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Top Crypto Gainers Today, May 16 – GRT, LDO, AiDoge, Launchpad, yPredict, DLANCE, FXS, ECOTERRA, SPONGE

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Bitcoin has paused its upward movement and retreated to around $27,800, while Ethereum is holding above the $1,800 support level. 

The global crypto market cap is at $1.14 trillion, experiencing a slight 0.14% decline. Trading volume has decreased by 21.3% to $30.63 billion. The CPI is a crucial Federal Reserve metric for assessing consumer prices. The expected outcome for the May 10 release is that consumer prices remained elevated in April, similar to the previous month. 

Amid market uncertainty, specific cryptocurrencies have shown strong performance, catching the attention of investors. These top gainers include GRT, LDO, AiDoge, Launchpad, yPredict, DLANCE, FXS, ECOTERRA, and SPONGE. All these exhibit impressive price movements. Presale projects such as AiDoge, Deelance, yPredict, Launchpad, and Ecoterra have also demonstrated notable performance.

Top Crypto Gainers Today, May 16

The Graph (GRT)

GRT/USD Chart Analysis. Source:
GRT/USD Chart Analysis. Source:

Over the past few days, the Graph price has experienced a downward trend, but recent market activity suggests a resurgence of bullish momentum as the coin approaches the $0.12 resistance level. Analyzing the daily chart, a potentially bullish signal may occur if the 9-day moving average exceeds the 21-day moving average, indicating a possible upward movement for the coin.

On the other hand, bearish investors may take advantage of the price decline, causing the coin to approach the channel’s lower boundary. However, the Relative Strength Index (14) indicator may cross above the 40-level, indicating a possible upward shift in momentum. 

Should the Graph price surpass the moving averages, it has the potential to surge toward the upper boundary of the channel. Breaking through this barrier could lead to further resistance levels at $0.17, $0.19, and $0.21. Conversely, if the price crosses below the channel’s lower boundary, it could encounter support levels at $0.06, $0.04, and $0.02.

Lido DAO (LDO)

Lido DAO is revolutionizing the staking landscape and unlocking the potential of liquid staking for Ethereum. By allowing users to stake their ETH tokens while retaining liquidity, Lido DAO offers a seamless staking experience. Users can freely trade or utilize their assets in various DeFi protocols without locking them up.

One of Lido DAO’s key strengths is its commitment to trustlessness and security. The organization’s smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits by reputable firms, ensuring their reliability and safety. Moreover, Lido DAO prioritizes transparency by regularly updating its operations and financial information, promoting user accountability.

Lido DAO has gained significant traction in the blockchain and DeFi as an innovative decentralized autonomous organization. With a 7% value growth in a single day, it remains an attractive cryptocurrency investment option. While its price reached an all-time high of $3.30 in the past year, it decreased to $1.88. However, unlike Bitcoin, which experiences value dips, Lido DAO has demonstrated consistent upward movement.

AiDoge (AI)

Due to its ambitious plan and successful presale, AiDoge ($AI) has gained significant attention from crypto enthusiasts. The meme coin merges humor, popularity, and advanced AI technology, positioning it as a potential future for meme coins.

During its presale, AiDoge has already raised over $8.01 million, demonstrating strong demand for the project. This success has attracted traders looking for investment opportunities. AiDoge aims to leverage its unique position at the intersection of meme culture and AI.

One of AiDoge’s key features is its AI-powered meme generator. Users can effortlessly create memes and earn AI tokens by producing humorous content that resonates with the community. The memes can be shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, providing broad exposure. This aspect appeals to both meme coin enthusiasts and individuals without photo-editing skills.

The project’s whitepaper outlines plans to list AiDoge on centralized exchanges (CEXs) in the third quarter of 2023. These listings have the potential to increase the coin’s price significantly. AiDoge’s development is almost complete, and investors can still purchase AI tokens during the presale phase.

AiDoge: A Promising Investment Opportunity in the Meme Coin Market

AiDoge stands out among other emerging meme coins with its unique platform and functionality, making it a more promising investment option. The ongoing presale is approaching its conclusion.

With its unique blend of AI technology and meme culture, AiDoge has the potential to establish itself in the cryptocurrency market. The success of the presale and the upcoming CEX listings show the possibility of substantial growth and adoption. However, individuals must conduct thorough research and consider the risks of investing in AiDoge or any other cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, the token price for AiDoge is $0.00003, but it is expected to increase to $0.0000336 per token when listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). This projected increase offers early investors a potential gain of around 12% once the currency enters the market. If you’re interested in purchasing AI tokens, you can find a guide on how to do so here.

What sets AiDoge apart in the meme coin market is its genuine utility. While the project continues to gain momentum, experts argue that even Pepe, another popular meme coin, pales in comparison. Concerns have been raised about high-volume trades involving Pepe, suspected to be influenced by trading bots. In contrast, AiDoge offers a more transparent and authentic meme coin experience.

