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Will the Lucky Block Price Recover Back to $0.01 All-Time High on Listing

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Will the Lucky Block Price Recover
Will the Lucky Block Price Recover

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LBLOCK V2 has gone over 20 consecutive days with a price of $0.002 per LBLOCK; without fail it has always been supported at those levels. The next exchange listing will be on the trading platform and the new listing is estimated to happen in mid-September.

The price of the Lucky Block is going up. It first saw a spike in July after it advanced above its 50-day moving average and then hit support on July 28th.

Speculations are that LBLOCK can hit its new all-time high price after getting listed on

LBLOCK Price Prediction: Bullish

Prices have risen to reach new highs. The upward momentum came from LBLock being listed on the MEXC exchange.

There has been an increasing number of new highs and lows printed as the new market structure continues to grow for last month’s release of LBLOCK V2.

The launch was met with a high volume of interest, peaking at over $0.0044 USD when listed on 1st August 2022.

The market bullish up to 3x in just three days.

LBLOCK has been trading sideways since July 30th – every day, the price never drops below $0.002. On December 18th, all dips were bought up and it hit the 50-day moving average of $0.0016.

What does the future hold for Lucky Block? Will it reach $0.01?

People are optimistic that’s next exchange listing will happen soon, which is expected to be announced sometime in the future. currently hosts a volume of trades up to $1,2B in 24-hrs. is also ranked 5th, hailing from CoinMarketCap and is set to become the most popular cryptocurrency exchange ever listed on it.

Lucky Block’s price could potentially increase 500% when it retests the historic high, which would be more than its current trading volume.

Their token has already been listed on Uniswap and after an increase in volume, we may see Lucky Block reach its historic high from February which would be a 500% increase from today’s price.

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What are Lucky Block and its features?

Lucky Block is an open-source blockchain protocol that easily allows gamers to trade tokens on a decentralized exchange. They accomplish this by paying out rewards and performing cross-game asset exchanges.

Buy Lucky Block

Lucky Block is focused on using blockchain technology to produce a global lottery system.

They provide a lottery with better odds while providing a solid investment strategy for people who invest in the company.

Blockchain reduces the chances of losing or tampering with information. It also has near instant payouts and is a fully trackable technology.

With Lucky Block, you will get better odds in lotteries because the blocks will enable more draws per day. Players with low risks can also take part in higher margins for lotteries in addition to a lower cost per lottery.

Does Lucky Block V2 have a chance of becoming the next game with a success?

Lucky Block’s trading activity has stagnated ever since its listing on, but this might be a positive sign, as the coin has now entered new markets and increased in liquidity.

Lucky Block has been trending upwards since July. The high trading volume of could allow it to trade above $0.003, which is the price that the coin hit in May when it first began using jackpot prizes and the app release was rolled out.

Traders are expecting that a push to the upside may come, and are buying around the $0.002 level in hopes that it will “catch” as LBLOCK V2 makes its way back up into the recent range.

The price of LBLOCK V2 is pretty volatile, so there’s a chance that the stock might fall back to its original price before it starts going up again. The potential high it could rise is $0.01           whereas the potential low is $0.0002 per LBLOCK.


The function of the LBLOCK tokens is to power the Lucky Block blockchain and DApps. They have already corrected about 90% from their all-time high. Token V1 and V2 are both undervalued. Token V2 has already perked up in the past week, making a strong bounce from its recent lows.

When the project launched its V2 token, some investors may have sold their tokens. Creators of NFTs who were building on the platform would have sold most of their tokens at once.

The LBLOCK token saw increased value after it went to sell on the open market, because, typically, early investors are more patient and less likely to sell quickly.

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