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Top Altcoins to Watch in the Upcoming Mega Altcoin Season – ALPH, SMOG, and SPOODY

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top Altcoins To Watch In The Upcoming Mega Altcoin Season
Top Altcoins To Watch In The Upcoming Mega Altcoin Season

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In the current cryptocurrency market downturn, investors are actively seeking altcoins that combine stability with growth prospects.

While the market often sways with Bitcoin’s movements, certain altcoins, including Alephium (ALPH), Smog (SMOG), and Spodermen (SPOODY), stand out due to their unique features and significant upside potential.

The distinct functionalities and promising outlook of these altcoins, coupled with Bitcoin’s recent decline, possibly linked to overbought RSI conditions, underscore the importance of exploring alternative cryptocurrencies for portfolio diversification.

Here are three such altcoins worth considering for accumulation during this market dip.

Alephium (ALPH)

Aiming to pioneer a cutting-edge and energy-efficient solution for decentralized applications, Alephium addresses limitations in accessibility, scalability, and security through innovative features such as a secure UTXO model, Proof of Less Work consensus, and a custom virtual machine enabling trustless peer-to-peer smart contracts.

Currently, Alephium (ALPH) presents a compelling case for rapid growth, with its current trading price at $3.35, showing a 75% increase despite the recent crypto market downturn. The market capitalization has surged to $241 million, hinting at the potential for a substantial rise to a $23 billion market cap.

Although the 24-hour trading volume appears relatively low at $3 million, it is crucial to note that the coin is currently listed only on and MEXC, with MEXC dominating the trading volume. Additional listings on major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, or OKX could significantly boost liquidity and catalyze a remarkable surge in value.

It’s worth emphasizing that the current exchanges, such as BitMart and CoinEX, may not contribute significantly to the trading volume. Even platforms like Uniswap might not provide the necessary exposure for Alephium.

Therefore, the potential for explosive growth lies in future listings on more prominent exchanges, possibly propelling the coin to unprecedented highs of $30, $40, $50, or even $60 during the ongoing bullish market conditions. This shift to larger exchanges is crucial for Alephium’s wider recognition and adoption in the cryptocurrency market.

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Smog (SMOG)

Smog, a meme coin with the ambition to surpass Solana’s leading meme coin, Bonk, has made its debut on the Solana blockchain, accompanied by a substantial airdrop. An impressive 35% of its total token supply, amounting to 1.4 billion tokens, has been earmarked for this airdrop, marking it as the most extensive SOL airdrop to date.

Managed by, the airdrop enables users to accumulate points through engagement on social media, participation in quests, and on-chain activities such as buying, holding, and staking Smog.

Offering a 10% discount for both purchases and staking through its official website compared to DEXTools or Jupiter, Smog has positioned itself strategically. With listings on Uniswap, Jupiter, and Raydium, Smog boasts cross-chain functionality spanning Ethereum and Solana.

This versatility extends to the purchasing options, allowing users to acquire Smog using USDT, Ethereum, or a credit card. Staking Smog on the platform comes with an enticing APY of 42%.

Despite recently undergoing consolidation after a notable surge, where it climbed from $0.03 to an all-time high of $0.09, constituting almost a 250–300% increase, Smog seems poised for another noteworthy development.

This correction phase is considered a requisite consolidation preceding the anticipated next significant movement. With an active presence across various platforms and evident marketing efforts on YouTube, Smog stands poised for a potential 3 to 5x increase in the near future.

The consolidation phase may attract whales, and the coin’s cross-chain capabilities only enhance its overall appeal. The diligent efforts of the marketing team further contribute to the positive sentiment surrounding Smog. To become a part of this exciting new project, purchase $SMOG tokens here.

Spodermen (SPOODY)

In the wake of Bitcoin’s recent downturn, Spodermen has showcased remarkable resilience, boasting a 25% increase that has experts speculating on a potential 10x return.

The current market cap, standing at a promising $6.31 million, is accompanied by a $0.006082 price tag for this meme coin, featuring a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with some already burned by the community. This aspect is crucial for those delving into the world of Spodermen.

For a comprehensive understanding of this meme coin, delving into its Twitter, Telegram, and DEXTools is highly recommended. The circulating supply, currently at 981 million tokens, underscores the positive impact of community-driven token burns. Positioned strategically for substantial growth, Spodermen aims to surpass its previous all-time high.

While anticipating a move to $0.03 hints at a plausible 5x return, a bullish outlook extends the potential return to 10x, reaching approximately $0.6. Key targets to observe include $0.029 and $0.06, with the critical level set at $0.0072.

With significant interest from both whales and retail investors, Spodermen has garnered attention in the crypto sphere. Although fluctuations might occur due to investors with short-term perspectives, the overall sentiment remains positive. It is advised to refrain from hasty selling, which could lead to substantial losses.


In the face of cryptocurrency market volatility, the strategic accumulation of altcoins with the potential for explosive growth becomes paramount. Alephium, Smog, and Spodermen emerge as distinctive opportunities, each boasting a unique narrative and potential catalysts for substantial gains.

Investors are advised to maintain a vigilant watch on market developments, empowering them to make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on the opportunities presented by the current market downturn.

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Smog (SMOG) - Meme Coin With Rewards


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  • Earn XP To Qualify For A Share Of $1 Million
  • Featured On Cointelegraph
  • Staking Rewards - 42% APY
  • 10% OTC Discount -
Smog token

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