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Can Tamadoge reach $0.50 Per TAMA Coin?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy Tamadoge
Buy Tamadoge

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Tamadoge is a new crypto coin that’s the first meme coin featuring a metaverse and other popular features until its live launch in October of 2022. Investors can buy TAMA tokens during its presale period.

Tamadoge is about to give away $100,000 for their token holders. All you have to do is hold on to your tokens until the airdrop, and you’ll be automatically entered. One of the most promising cryptos of 2022 is the project that has already raised over $2 million in presales.

The cost of TAMA at the time of writing is $0.01, with a minimum purchase requirement of 1000 TAMA. However, with interest among the investors’ community for the TAMA coin, chances are it can hit $0.50 per coin.

The Tamadoge Crypto Giveaway

In order to enter the Tamadoge crypto giveaway, you need to buy at least $100 worth of tokens before September 10. You can purchase the tokens on

After that, sign up for a business competition on, a leading name in business competitions. Provide your email address and social media accounts to start a nine-task challenge. You will be sponsored for each task you complete, and your social media profile will be used as a confirmation of entry.

You can complete some tasks on the Tamadoge Discord to enter the prize draw. To contribute, join the Tamadoge Discord community, follow the project on Twitter and Telegram, and share it with friends. After completing these tasks in only a few minutes, you’ll be entered into the $100,000+ TAMA token giveaway.

Tamadoge is a blockchain-based loyalty platform with TAMA tokens distributed at random. You can get these tokens by participating in their free giveaways scheduled to help promote token presales. They hold these giveaways often and ensure you stay up to date by joining their Telegram group for the latest news.

About TAMA Coin

The first so-called “meme coins” were created as a joke about people investing in cryptocurrencies and the emerging market at that time. Ten years later, some of those “memes” have become tangible digital assets known as cryptocurrencies.

While Dogecoin is located within the same ecosystem as Tamadoge, it is not as innovative. For example, while Dogecoin can be classified as a meme coin 2.0, Tamadoge features an NFT store, P2E capabilities, and token utilization.

Although Shiba Inu was originally assumed to be the next DOGE, it lacked utility and failed to overtake DOGE. Instead, Tamadoge has been designed as a platform to rival other popular metaverse projects.

The Doge ecosystem acted as a ploy to attract investors, and the plan seems to be working. Tamadoge hasn’t achieved market value yet, but it’s the most valuable meme coin at this present time. Many individuals said this is the fortune of meme coins, and they are right.

Meme Coins: Here’s What The Future Could Hold

Tamadoge is a meme blockchain project with the potential to be the best-designed among other meme coins. As it runs on Ethereum, its native token is an ERC-20 coin.

TAMA tokens are easier to use than Meme coins and flexible in how you can use them. TAMA tokens can be utilized for investments in the NFT stock and trades between users. However, only 2 billion TAMA tokens are available to purchase. Half of the TAMA tokens will be fumed to raise the token cost.

The project concentrates on grade and efficiency rather than abundance. Once it goes live, Tamaverse will set the standard for other coins with better features.

Tamadoge’s tokens are completely KYC’d and audited, meaning that the new cryptocurrency is built with excellent security features. In addition, there are presales on the way, so you have the perfect opportunity to invest in a promising project. Tamadoge is one of the best cryptos on the market and creates an equal playing field for all investors.

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Features of Tamadoge

The Tamaverse core is all about caring for digital pets. It’s an AI reimagining of the 90s handheld game Tamagochi, where you must feed and care for your pet to keep it happy and healthy.

There are many games, including your pet, that you can play for more Dogepoints. As the player with the most dogepoints at the end of the month, you will be rewarded with TAMA tokens and permanently waived transaction taxes when using this currency.

Tamaverse provides users with the opportunity to interact with a virtual world, where they can work with others to complete challenges and trade items. In the future, Tamaverse will be adding features and given the buzz surrounding it, it might take over as King of Memes. You can checkout the official website to know more about this token.

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn mechanism

The Tamaverse also has a P2E system, which rewards players with tokens for playing the games and winning. After you play games in the Tamaverse, you will receive tokens. This happens when you build up your Dogepoints and appear on the monthly global leaderboards.

The prize pool of the Tamaverse relies on a monthly trade volume. When 65% of the token is used, it goes to the prize pool, which is then split among winners, depending on performance. The Tamaverse features games and levels, with more features coming after release.

Usable pet NFTs of Tamadoge

The Tamadoge pets are the central point of this platform, and they also function as non-fungible tokens. You can buy and trade these pets with the TAMA token, and use them to improve your pet’s stats and get ahead in the game.

More pets will be added to the game as the project evolves and more tasks become available. The more mature your pet is, it can complete more complex tasks, which grants you more Dogepoints.

The token pre-sale was 25 July 2022 and lasted until October, when the project entered a general page if they weren’t sold out. There were no private sales or a vesting period, meaning you will automatically become an early investor if you buy tokens in the pre-sale.

To purchase TAMA tokens, visit Tamadoge’s official website. The minimum investment is $150, and each token will cost $0.01. So if you invest $150, you’ll get 15,000 tokens in return – this could be worth 100x the value later on.

You can use your card by adding it to the presale, but if you have Trust Wallet or MetaMask, you can also convert ETH or USDT tokens.

Roadmap for Tamadoge

Dogecoin is releasing its Tamadoge project soon, with a presale preceding it. Players can choose their favorite pet through the presale and start exploring levels.

In September, the TAMAApp will be downloadable for users to test. In 2023, all TAMApets will have 3D models. In the future (by year-end may be), AR will be fully supported on the platform. As a user, you will be able to walk around your neighborhood while interacting with your virtual pet.

Future Predictions

You can buy TAMA tokens right now, and the person who buys $100 worth and joins the official Tamadoge groups is eligible to receive an additional $100,000.

Since Tamadoge first entered beta pre-sale on 22 July 2022, it has become a popular project, and many recommend investing.

The project has raised over $750,000, and the cap of $2 million is expected to be reached before September 2. Investors are continuing to pour in.

A public ICO launch will follow the pre-sale in 2022 to raise $1 million. The cost of TAMA at the time of writing is $0.01, with a minimum purchase requirement of 1000 TAMA.

Pre-sales are a chance to buy in at the lowest price. In addition, a percentage increase in the amount of your donation after pre-sale will go towards research, development, and marketing for this new cryptocurrency.

TAMA tokens are available for sale during a presale for the next 30 days, with a maximum of $8 million. Investors have opportunities to purchase sizable positions of TAMA tokens, with 50% allocated towards pre-sales. Developers hope to raise $10 million and distribute 1 billion TAMA tokens (50% of the total supply) for pre-sale.

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