As AiDoge’s presale nears its end, the project’s positive outlook, creative platform, and functionality make it an intriguing investment opportunity for those interested in meme coins. However, conducting your own research and evaluating the risks associated with investing in any cryptocurrency is essential.


Launchpad XYZ, a groundbreaking crypto project, will disrupt the investment landscape in Web3. With its unique dashboard providing market sentiment data, crypto traders can now make guided and profitable investment decisions.

Gone are the days of relying on third-party information. Launchpad XYZ empowers investors with firsthand knowledge of the best crypto assets to purchase, revolutionizing how investments are made in crypto.

Currently, in the presale stage, Launchpad XYZ is already making waves. The project has raised an impressive $446,108.31 from bullish investors who recognize its immense potential. Experts predict this momentum will continue, with the presale expected to generate over $1.5 million in the coming week.

To fuel its platform’s activities and transactions, Launchpad XYZ uses the LPX token. Investors who secure LPX tokens during the presale stage are in for a treat. Priced at a mere $0.035, these tokens are a steal, considering the project’s use case and potential to attract more users seeking profitable investments.

With the expected mainstream adoption of Launchpad XYZ, experts predict that the price of LPX will soar above $1 in no time. The value proposition it offers crypto investors is undeniable, and this surge in demand will probably drive the token’s price to new heights.

Intending investors should seize the opportunity of the low presale price, as once LPX hits the exchange listing, its value is expected to double to $0.07. This surge further solidifies the potential for substantial returns for early investors.

Launchpad XYZ is only at stage 1 of its 10-stage presale, presenting a unique opportunity for investors to join a project poised for success in the crypto market. Take advantage of this groundbreaking venture that is set to change the way we invest in cryptocurrencies. Secure your LPX tokens today and be part of the crypto revolution.


yPredict, a revolutionary AI-powered trading research and analysis tool, has successfully raised an impressive $1 million in its stage 5 presale. This significant achievement has captured the attention not only of investors but also of enthusiasts within the cryptocurrency community.

The combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence continues to generate excitement among investors. Recent examples of AI-powered cryptocurrency projects achieving remarkable fundraising success highlight this trend. Among these projects, yPredict stands out, as its token presale has nearly reached full subscription, showing strong demand and investor confidence in its potential.

With its advanced AI capabilities, yPredict aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market by providing comprehensive trading insights and analysis. The platform’s innovative approach has garnered significant interest from investors seeking new opportunities and individuals passionate about cryptocurrencies.

yPredict Presale Raises $1.08 million

yPredict’s token presale is experiencing rapid sales as investors flock to secure their shares. Analysts widely regarded yPredict’s presale as one of the most equitable options available, distinguishing it from other projects that allocate a significant portion of the currency supply to CEOs. As a result, the tokenomics of yPredict significantly reduce the incentive for rug pulls.

Moreover, the early-stage involvement of the crypto community has allowed them to get a substantial portion of the token supply, mitigating concerns about significant decreases in insider token supply that could impact the future price. Currently, the yPredict presale offers YPRED tokens at $0.07. However, this price will be increased to $0.09 upon the end of the presale.

The presale has raised over $1.08 million, with over 90% of the current stage already purchased. Investors are keen to participate in the price growth potential, as completing this stage will cause a 28.57% increase in the value of YPRED. Investors can buy YPRED using ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, or a credit card to participate in the presale.


DeeLance, a revolutionary web3 platform for freelance recruitment and remote work, has achieved a significant milestone in its highly expected crypto presale. The presale has garnered immense attention from investors, resulting in a remarkable $880,000 in funding within just a few weeks of its launch.

The growing popularity of DeeLance can be attributed to its promising potential and ambitious goals. The presale has entered stage 3, with each token priced at $0.033. Despite this rise in token price, investors need not be alarmed as the presale is still in its early phases, presenting ample opportunities for growth and profitability.

In the upcoming phases, the price of DeeLance tokens will gradually increase to $0.038. This steady increment maximizes the value of the tokens before their listing on significant cryptocurrency exchanges later this year. Upon listing, they will price the tokens at $0.057, offering investors participating in stage 3 a noteworthy paper gain of 66.6%.


Ecoterra is a crypto project focused on combating climate change. It offers a blockchain platform that encourages environmental responsibility. Recycle2Earn is the main feature, rewarding users with ECOTERRA tokens for recycling. The platform includes marketplaces for recyclable materials and carbon offsets. ECOTERRA tokens can offset carbon emissions and create NFTs.

Ecoterra Achieves $3.7 Million Funding Milestone and Prepares for Listing on Major Exchanges

Ecoterra recently achieved a significant milestone, surpassing the $3.5 million mark in funding from investors, with a minimum of $500,000 per week being raised.

The token is currently in the presale stage and will experience a 10% price increase in the next stage once the presale reaches $3.925 million and progresses to stage seven.

