Sets More Exercising Objectives For Everyone

FightOut is concentrating on the elite “combat athlete” in addition to the tens of millions of regular people who participate in formal or informal fitness as well as exercise routines around the world to promote the adoption of Web3 innovations in health and fitness. According to the “styles make fights” theory, which develops training programs customized for various sports and activities, FightOut will offer pathways for top athletes such as fighters as well as other types of athletes.


One result of this decision is that participation by exceptional athletes will inspire gym-goers who are not elite athletes. Because pro athletes use the platform, regular app users and gym goers will find aspirational inspiration from them.

Through in-gym activities, films, and training plans created by combat athletes for the projects that will be a part of each gym, this will take physical shape. The gym will transform into a community hub, but membership won’t require or even involve physical presence. FightOut plans to initially open up to 20 gyms, starting in the regions with the most vibrant martial arts communities and having a presence in all of the major cities around the world.

The FightOut App Encourages the Use of FGHT and the Value of Tokens

The platform’s focal point is the FightOut smartphone app, which will be the first to use smartwatch and phone technology to measure and assess physical performance. Both of FightOut’s tokens, FGHT and REPS, provide a discount on traditional fiat money and can be used to sign up for the service.

To promote its core principles, the token will provide a 25% discount to customers who purchase using FGHT tokens. The in-app currency for FightOut is known as REPS.

REPS can be used to purchase goods, a variety of digital items (such as aesthetics for avatars), in-app purchases, extra services (like virtual consultations with certified trainers or FightOut’s specialized combat coaches), prizes, and more. Another factor supporting the value of the FGHT token is the ability to purchase extra REPS using the $FGHT token.

The Deployment of Gyms, Social Media, Metaverse, AI, and Ambassadors

As previously said, each user’s metaverse avatar is a representation of their accomplishments in the actual world. To link scoreboards, leagues, tournaments, and incentives, social contact is used to provide feedback and promote genuine physical engagement. There will also be fights between AI-powered fighters and unique tournaments that local businesses and residents may host.


In the fourth quarter of 2023, the first FightOut facility will debut. Each gym will have a fitness bar, workshop, and co-working area. Professional boxers and other top athletes will be sought out to promote the company and provide activities like masterclasses that will further boost its value throughout the FightOut ambassador program.

Bonus Tokens For the FGHT Pre-sale

A three-month vesting period is in place for all presale token buyers. Additionally, buyers have the option to increase their token incentives by selecting prolonged vesting periods between six months (10% reward) and 24 months (25% bonus).

The presale allotment of 60% is a baseline figure due to the incentive prizes, and it might go to 90% based on the level of bonuses attained. 70% of the proceeds from the presale will be used to buy and renovate the facility. This, however, is data that can change at any time, since the speed at which FightOut has been moving could help it speed up the launch process potentially.

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