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Trend Micro identifies flaws in metaverse safety progress

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Trend Micro
Trend Micro

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Trend Micro, an American-Japanese internet security firm, stated in recent research that now the Metaverse has growing security flaws that might take shape in the next five years.

According to Trend Micro, one of the highest risks to the industry seem to be NFT security issues, the formation of something like a darkverse comparable to the black market, fraudulent transactions, confidentiality issues, threats of physical violence, amplified reality threats, central planning, and traditional database technology threats.

Trend Micro explicitly noted that they are vulnerable to blockchain intercepting attacks because NFT possession is authenticated using blockchain applications. Sybil attacks could be used against NFTs that depend on relatively small blockchains. This is the point at which the assailant gains power over more than half of the network participants that confirm dealings and can therefore deceive NFT property checking. Finally, there isn’t any binding precedent for a metaverse universe to recognize the custody claimed within a specific NFT.

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Even more threats

The company also seriously thinks that crime organizations may be attracted to a Metaverse universe due to the sheer number of e-commerce exchanges, predicting that there would be many pump-and-dump strategies in the virtual world. Unscrupulous people will inflate the worth of virtual assets by impersonating advice, endorsement deals, and investment opportunities, then throw the property. In hypothesis, digital land value strongly relies on perceived notions and can be manipulated.

Finally, Trend Micro believes that the law enforcement departments will find it difficult in the initial periods of metaverse growth due to the high expense of preventing digital criminal activities and lawbreakers. They would also face difficulties because establishing authority is challenging. Because of the period required to develop metaverse expert knowledge, this type of crime may go largely unpunished in the early years. If a customer is swindled or scammed, obtaining assistance, making a complaint, or pursuing legal action would be extremely difficult. The customer would also be utilizing decentralized cryptocurrencies, which provides additional complexity to the situation.

The report concludes by urging the development of appropriate authentication schemes in expectation of a massive influx of foreign investors into the sector. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Meta, the Metaverse has the potential to open up much money in the future.

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