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Most Trending Cryptocurrencies on Uniswap Today – OpSec, MAGA, LootBot

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OpSec Price
OpSec Price

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The persistent sideways trend in the crypto market is gradually resulting in a shift towards small-cap assets. After printing jaw-dropping price pumps, OpSec, Maga, and LootBot earned their spots as some of the top-trending crypto coins on Uniswap today.

Unlike the notable trend in the previous year’s first quarter, which moved in favor of degen tokens, the market is witnessing an evenly distributed fund inflow into utility projects and other sectors.

Most Trending Crypto Coins on Uniswap

On the other hand, the global crackdown on crypto mining energy consumption might be opening a way for innovative projects in crypto mining. With China’s leading worldwide cryptocurrency and crypto mining regulation, the industry may soon have to reimagine how the mining process works. Thankfully, projects like the Bitcoin Miners are already leading the way, and the project details are highlighted below.

1. OpSec (OPSEC) 

OpSec ranks high on DEXTools today after recording a price increase of over 26% in the last 24 hours, peaking at about $0.20. Along with its rising price, Despite being relatively new in the market, OPSEC is leaving an impressive mark with a price surge of over 140% since its launch.

Hopes are high that the new token might keep its pace as one of the top gainers on Uniswap. From its fundamentals, it is on a mission to enhance the implementation of a more efficient decentralized digital ecosystem.

OPSEC Price Chart

While the project is debuting in an overcrowded DeFi space, its relatively impressive performance at launch may give it a fighting chance. Also, the decision to leverage AI technology in the sector is another advantage that may place it ahead of its competition. Plus, its rising trading volume may also be an indicator that OpSec is gradually attracting significant interest.

Some other critical data might be its recent increase in holders. The post on its official Twitter handle today reveals that its holders have crossed the 5000 mark, showing a growing force behind the project.


The growing influence of the former president of the United States arguably influences the popularity of MAGA (TRUMP). The token secured its spot today as one of the top trending cryptos on Uniswap after it recorded over 53% increase in price.

It also printed an impressive 257% gain in trading volume, cementing its claim as one of the cryptos of interest this season. Will TRUMP continue to hold its spot as the trending cryptos on Uniswap? The overall outlook of the crypto market spells uncertainties.

MAGA (TRUMP) Price Chart

Hence, it’s hard to predict whether TRUMP has what it takes to maintain its rising value. On the other hand, it recorded over $4 million in trading volume on uniswap V2 against WETH  in the last 24 hours. Also, it had a liquidity score of 488, indicating growing confidence in the token.

With that, MAGA might maintain its push for higher values. In addition, the project is on an aggressive burn strategy to reduce its circulating supply. According to a post on its Twitter handle, it completed a fresh round of token burn valued at $20,603.

3. LootBot (LOOT) 

LootBot is beating a path to the top spot on Uniswap with over 59% increase in the last 24 hours. The project started its price rally earlier this month and has neted over 200% in less than the previous seven days.

There are speculations that it can maintain its gains. With its utility focused on things like airdrop farming and automated on-chain tasks, the speculations might hold. Signals from its growing trading volume also indicate that Lootbot might be on its way to becoming one of the top projects to watch on Uniswap.

LOOTBOT Price Chart

LootBot is a Telegram bot that automates on-chain interactions and is a streamlined frontend for hundreds of chains. Anyone can create or follow automated tasks that could help with objectives such as Airdrop Farming

Again, another strong point for the LootBot project is its decision to debut on the Blast_L2 mainnet. What it means is that it would record increased utility as it would support interaction and automation across the chain and its dApps. Ultimately, it’s an increase in value for LOOT holders.

4. Azure (AZR) 

Azure has seen an impressive performance today, listing as one of the trending cryptos on Uniswap. In the last 24 hours, the crypto has seen a price increase of over 1684% and trading volume valued at over $953,000 in the said period.

The project, which kicked off in January, is fast gaining market interest with its focus on scalability and privacy protection. With the growing interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrency, projects like Azure might become the holy grail in the future.

Azure Price Chart

More recently, it launched its native swap features, allowing holders to access assets directly from their wallet using its swap platform on Ethereum.

Its growing innovation will likely give it a hold in the market as more users flock to its services. However, the project is still in its infancy, and it’s best to keep an eye on its evolution.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Bitcoin Minetrix is taking a stand as the crown jewel of the crypto mining sector through its Stake-to-Mine initiative. Generally, the global push for energy conservation threatens crypto-mining operations, indicating that it’s time to rethink the mining processes.

While it’s unlikely that conservation will force cryptocurrency to its knees, the industry can expect massive shifts in how things are done in the long run.

It’s set its gaze on revolutionizing how Bitcoin mining is done through the power of cloud computing. It means that the power to mine Bitcoin is about to become democratized.

Not only that, it also means that the growing energy demand would witness a decline as the mining process would become more centralized. Ultimately, it’s a win for everyone. BTCMTX holders earn returns for participating in the project, and the world wins as the more innovative approach to mining gains ground.

Currently, the project is still on presale, with over $10.3 million raised so far. Its presale price of $0.0133 will likely increase in about 72 hours. Investors who wish to leverage the growing interest in crypto mining should take advantage of this opportunity to get involved.

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