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Veefriends NFT: Innovating businesses, integrating communities.

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Veefriends NFT
Veefriends NFT

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2021 has been a crazy year for NFTs.

Early January this year, barely anyone knew what an NFT was. Today, as we approach the new year, almost everyone on the internet is well versed with the concept. Multiple projects have been announced to date, quite a few of which have been sold for millions, facilitating consideration of NFTs as a good investment. A new project is announced almost every day, only some of which make it to the top charts.

One such project that could potentially be on the list of top 10s is VeeFriends. Launched recently, VeeFriends NFTs is a collection centred around building communities that facilitate creative & entrepreneurial endeavours. It is created by Gary Vaynerchuk: Chairman of VaynerX(a modern-day communications company), CEO of VaynerMedia and a popular social media personality, more on him maybe sometime later.

So, what is VeeFriends NFT?

VeeFriends NFTs is a collection of 10,255 tokens, each a part of three categories namely: Access, Gift and Admission. The collection displays 268 unique VeeFriends characters, which, fun fact; Gary himself drew.

Perhaps the story behind the characters makes them more special. While bringing the characters to life, Gary intended that the characters represent human traits he admires. Traits that lead to happiness and success. Additionally, the characters borrow references from popular culture making it a lot more fun. Because, fun is important, especially when it’s business with friends.

Inferentially this is a great ideology, and what these NFTs allow you to do is even more interesting.

The highlight or biggest perk of this collection -unlike most other projects- is access to VeeCon.

VeeCon: The ‘un-conference’ conference.

VeeCon is a multi-day event, where each NFT owner(10,255 in total) will get exclusive access to a conference arranged every year. One could say it’s the first “NFT-ticketed conference”.

The word ‘conference’ might sound a bit formal, but in essence, this conference is just a way for people to meet. A place for all the VeeFriends to come together and build lasting relationships, both professional and personal. The event will allow industry innovators to interact with industry leaders, build connections & learn from shared experiences.

Among other things, the main focus of the Conference will revolve around business, marketing, ideas, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and how can we forget, fun.

People who mark a presence at the VeeCon will enjoy an incredible lineup of amazing people. Kevin Smith, Beeple, Charli D’Amelio, Deepak Chopra & Logan Paul to name a few.

The event will also host interactive Q&As & actively encourage collaborations.

The upcoming event is at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’ll last four days, from 19th of May to 22nd.

This is an exclusive event and only owners of VeeFriends NFT will be able to attend. Every NFT counts as a ticket, so if you own three, you’ve got yourself three access passes. 2022 is not the only year of VeeCon. As of now, you will get access to two more VeeCons happening in the years 2023 and 2024. What’s to come after that is yet to be announced.

Now, it’s time to take a U-turn from VeeCon & meet our VeeFriends


Before you buy yourself an NFT, it’s important to know what it represents. As previously discussed, all the 10255 NFTs fall under three categories: Admission, Gift and Access. Each class has 9400, 555 & 300 tokens respectively.

Access tokens:

  • These tokens are redeemable for special experiences with Gary such as playing tennis with him or going to dinner together. Of these 300, 210 provide virtual access. The rest 90 are 1 on 1 tokens, each with unique token art, redeemable for in-person experiences.
  • There are group tokens as well, 125 virtual & 40 in person. These tokens will allow you to spend time with Gary and other token owners.
  • Among these, 22 are Competition tokens. If you are an owner you get a chance to compete with Gary in the game displayed on your NFT.
  • Lastly, 5 tokens provide scholarship access. Here you will receive mentorship from Gary and his professional network after you apply and become a token holder. These tokens can’t be bought, but can only be owned through an application process.

Gift tokens:

  • These Gift tokens can be thought of as verifiable entry points into a gifting experience created by Gary.

Admission tokens:

  • This is the biggest lot among the three, offering 9400 tokens in total. I find them fun because they have varying quantities per character type.

Here’s how they are distributed.

Every character type includes 40 tokens.

  • 20 Core
  • 20 Limited

The 20 limited tokens include; 8 Rare, 5 Very Rare, 2 Epic & 5 Spectaculars. The Spectaculars are 1 of 1 Art tokens with only a single edition inside the VeeFriends collection.

Buying VeeCon

VeeFriends NFTs were launched in an auction event on May 11 on the official website.

Now, after the auction, they can be bought on Opensea, an online NFT exchange. Here’s how you can purchase one yourself.

  1. First things first, you will need a Crypto wallet connected with your browser. Metamask is my recommendation if you don’t yet have one. You can get to know about other wallets here. To buy an NFT you will need to load your wallet with ETH, the currency of the Ethereum blockchain on which these NFTs exist. Setting up and adding funds to your wallet shouldn’t take long.
  2. Search VeeFriends on Opensea. After you check out the collection and decide on an NFT to buy, the further process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is place a bid & review your purchase. You should be notified about the gas fees required to process your transaction.
  3. Once confirmed, the NFT will be delivered to your wallet. Congrats, you just bought a VeeFriend!


VeeFriends is an incredible project. In my opinion, possibly the most value providing. As adoption grows, it could easily lead to the top charts in no time. In conclusion, I am really keen on what more will VeeFriends and the entire NFT space offer in upcoming years.

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