Ecoterra plans to be listed on major crypto exchanges worldwide later this year, resulting in early investors enjoying a 30% paper gain. This platform holds relevance now and in the future, as global environmental preservation is a top priority.

As part of their 2023 roadmap, Ecoterra now provides users with an Impact Trackable Profile, enabling them to monitor their contributions to environmental preservation within a Web3-enabled ecosystem.

In this stage of the ECOTERRA presale, they offer each token at $0.00775. So far, $3.7 million out of the targeted $3.9 million has been raised, with more investors joining the trend. The next presale round will introduce a price increase, and once listed on exchanges, they will price the token at $0.01, providing rewards for early investors.

Earning with Ecoterra Ecosystem

Ecoterra has built its earning ecosystem on four pillars:

  • The Recycle-to-Earn application
  • The carbon offset marketplace
  • The recycled materials marketplace
  • The Impact Trackable Profile

The Recycle-to-Earn application empowers users to earn tokens by participating in recycling activities. By staking Ecoterra tokens and engaging in eco-friendly actions such as tree planting, users can receive rewards for their efforts.

The recycled materials marketplace is a cornerstone of Ecoterra’s global vision to preserve the environment. This marketplace allows companies to access a wide range of recycled materials like plastics, glass, and paper. Ecoterra facilitates the process, promoting the use of recycled resources.

The Impact Trackable Profile pillar helps top industrialists and companies reduce their carbon footprint. Notable players like Microsoft are actively involved in the clean environment initiative. For instance, Microsoft has partnered with a conservative company to capture and store carbon dioxide underground. These initiatives aim to minimize carbon emissions while still ensuring profitability.

In the carbon offset marketplace, a rapidly growing industry, Web3, and blockchain technology are employed to enable individuals and companies to offset their carbon emissions through special projects. Each ton of carbon offset achieved is recognized as an accomplishment linked to the respective individual or company profile. They are minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to preserve these achievements.

SpongeBob (SPONGE)

The SpongeBob Token, a newly launched memecoin, debuted on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX) on May 4. The project experienced rapid growth, with its market capitalization soaring from $2 million to a peak of $96 million in just a few days, driven by an astonishing surge of over 3000%.

However, the cryptocurrency market turned bearish at the start of the week, dampening the sentiment and causing a decline in the value of memecoins, including SPONGE.

Despite the price drop, SPONGE managed to achieve some significant milestones. It successfully secured listings on several reputable tier-1 exchanges. First, it became available for trading on LBank during the previous week. 

Shortly after, Poloniex followed suit and listed the token. In the subsequent week, MEXC Global also listed SPONGE for trading. These listings on prominent exchanges provide increased accessibility and visibility for the SpongeBob Token, potentially attracting more investors and contributing to its overall growth and development.

Participate in the Exclusive $SPONGE Airdrop Now!

Exciting news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! The highly expected $SPONGE token airdrop is now open for participation. This unique opportunity allows all holders of $SPONGE to claim their share of this valuable airdrop. 

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Join the $SPONGE Discord Group: Start by joining the official $SPONGE Discord group, where you can connect with fellow participants and stay updated on the latest developments.
  2. Complete Simple Steps: Once you’re in the Discord group, follow the easy steps provided to connect your Discord account, Twitter profile, email, and wallet. These connections are crucial to track your engagement and enable you to qualify for the airdrop.
  3. Engage Actively: To be eligible for the airdrop, showcasing “highly engaged” status on both Discord and Twitter is essential. Engage with the $SPONGE community by actively participating in discussions, sharing valuable insights, and promoting the project.
  4. Accumulate Points: Your participation and contribution on Discord and Twitter will earn you points. Additionally, the amount of $SPONGE tokens you hold and trade on Uniswap or Sponge.VIP will also be factored into your score. Remember, trading volume on centralized exchanges does not count toward this metric.
  5. Weekly Leaderboard: New scores will be added every week, and the leaderboard will be updated. Monitor the rankings to see how you fare against other participants. The leaderboard will be refreshed regularly to reflect the most recent scores.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to participate in the $SPONGE airdrop and claim your share of tokens. Remember to stay connected, engaged, and actively involved to maximize your chances of receiving a significant airdrop allocation.

Frax Share (FXS)

Frax Share (FXS), a governance token designed to gain fees and revenue and serve as collateral, is currently facing an uncertain future in cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, the price of Frax Share (FXS) stands at $7.96, with a market capitalization of $21,409,995. 

While there has been a 4.33% increase in the price of Frax Share (FXS) in the past 24 hours, the price chart over the last month shows a consistent downward trend. This downward trajectory raises concerns for investors looking to generate long-term profits from the project, leading them to reconsider investing in Frax Share (FXS).

FXSUSD Chart Analysis. Source:
FXSUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

According to the Daily chart above, the FXS price is on a rebound move after hitting the support level of $5.9. The traders and investors expect the price to move towards the former resistance level at $11.09. This would be the best time to invest in FXS as the price increases.


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