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Web3 platform Our Happy Company Launches NFT-based App OurSong

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Web3 infrastructure platform Our Happy Company has launched its inaugural product OurSong. The social commerce mobile app will allow digital creators to use nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to monetize their content and cultivate their communities. The app has been integrated into Circle’s payment infrastructure to drive more demand, according to the company.

Democratizing NFTs For The Masses

Our Happy Company was established in July 2018 by music icon John Legend with the support of several tech entrepreneurs. These include Kevin Lin, (Co-founder of Twitch), Chris Lin (Chief Executive Officer of KKCompany), as well as other pioneering tech entrepreneurs. The OurSong application was launched last month to the delight of users.

Chris Lin, in a press release, stated that the goal of the company is to “democratize NFTs for the masses.” He added that first-timers in the industry are usually faced with a lot of huddles, including overcoming the complicated process of buying their first digital collectible.

As a result, one of the company’s visions is to make creating or buying their first NFT as simple as placing their next delivery order or buying a digital album. This will be accomplished by integrating Circle’s infrastructure into OurSong.

The App Is Built On Ethereum-Based Multi-Token Standard ERC-1155.

The application is built on Ethereum-based multi-token standard ERC-1155. It facilitates transactions on NFT cards known as Vibes through its native digital asset OurSong Dollar (OSD). With this option, users can bypass traditional fiat transaction methods of credit or debit cards by purchasing a wide array of NFTs listed on the marketplace.

The OurSong platform has a user interface that is similar to that of TikTok and other easy-to-use social platforms. It offers a lot of features to meet users’ engagement preferences while providing a beta augmented reality function for the NFT owner.

While other NFT marketplaces use a complicated process of buying and selling digital tokens, the OurSong platform centralizes funds and NFTs into a singular mobile app. The company says the integration of Circle’s payment platform streamlines the entire process for users.

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