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World Economic Forum Publishes Blockchain Deployment Roadmap

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The World Economic Forum, or WEF, has recently published a new roadmap in regard to the deployment of blockchain. This stands part of a new toolkit it’s devised for businesses that seek to implement blockchain technology within real-world applications.

Leveraging COVID-19 As Opportunity

Notably, the WEF revealed that the blockchain deployment kit the NGO is offering provides a guide on how to build a better supply chain. This new supply chain the guidelines direct on leveraged distributed ledger technology to achieve fruition. The authors of these reports are leveraging the global health pandemic currently, making chaos in the world, as an ample argument for greater reliance on blockchain technology.

The report states that the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the world’s need for global supply chains with more resilience, as well as trustworthy data. The idea going forward, is to help the economy recover via the digitalization of trade, as well.

Seeing A Silver Lining

Nadia Hewett stands as the Head of Digital Currency at the WEF, and gave a public statement about the matter at large. She explained that this pandemic has a small silver lining, in that it can provide businesses the chance of improving their systems in response to it.

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In particular, Hewett urged for a future state that is “Post-COVID,” and stated that everyone should work towards shaping the outcome like that. Mainly, Hewett aims for a result that promotes inclusivity, interoperability, as well as integrity.

The toolkit works both within the public and private sector bodies, as well as the deployment guidance along with it. Both can be used to facilitate end-to-end deployments of blockchain systems.

Empowering The Supply Chain

According to the organization, you’re capable of using this blockchain system to navigate end-to-end for guidance on deployment. The statement even highlights the fact that you can choose a specific topic of interest for your team or you yourself to focus on

Hewett explained that the toolkit itself has the potential to be of particular use within supply chain stages and world parts that have a more marginal value attributed to information. This, in turn, helps firms empower themselves and leverage better deals.

Hewett went further on this thought, explaining that this blockchain solution offers parts of the world and supply chain overall the chance to negotiate better deals. This is due to the marginal value of the information at these stages, with proper blockchain networking allowing more firms to be empowered.

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