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Top Cryptocurrency to Buy Early 2022 for 10X Returns

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

5 Blockchain NFT Games to Invest In.
5 Blockchain NFT Games to Invest In.

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The year 2021 has been a watershed year for cryptocurrencies, with record growth in the nascent industry. Even as the year comes to a close, investors are already looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy early 2022 as the crypto market is expected to even become more popular in the coming year.

Some of the most promising digital currencies you can add to your portfolio for massive profits have been discussed below:

1. LuckyBlock (LBlock)

Lucky block logo

LuckyBlock is our first pick for the top cryptocurrency to buy early 2022. The crypto project will be the world’s first online crypto lottery protocol. Consequently, the asset is set to launch in February 2022. LuckyBlock aims to create a blockchain-based lottery protocol with better odds while providing a solid investment strategy for investors.

LuckyBlock leverages blockchain technology to ensure that transactions are transparent and that members can decide on which protocols will gain more grants. The asset is looking to break the monopoly generic lottery systems enjoy.

Another benefit of LuckyBlock is the ease of withdrawing your earnings. With blockchain enabling a transparent, open system, LuckyBlock vets both players and their tickets, reducing the likelihood of information loss, destruction or tampering.

With the value proposition of LuckyBlock, this is an ideal opportunity to buy in early into the project as the blockchain-based lottery system will launch on the decentralised exchange (DEX) platform PancakeSwap.

To do this, you can participate in the ongoing presale launch on the LuckyBlock project. The minimum soft launch purchase is pegged at $5,000, while the maximum is $250,000.

Once the launch is complete, the LB token will be locked for 12 months. The soft launch price is set at $0.00012, with the presale launch price pegged at $0.00015.

Your capital is at risk

2. Decentraland (MANA)

cryptocurrency to buy early 2022

Decentraland is another cryptocurrency to buy early 2022, given the growth in the metaverse ecosystem. The Ethereum-based protocol is a virtual reality platform that enables the creation, sharing, and monetisation of content and applications.

Decentraland enables the purchase of virtual properties or lands that users can later navigate, build on, and monetise. The virtual reality protocol is built for content creators, businesses, and individuals looking for a new artistic medium or business opportunity.

Given this, a host of businesses have tapped Decentraland to key into the next wave of the internet. Decentraland has also skyrocketed in value following Facebook’s recent foray into the metaverse ecosystem.

Decentraland’s governance token MANA surged to an all-time high (ATH) of $5.85 on November 25. At press time, MANA is trading at $4.31, down 26.8% from its ATH. Decentraland is set to become a major cryptocurrency, given the growing interest around metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another cryptocurrency to buy early 2022. The Ethereum-based project is a virtual world that enables users to create, build, buy and sell digital assets in a game.

Leveraging the powers of a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and NFTs, The Sandbox is a decentralised platform that helps to create a thriving gaming community.

Looking to make blockchain technology more inclusive, The Sandbox employs a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model that allows gamers to earn while playing games.

The Sandbox will become a principal player in the NFT and P2E gaming race in 2022 as more investment opportunities open up to both ecosystems. Recently, The Sandbox launched its Alpha gaming event.

The program, which began on November 29, will allow players to explore The Sandbox Metaverse through 18 unique experiences. Participants will also be rewarded with 1,000 SAND and three exclusive NFT rewards.

The Sandbox has been dubbed a worthy competitor to Decentraland as both protocols struggle to snatch up significant market share in the NFT and metaverse ecosystems.

At press time, SAND is trading at 6.2, down 3.39% in the past 24 hours. However, the digital asset is currently soaring above the 20-day moving average (MA) support price of $5.3202.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana is a high-performance, permissionless blockchain that aims to engender decentralised finance (DeFi) adoption across the board.

The Solana blockchain features some of the most sophisticated technology, with the protocol averaging over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS). Solana also accords users low fees pegged at $0.0025 and an environmentally-friendly protocol.

The protocol has seen significant integrations due to its inherent benefits. The popular Ethereum rival moved up from the top 20 most valuable crypto assets by market cap to feature in the top five most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Solana-based PC gaming and virtual reality startup Solice announced a $4.3 million investment led by Three Arrows Capital in a recent funding round. This event is expected to put the Solana project on the metaverse map.

Solana’s SOL token is seeing a bearish trend as the broader crypto market struggles. At press time, SOL is trading at $224.23, down 2.24%.

5. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche blockchain has been a quiet competitor to the Ethereum blockchain but has seen a significant uptrend in the past few months. Furthermore, AVAX has shown a massive price gain since the launch of its DeFi fund. The asset has continued to gain massive traction and is a top cryptocurrency to buy early 2022.

AVAX is known for its highly scalable protocol and economical interface. The Ethereum rival recently announced its first GameFi Metaverse partnership with Imperium Empires.

AVAX is also trading in the red region at $116.40, down 2.35% in the past day. The protocol’s huge relevance in the DeFi shows a strong potential to become a massive price surge in the coming year.


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