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Pandora NFTs Gain Massive Traction Days After Launch – Its Floor Price Jumps 170%

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Pandora Box NFTs
Pandora Box NFTs

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Pandora, a newly launched non-fungible token collection, continues gaining massive traction among NFT collectors days after its official launch. The NFT collection has recorded remarkable positive growth, marked by a sudden spike in its trading sales volume and floor price value.

Pandora NFT Collection Pumps 218% In Sales

Data compiled by, an on-chain data aggregator, the Pandora NFT collection has experienced a remarkable market surge. In the past 24 hours, the Pandora NFT collection has amassed a trading sales volume of 220 ETH, surging over 218% from the previous day.


During this period, the Pandora NFT collection has seen its NFT floor price skyrocket by over 170%. In the past 24 hours, Pandora NFT floor price has risen from around 1.39 ETH to 4.26 ETH. The remarkable performance shows that the NFT market has retained its market taste.

Launched earlier this month, Pandora is a non-fungible token collection created on the Ethereum blockchain network using the ERC404 token standard, similar to the popular ERC-20 and BRC-20 protocols. ERC-404 is an experimental token standard between the renowned ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Pandora NFT Collection Overview

The Pandora NFT collection features a limited edition of 10,000 Replicants hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network. In the Pandora ecosystem, an ERC- 404 token standard equals a Pandora Replicant NFT collection, which can be traded on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Moreover, holding an ERC-404 token standard in the Pandora NFT project equals having a Pandora crypto token ‘$Pandora.’ In that context, users can utilize their ETH liquidity and other tokens to exchanges like Uniswap V3 to receive the $PANDORA tokens.

Finally, collectors can redeem their Pandora crypto to receive the Pandora Replicants NFT collection. The number of Pandora tokens held will determine the number of NFTs the user owns. In that case, a user can choose to have a certain amount of tokens instead of the complete NFT, which is a more flexible strategy for capital allocation.

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