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Top Trending Crypto on Solana Chain Today – GameStop, Honk, Popcat

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What are the top trending Cryptos on the Solana Chain today? Notwithstanding the disruption across the Solana chain yesterday, GameStop, HONK, Popcat, and a few other cryptos carved their path to the top spots in the market.

The Solana disruption of Tuesday has raised many questions regarding the overall evolution of the platform. Many observers believe the Chain ought to have outgrown the incessant hiccups as it is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing crypto chains.

Top Trending Crypto on Solana Chain

Besides, the plunge in the price of Solana Memecoins has little effect on some projects in the ecosystem. We’ve highlighted a handful of the projects in this article with relatively impressive performance. In addition, we’ve also identified presale projects like the Meme Kombat with a high prospect of becoming a crypto to watch.

1. GameStop (GME)

The GameStop tribute crypto, GME, earned its spot as one of the top-trending cryptos on the Solana Chain today after it showed an impressive price recovery. Before that, it first appeared in the news earlier this week after a sudden decline took over 66% off its price.

Gamestop Price Chart

Today, GME is putting up a fight that will possibly keep it on the trending list for the remaining days of the week. The crypto recorded a price pump of about 40% in the early hours of the day, and its trading volume also increased by about 80% in the last 24 hours. Moreover, the GME narrative is quickly taking a new twist as the project aims to project itself as a movement rather than a cryptocurrency.

Surprisingly, the narrative is working, as it recently shared on its Twitter handle that the number of holders has exceeded 15k. Data from its chart also indicates that GME is set for an exciting performance.

It recently set a new ATH value of $0.013, which might even push further up with its current momentum. It’s left for investors to keep an eye on the toke and its growing movement, as its increasing influence might push it to the top spot among the most promising cryptos of the quarter.

2. Popcat (POPCAT) 

Popcat is working its way out of the price decline it has been forced into in the past few weeks. Surprisingly, the POPCAT price plunged by over 77% after it reached an all-time high value of $0.049.

Nevertheless, the token is making its comeback with over 30% price increase in the last 24 hours. That’s not the first increase in recent times. A total pump of over 44% has been seen since the start of the new week. With the pace, it might reclaim the $0.019, which is its price at launch.

POPCAT Price Chart

There are strong indicators that the token is one of the cryptos to watch, particularly on the Solana chain. However, the growing interest in crypto is revealed by its trading volume, which reached as high as $1.7 million today, and an increased confidence rating and liquidity score of about 370.

Conversely, despite its rising influence, POPCAT might have a tough battle ahead as its community activities are declining. It may have accounted for its dwindling price. Coupled with the overall outlook of meme coins on the Solana chain, holders may have much to worry about.

3. Doginphire (FIRE)

Doginphire is currently gaining popularity as a result of its impending airdrop. Recently, one airdrop has contributed to the massive growth of the Solana chains and the projects in its ecosystem.

FIRE Price Chart

FIRE is on a growth spree with over 350% price increase in the last 24 hours and over 200% pump in its trading volume. The project is one of the most popular cryptos on the Solana chain today after its rising price caught the market’s attention.

With its airdrop anticipation gathering steam, it’s left to see how it will hold its position as one of the top trending cryptos on the Solanna chain.

More good news is coming in the direction of the FIRE holders. However, the token posted on its Twitter handle today that it might be listed on two centralized exchanges in the coming days. Hence, its days on the top trending list might be far from over.

4. Honk (HONK)

Since its launch last month, HONK has been causing some stir in the market. It first had a massive plunge that shaved over 70% of its price. However, it began making a comeback, and in the last 24 hours, it’s gained an impressive 70%, and its trading volume increased by a whopping 388% in the said period. As of the time of writing, HONK ranks among the top trending cryptos on the Solana chain.

HONK Price Chart

Many investors currently envisage the possibility of HONK becoming the next BONK owing to the growing influence of the project on the Solana chain. Its utility also indicates strong potential. A post on its Twitter handle reveals a leaning toward P2E, which may increase the demand for HONK.

Also, a few other noteworthy facts about the crypto include its recent chat partner, which is judged to have formed the falling channel pattern. It is argued that the pattern indicates the likelihood of sustained buying interest. Thus, the market and Solana chain might discuss the HONK token for the rest of the month.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Meme Kombat Should be on every investor’s watch list based on its recent data. The new crypto project recently crossed the $8 million mark in its presale offering, and interestingly, it’s not slowing down. At the time of writing, it has added over $300,000, bringing the total amount raised to $8.3.

As the memecoin wind is blowing across the crypto industry, now might be the time to tap into what might become the crypto with the fastest-growing community. Another interesting move by the community that sets it apart from most presale projects is the decision to stake over 35,000,000 worth of $MK, even before the project is listed on exchanges.

Moreover, Meme Kombat will not drive its value through its exchange listing alone. It also sports a Play-to-earn model to create demands for the tokens, and that’s beside the staking moves and the burn strategies already included in its tokenomics.

The price of MK is $0.279, and the next milestone in its presale is set for $10,000,000. The earlier investors hop on board, the faster they reap the first movers’ advantage. Further details of the project are featured on its presale page.

Visit the Meme Kombat presale.

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