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Crypto Baristas NFTs – All you need to know!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto Baristas NFTs
Crypto Baristas NFTs

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We all know coffee-lovers take their brew rather seriously. But who could have thought that the mundane, morning cup of coffee would one day transform into a digital asset?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are already a rage and every business wants to be the industry leader by being the first one into the metaverse. On the same path, New York City-based roaster Coffee Bros. became one of the first coffee companies to merge the ancient coffee trade with the modern, digital world of NFTs in August 2021.

It released 50 copies of the NFTs featuring Ethiopian coffee producer Asefa Dukamo. While some of the proceedings were forwarded to two non-profit organizations, Cup of Excellence and World Coffee Research, few NFT owners were also able to buy Dukamo’s roasted coffees.

Decaf, regular or crypto?

Crypto Baristas is a collection of hand-drawn, unique characters pouring coffee available for purchase at Rarible, a blockchain platform, as NFTs. A total of 60 such characters, designed by illustrator Tony Bui and the Coffee Bros are on sale at the Crypto Barista website. The characters are categorized into three different categories on the basis of their rarity levels.

The rarest ones are known as “World Barista Champs” and 5 of them are a part of Season 1 sale. “Master Barista” are second on the rarity level and 20 such characters are there in Season 1. Last, but by no means the least, are 35 units of “Barista”.

The Crypto Baristas is a project having multiple seasons with season 1 underway already. In all, 455 NFTs from season 1 will be available for purchase. The main objective of the campaign is to create a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate art, coffee, innovation as well as entrepreneurship, says co-founder and co-owner Dan Hunnewell. He also adds that the ambition of the Crypto Baristas project is to ultimately open a real-world space, a physical café, in New York City in the future.

The works and the perks

So, is it just like any other, NFT? All digital and only in the metaverse? Nope, the interesting part about the Crypto Baristas NFTs is the fact that the owners will own more than just the digital asset.

  • Caffeine Perks

The lucky owners will get caffeinated perks for lifetime at all future Crypto Barista cafes. These lifelong benefits will be extended to Crypt Baristas’ coffee partner, Coffee Bros’ website. The owners will also get to enjoy exclusive coffees as well as discounts on Crypto Barista merchandise.

  • Voting Rights

Crypto Barista holders will have the power to dictate the project’s future direction and development. This voting power will let them make decisions regarding café space, new character concepts and Season 2 direction. One of the most exciting rights will be the use of the “Barista Bank”, a community fund which will be allocated 15% of the NFT earnings. The owners are being promised a say in the management of the “Barista Bank”.

  • Barista Bank

The owners of the Crypto Barista project will control the “Barista Bank” and 15% of the funds from the sale of the NFTs will be held over and controlled by them. Called as “Caffeine Club”, users will have the discretion to donate to coffee funds or utilize the funds for expansion of the current project. According to The Coffee Bros., the potential uses for the Barista Bank can be to support charitable organizations, developing the coffee space, expand the Crypto Baristas project, or start a new project.” The Coffee Bros have set an immediate goal of launching a physical space to showcase artwork and exhibit innovation.

  • Early Access

Another benefit which only the Season 1 owners will enjoy is early access to Season 2 sale. Present owners of Crypto Baristas will get first and exclusive rights to Season 2 sale, before it is thrown open to the general public.

Crypto Baristas NFTs- A green barter?

The Crypto Baristas project is also garnering attention due to their green commitments. The organization has made a pledge to plant 5 tress upon the successful sale of every Non-Fungible Token or NFT. By the first week of December, more than 100 trees have been planted by the project. The founders have committed to planting an ambitious figure of 2,275 planted trees if the entire range of Season 1 NFTs is sold out.

Whether or not Season 1 will lead to a successful afforestation drive is yet to be seen, but NFTs environmental impact is already clear. Artists from all over the world are divided on NFTs while the debate continues over their high carbon footprint. Regardless, projects like Crypto Baristas are continuing to see an upwards trend and massive following.

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