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Will Staking Lockup Help Wall Street Memes (WSM) Token Price Pump

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Will Staking Lockup Help Wall Street Memes Token Price Pump
Will Staking Lockup Help Wall Street Memes Token Price Pump

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Wall Street Memes (WSM) lists on major exchanges on September 27th and has rolled out staking, which could help reduce selling pressure.

These are both positive developments for WSM, as the staking mechanism could help stabilize the price of WSM tokens and attract a broader range of investors, which would foster long-term growth and sustainability for the project.

Wall Street Memes token – A potential gem with strong fundamentals

Emerging as a significant player in the 2023 memecoin presales, Wall Street Memes accomplished a noteworthy feat, amassing over $25 million in initial capital.

Building upon this strong foundation, the Wall Street Memes project has now embarked on its 30th and final presale phase, fueling a tangible sense of anticipation. In light of this, here is a selection of the top crypto ICOs that need to be considered for potential investments.

The enthusiasm is justified, given the project’s intentional preparation for its highly anticipated launch on several top-tier exchanges in just 32 days. Seen as a possible catalyst for high trading volumes and a notable increase in market activity, the upcoming exchange listing carries significant potential.

A memecoin on the rise with notable investment and backing

Adding to the intrigue is a recent significant investment by a crypto whale, who injected $1 million into Wall Street Memes (WSM) during the early August presale. Executing five transactions within six minutes, the whale secured $WSM tokens amounting to 460 ETH, translating to roughly $840,000.

Impressively, the same whale had previously invested 93 ETH in WSM two weeks earlier, underscoring their solid confidence in the coin’s potential to yield a profitable return on investment.

Furthermore, the project’s credibility is further bolstered by the active engagement of influential figures like Elon Musk. This is complemented by extensive coverage from reputable crypto publications.

Additionally, notable personalities within the cryptocurrency industry have openly voiced their support on prominent platforms, including YouTube channels. Collectively, these recommendations highlight the WSM token’s significant potential.

Throughout its presale journey, the Wall Street Memes token has consistently maintained a relatively stable price trajectory, demonstrating a resilience that speaks to the project’s steadfast commitment to equitable distribution.

This commitment, in turn, effectively tackles concerns related to the possibility of price manipulation by any concentrated investor group.

Wall Street Memes staking mechanism, market outlook and viability

Due to its impending listing on major exchanges and the deliberate integration of a high-yield staking mechanism, Wall Street Memes have attracted considerable attention. This approach underscores the project’s dedication to stability, emphasizing the promotion of token staking.

This mechanism assists in mitigating potential market crashes by discouraging abrupt sell-offs. The rapid accumulation of staked tokens, forming a significant portion of the circulating supply, vividly illustrates the community’s enthusiasm for this incentive-driven mechanism.

In the latest staking update, the total staked WSM now exceeds 212 million, offering an estimated APY of 94%, while the project provides 75 rewards per block and the total supply of WSM tokens amounts to 1.6 billion.

This high level of participation lays the foundation for improved stability and resilience, potentially alleviating the extreme market fluctuations often observed during project launches.

With a steadfast development approach and the anticipated 2024 bull market, Wall Street Memes exhibits potential for long-term success beyond its initial phases. For further information on acquiring $WSM, please refer to our comprehensive guide available here.


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