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Wall Street Memes Keeps Breaking Milestones – $11 Million Raised

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Wall Street Memes ($WSM) has garnered continuous attention from crypto investors and is poised to disrupt the memecoin space after raising $11 million. This is an excellent sign for anyone considering purchasing a relatively new presale coin instead of $PEPE or $SHIB.

The Wall Street Memes breaks records with over $11 million raised

The Wall Street Bets subreddit’s battle against major investors served as the inspiration for the memecoin known as Wall Street Memes. Even before it was listed on exchanges, it got a lot of attention. During the presale period, $WSM coins are being sold for $0.0304 per unit.

During this time, the project has already raised more than $11 million, which shows that investors are very interested and excited about it. Investors still have another day and a half to buy $WSM tokens at the current price before the price goes up to $0.0307 per token.

Tokens can be bought with ETH, USDT, or credit cards. Early in 2021, small investors from the Wall Street Bets subreddit formed a coalition against large investors by purchasing stocks like GameStop collectively. See our guide on how to buy $WSM token here.

Because of what they did, stock prices went up, which caused big investors to lose a lot of money. The creation of Wall Street Memes is a tribute to this event that shows how strong a group can be and how it can make a big difference. See our guide to the best low market cap crypto to buy here.

Elon Musk’s endorsement to engagement in Wall Street Memes

You can now purchase the token in presale before it enters the public markets. $WSM is the creation of the team behind the million-strong social community centered on Wall Street Memes; it has achieved significant popularity among meme stock investors as well as crypto investors.

And you know you’ve arrived when multi-billionaire Elon Musk engages with your Twitter feed. Musk is one of the biggest memecoin influencers, which is why the Wall Street Memes token presale is already a huge success. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

If you’re still not convinced of the WSM team’s crypto prowess, consider this: last month they released a 420-piece Bitcoin Ordinals collection called the Wall Street Bulls Ordinals NFT Collection. See our guide to the best memecoins to buy here.

Wall Street Memes’ astounding roadmap

To assure the long-term success of our movement, the Wall Street Memes team has created a clear roadmap consisting of three phases. See our guide to the best crypto ICOs to invest in here.

  • Phase 1 (Foundation): During this phase, the team will concentrate on creating a safe smart contract, establishing a robust community, and launching an extensive branding and marketing campaign.
    Their goal is to create transparency, communicate with their audience via numerous channels, and spread the word about Wall Street Memes through professional marketing tactics.
  • Phase 2 (Launch): This phase is when the $WSM token is launched for real. To get Wall Street Memes into the mainstream, the team will make strategic agreements, list the token on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, and run campaigns to spread the word.
    A big part of this phase will be working together with people who make memes, people who have a lot of impact, and content platforms.
  • Phase 3 (Community Empowerment): In the last phase, the team will give its community members in the Wall Street Memes gated community access to special benefits. It wants to have a market value of $1 billion and be listed on top-tier centralized exchanges.

Wall Street Memes tokenomics and airdrop

  • 50% Market: $WSM invests considerable amounts of money in marketing campaigns, growing its social media outlets, and getting top ambassadors on board.
  • 30% Community Rewards: It shows appreciation for the support and loyalty of the community through its generous community awards program.
  • 10% CEX Liquidity: To maintain smooth token flow, 10% of the tokens are allocated to centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity.
  • 10% DEX Liquidity: $WSM dedicates 10% of its tokens to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring that the meme-loving community has easy access to $WSM.

In addition, $WSM is giving away $50,000 worth of $WSM tokens in a Wall Street Memes airdrop to 5 lucky degens. See our Wall Street Memes price prediction here.


New OKX Listing - Wall Street Memes


Wall Street Memes
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection - Wall St Bulls
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk
Wall Street Memes

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