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Tron’s Partnerships Blooming, New $1000 Giveaway Currently Active

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Tron has been going from strength to strength recently and now the company behind the Tron token has announced a new giveaway. Follow these four easy rules to be able to get into the action that Tron is offering.

Giveaway rules looking to boost exposure

The giveaway is a simple one. The Tron Foundation has issued a call to action for interested parties to get in on its latest bounty scheme. The users who win will be given 5000 TRX to be shared among 5 registered and verified users. The rules are strict, so follow them according to the exact protocol as shown below.

1. Follow Tron Foundation Korea on Twitter (@TRON_KOR)

2. Retweet the post that announced the giveaway

3. Follow the CoinCode Telegram Group

4. Fill out the Google Form that was mentioned in the tweet.

The tweet can be found above, along with all the links that are relevant to the competition. The contest is an attempt for Tron to make more people aware of their operating system via social media and many industry experts expect more to come from the company.

New Airdrop coming says Tron Foundation

In addition to the competition it announced, the Tron Foundation also revealed the arrival of an airdrop worth approximately $20 million dollars. This airdrop is aimed at encouraging users to adopt the new US pegged stablecoin that was launched on the Tron network. Tether’s USDT token is hot off the press and has made a splash in the market by quickly becoming a highly traded token on all major digital cryptocurrency exchanges.

The partnership between Tron and USDT is an upgraded version of USDT that was based on the OMNI protocol. This partnership will allow users to hold and transfer smart contracts using the Tron network. Tron has always maintained that the service is better due it being free and open, without any of the delays that plague similar networks.

This is part of Tron’s push to become the hub for decentralized apps (dapps). Having a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar will allow app developers to exchange Tron for fiat in a much more secure and easy way than what is possible on other networks. After all, it’s easier to buy Tron (TRX) and then get USDT than it with other coins, at least according to proponents of the coin.

Banko Wallet now accepting TRC20 based USDT

Bank Wallet was announced as having support for the TRC20 based USDT. This is according to the CEO of Tron Justin Sun. Banko Wallet is the premier professional digital platform that supports a wide variety of coins. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and Ontology make up just a few of the coins that are available via their platform.

That is in addition to coins on those networks and support for integration with dapps made on the networks that support them. This is further proof that Tron is steadily pushing forward with its decentralized token, and these giveaways are moving it up in the ladder to becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.

The next push is to further its app ecosystem. While Tron and Ethereum have been duking it out, other competitors are coming into the fold and it might not be such a two-horse race soon. However, with the amount of good press coverage that Tron and Ethereum have been getting recently, it is also difficult to see anyone really catching up to them in the near future.

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